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  1. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK by Lewis E. Thomas  

  2. Discernment by Sue Darling  
    The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth without Him we will never be able to discernment whether a person is speaking truth or not without the God's Spirit in you enlightening you.

  3. What If? by PamFord Davis  
    'What if Andrew did not share good news of the arrival of the long awaited Messiah?'

  4. SWEET & SOUR by linzy bruno  
    ".....The old heavy door, the creaky floor, the sounds of milk shakes spinning in blenders and the microwave that seemed to be going 24/7 were just a few things that seemed to....."

  5. God Remains True In Perilous Times by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    We have to be reasonable and understand that extreme difficulties have a way of sorting the sheep from the goats. But God is totally loyal to his sheep, and will never abandon them.

  6. Dream Home by PamFord Davis  
    'Jesus, with righteous anger acted against abuses in God's house, the temple in Jerusalem'

  7. Who Speaks for Thee by Don Pedal  
    You are probably wondering, Who is the One referred to here, who is the Thee and who is addressed here? You will find the answers, and more in Who Speaks for Thee

  8. Manipulation of Standardized Test Scores is Evil by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with the issue of manipulation of standardized test scores in American schools.

  9. Routine or Ritual? by PamFord Davis  
    "We were at church every time the doors were open!"

  10. Are You Happy? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Happiness is essential to your living a healthy life. Are you happy?

  11. Love: Demanding Or Sacrificial? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    We all claim that we love but it is essential that we know the kind of love we should have.

  12. Use It Now For Great Benefits. by Olawale Ogunsola  
    You have been endowed with certain natural talent/talents or gifts. It is essential you use it for your own benefits and those of others.

  13. Mother's, Watch! by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Imposition of ideas on children sometimes backfires. Therefore every mother must be very careful.

  14. Nothing Short of a Miracle by Jennifer Mobbs  
    I felt connected with that picture of the starving dog. Lately, I had been feeling like dead man's bones, dry, brittle and broken.

  15. Do the dead return to visit the Living? by Robert Hawes  
    A look at whether spirits of the dead are able to return and interact with the living, given the experiences of famous Christians and what the Bible has to say in certain key passages.

    Kids have been lured out into parks and streets at night, without the glorified parents even suspecting anything. Child abductors, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers and you name it, will be out there, happily setting a trap for your na´ve offspring. You don't believe it? Once gone, you might never see your kids (alive) ever again.

  17. How to Pray for the Persecuted Church (Thoughts on Psalm 10) by Wayne Davies  
    What should we do when non-Christians attack us either verbally or physically? Psalm 10 provides a model prayer for us.

  18. How to Find Infinite Joy (Thoughts on Psalm 9) by Wayne Davies  
    How was David able to "rejoice in the Lord" in the most difficult of situations? Read on to find out.

  19. How Big Is Your Ego and How Great Is Your God? (Thoughts on Psalm 8) by Wayne Davies  
    The psalms are filled with wonderful descriptions of the greatness of God. Psalm 8 is no exception. Or is it?

  20. What Do You Thank God For Most? (Thoughts on Psalm 7) by Wayne Davies  
    If you could only thank God for one thing, what would it be?

  21. How to Climb Out of the Pit of Despair (Thoughts on Psalm 6) by Wayne Davies  
    Have you ever felt so discouraged that no matter which way you turned, things looked hopeless? Read on to find out what David did to overcome his despair.

  22. Growing in the Lord by Sue Darling  
    Growing in the Lord can be so exciting and yet filled with so much warfare. The reward is greater than our trials. God gives us so many gifts when we are all for Him.

  23. Confessions of a Lousy Bow Maker by Julia Lee  
    Going forward with the talents and abilities God has blessed me with, and not worrying if I don't have the ability someone else has.

  24. Stricter Judgment and Greater Reward: A James 3:1-6 Devotional by Gail Davis  
    James taught the Christian what is expected of him or her - faith that results in good works. He chose several groups of individuals to highlight. One of those groups was Bible teachers. He said God would hold them to a stricter judgment. Learn more about this and why James said it in this short devotional.

    "And when you feel inadequate or unworthy, remember you are not functioning in your own power; you only function by God's grace. And God's grace is God's doing!"

