Functional Clothing For Enjoying Sports

Exercise And Feel Comfortable

One of the best companies involved in the production of sportswear is Glyder.

For this season, we have prepared a large selection of sportswear for women and men. Our clothes don’t just have to be worn by those who are in great shape. We have prepared a large selection for a fuller figure, also for women and men.

You can order what you want from our website. You can easily determine the size you need using the table we created.

We have models for every type of sport. If you love to run, we’ve designed great leggings, as well as tracksuit tops and bottoms, for you. If you’re into cycling, we’ve made cycling shorts for you that will keep you perfectly comfortable. Of course if you are a regular gym goer, we have every piece of sportswear you need. No matter what sport you do, whether it’s yoga, fitness, athletics, gymnastics, you will surely find what you need on Glyder.


Our company has been producing sportswear for many years. We changed our models, as fashion changed, and we used and use only the highest quality materials. We all know that playing sports causes a lot of sweating. That’s why sports clothing must be breathable, and at the same time protect against wind, rain, and sun, if you exercise outside.

Our designers are always up to date with what’s in fashion and what kind of models need to be designed. The clothes we produce do not have to be worn only by athletes. Everyone can wear our clothes on various occasions: when you go for a walk, when you walk around your house, when you go shopping.

If you want to see what kind of models we have, one click on Glyder is enough. Look and order.