  26. Christians Should Keep Well Away from 'The Pill' by Max Aplin  
    Although its main function is to prevent ovulation, the contraceptive commonly known as 'The Pill' also works by inducing abortion of embryos. Using this contraceptive involves intruding into life and death matters that belong to God alone. Christians should steer clear of The Pill and Christian leaders should speak out more against it.

  27. Most Certainly! by PamFord Davis  
    'Most certainly, God cared.'

    Many claim that the rupture is imminent, that all prophesies preceding it have been completed.


  29. How to Pray Like David (Thoughts on Psalm 5) by Wayne Davies  
    Would you like to pray with the intensity of David when your back is up against the wall? This article will show you how.

  30. How to Have Enough When You've Had Enough (Thoughts on Psalm 4) by Wayne Davies  
    Are you happy only when things are going well? Through the words of David, Psalm 4 provides a great example of how to have peace of mind no matter what.

  31. How to Overcome Anxiety with a Good Night's Sleep (Thoughts on Psalm 3) by Wayne Davies  
    How do we turn off our anxious mind and let the body get the rest it needs? This article will explain how David slept well when surrounded by turmoil.

  32. How to Find Wisdom God's Way (Thoughts on Psalm 2) by Wayne Davies  
    How do we acquire wisdom? This article will answer that question from the lips of God Almighty.

  33. How to Find Happiness God's Way (Thoughts on Psalm 1) by Wayne Davies  
    The purpose of this article is to see how God both defines happiness and provides a clear path to obtaining it, according to Psalm 1:1-2.

  34. Three Deaths by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 of the Series "If a man Die Will He Life Again"

  35. The Era of the Holy Spirit by Sue Darling  
    The dedicated people of God are constantly changing and growing. We are now in a new era I believe and that is of the Holy Spirit.

  36. Unlimited Potential by Steve Countryman  
    Knowing who you are is the key to unlocking the unlimited potential in you. You are the property of Jehovah God bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus. A bond slave of Christ, adopted into the royal family as a child of God. You are made co-heirs to the throne as a son or daughter of the King!

  37. WOMAN CLOTHED WITH SUN, MOON AND 12 STARS? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Who is she? Can you decide? They say this is one of the main keys in understanding the Apocalypse.

  38. Are You a "Closet" Perfectionist? by Marijo Phelps  
    Me? a perfectionist - have you seen my dusty house?

  39. If by PamFord Davis  
    'What if Jesus showed up unexpectedly?'

  40. Your Deliverance Is Sure by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Jesus is a Deliverer, He will surely deliver you.

  41. The Righteous iFor The Unrighteous by Olawale Ogunsola  
    I think is not easy to pay the price for a crime you did not commit but Jesus did it.

  42. What does it Mean to Truly Surrender by stephanie reck  
    So many people truly never fully surrender their lives to Christ. They hold on to their desires, their expectations, and their control. Control is a lot harder to give up if you live in fear and circumstances are too be controlled and heavily monitored.

  43. Some of my Prayers by Sue Darling  
    One of my favourite way of saying prayers is using the rosary beads and repeat a prayer over and over again. It often comforts me when I pray like that.

  44. Pleasure Cruise by PamFord Davis  
    "Linking the words pleasure and cruise somehow doesn't seem appropriate; I'd be at risk of raging storms."

  45. Growing in Faith by Sue Darling  
    Faith starts out like a seed and it then grows the more we use it. If we don't use it and look after it, it will die.

  46. I AM THE CROSS by DeWayne Bricker  
    A view of the cross from the tree that it was made from.

    Think a little and open your eyes:

  48. Our Prayer Life by Sue Darling  
    We need to learn how the enemy hates our prayers so much that he tries to stop them from entering into heaven, so that they can not be effective. I have wrote down some very powerful prayers that I think will help us.

  49. The Question of Job by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 1 in the series "If a Man Die Will He Live Again"

    "To discover God's plans and purposes I encourage you to seek first his Kingdom and goodness. Tracking God's will for you involves acknowledge him in all your ways: your relationships, your family, your career and your wildest dreams and ambitions."

  51. WAKE UP CALL by Lewis E. Thomas  

  52. TDY by PamFord Davis  
    'It means time away from home base, family, and friends.'

  53. The Difference between Speaking in Tongues and the Gift of Tongues by Sue Darling  
    I have never known there was a difference between the gift of tongues and speaking in tongues before, but just recently I believe God got through to me one day the differences and the Devil didn't liked it.

  54. Reflecting On Christopher Hitchens' Life by Dinora Garza  
    If God created us for Himself and we never got to know Him, is there any worth in such a life?

  55. What Does it Mean to be Emotionally Bankrupt? by stephanie reck  
    Bankrupt means that you lack something. To be emotionally bankrupt means that you have given out to others and need to be refilled back up, or it can refer to going through multiple stressful events and you feel emotionally exhausted.

  56. WHAT GOD DID FOR ME by linzy bruno  
    "...... Then, in the midst of my peaceful praise and worship time; things suddenly and drastically changed......"

  57. MIRROR MIRROR MOM AND DAD by Lewis E. Thomas  

  58. Jesus Christ-Answer To All Your Questions by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What questions do you have that are bugging you? Where will you go first to get answers to those questions? Where you get your answers determines what you know, believe and do. People have received answers from the wrong sources and these have cost them a lot, sometimes their lives. This article emphasizes Christ as the answer to all of your questions.

  59. Money Is Not All In Life, God Is All In All! by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What place does money have in your life? Does it dictate your peace, joy and how you walk in love? God desires that you prosper but not at the expense of His relationship with you and the work He has for you. Money is not everything; it is God who is all in all.

  60. Seed Planting by PamFord Davis  
    'I have no interest in gardening.'

    There is confusion as to the mechanics of our new life in Christ. How sad it is, that as born again Spirit filled believers, we walk about as migrants in a "never never" land, caught between two countries and two identities. Not firmly believing that a change has taken place.

  62. Whatever A Man Sows... by Dinora Garza  
    Why is there so much wickedness in the world? We've inherited Adam's sinful nature. But there's yet another reason. Men have deliberately hardened their hearts against God, and what they sowed, they are reaping...

  63. Poof! by PamFord Davis  
    'As we age, we are afflicted with many ailments.'

  64. The Ghost Army by Alan Allegra  
    The religious world has its own Ghost Army that is just as effective. Many churches have their own detachment of a spiritual Ghost Army. John warns us about them in 2 John 7: "For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist."

  65. ONLY FAITH WHICH WORKETH BY LOVE? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    If you believe that Christ Jesus is not enough, that He perhaps cannot or might not save you, that you need someone or something else in addition to Jesus, does that constitute insufficient Faith in Christ?

  66. Walk in Grace by Femi Onabanjo  
    A few words of encouragement on responding to God's Will in an attitude of surrender, knowing that the degree to which we surrender ourselves is the degree to which we experience fulfilment in our lives.

  67. HUMAN SACRIFICE IN THE BIBLE by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    There are ample evidence of the practice of human sacrifices mainly children as burnt offerings to gods and goddesses among the heathen in biblical times such as in the case of Ammonites to Molech and the Phoenicians to Baal. Lev 18:21; 20:2 cf Jer 19:5; 32:35 These practices were mostly found in Phoenicia and the Punic colonies of North Africa at Carthage.

  68. Christians Must Be Careful Not to Endorse Illegitimate Divorces or Remarriages by Max Aplin  
    According to the Bible, divorce and remarriage are only acceptable to God in special circumstances. Unless these circumstances are present, what is said to be a divorce is not really a divorce at all, and what is said to be a remarriage is in reality an act of adultery, since the original marriage is still in effect in God's sight. Christians must be careful not to follow the values of society in this area or to endorse illegitimate divorces or remarriages.

  69. Call Waiting by PamFord Davis  
    'God does not lose his temper; yet, He has to wonder why we fail to accept His calls.'

  70. Declaration of Glory by PamFord Davis  
    Hear the message of the heavens.

  71. Thoughts on Walking in Arrogance, Away from God, "Please God, I Can Do It MYSELF!" by Marijo Phelps  
    "Please, God, I'd rather do it MYSELF!"

  72. Proper Choices by Don Pedal  
    Did you know there is a proper way to peel a banana and an egg? You are probably wondering, what in the world does this have to do with Christian living. Proper Choices will give you an answer.

  73. O Lord by Steve Countryman  
    "Robots would've been easier and a lot less trouble. But then how would the God of Love be able to show and demonstrate His powerful love to His creation of robots? You gave us free will and let us dig our sinful holes of selfishness, arrogance, pride while you watched brokenhearted. Your chosen people and nation that turned their backs on you time and time again. Disregarding your love, your provisions, your protection and deliverance."

    It might be centuries before the Antichrist appears and the Apocalypse can begin. Many centuries until Rapture?

  75. Equitable Educational Opportunities in the U.S. Public Schools by Adekunle Lawal  
    This article deals with some factors that point to the fact that there are equitable educational opportunities in American public schools. In comparison with public schools in West African nations like, Nigeria and The Gambia, I discovered that the U.S. public educational system is excellent in addressing the academic, social, and cultural values of its students.

  76. Father God, I'm a Wreck by Marijo Phelps  
    Do you ever feel like you really are a wreck?

  77. Adobpted Sons by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 of the Series "I Take Ye Daddy"

  78. Three Powerful Weapons Battling Islam's Cultural Jihad by Dannie Hawley  
    Beginning with several definitions needed to understand cultural jihad, the strategy outlined by the Muslim Brotherhood is briefly discussed. The three powerful weapons Christians possess to battle cultural jihad inside our borders are described, along with web addresses for additional information.

  79. One Critical Difference Between Christianity and Islam by Dannie Hawley  
    The intrinsic contrasts between Christianity and Islam concerning peace and forgiveness are briefly discussed. An explanation of the difference centers on how Jesus is perceived. The focus on Jesus sharing the yoke offers encouragement to the reader.

  80. In Whose God Do We Trust? by Dannie Hawley  
    Beginning with a brief history of the American motto, the question of in whose God we're putting our trust is addressed. The contrast between the Allah of Islam and Jehovah of the Bible explains why only the man, Abraham, is the same for all three religions.

  81. DANCING WITH JESUS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  82. Up by PamFord Davis  
    'Jesus was lifted up through crucifixion.'

    "And believe me when I tell you, unless God cuts out the dead wood from your life, you will never be fully productive."

  84. GIVE GOD PRAISE by Lewis E. Thomas  

  85. Fear Not! by stephanie reck  
    Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified of them, for the Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6
    God tells us in the Bible more than 100 times, "Do not be afraid." Yet, there are times we are plagued by fear. Fear can be paralyzing, and is often a by-product of worry and anxiety. There is an acronym many have used for fear: False Evidence Appearing Real.

  86. THE ALMIGHTY by Lewis E. Thomas  

  87. Hard to Grasp by PamFord Davis  
    'Paul, lacking in the ability to convey God's message?'

  88. Secret Passwords by PamFord Davis  
    'When desiring God's presence, how do I gain access to His throne room?'

  89. LOVE THE LOST by Lewis E. Thomas  

  90. CHEAPENING THE CROSS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  91. Believers Accept Compromise At Their Peril by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    It is wise to remember that Satan does not care how you fall from grace, as long as he gets you to fall, and the sooner you fall is most appealing to him. The merchants of evil care greatly about one thing in particular, your destruction, and like an invading army will use all they possess, every dirty trick at their command, to defeat you.

  92. What Does God call being Successful by Sue Darling  
    We all have to learn more about God's personality and look at things through His eyes. For example the crucifixion looked like defeat far as His enemies was concern. What they didn't count on was that there was nothing more powerful in changing this world. Because not only was the crucifixion was powerful, the Resurrection would not of been possible without the crucifixion. So what seems like a failure in the eyes of the world, might be a door to so much good to com that people do not see at the time.

  93. It's Unanimous by PamFord Davis  
    'The crowd exchanges high fives, hoots and hollers.'

  94. Are You Living By Bread Or By God's Word? by Deborah Lassiter  
    The world we live in has so many temptations we can often forget that, though we work hard to obtain them, they hold no power when fighting against Satan. Are you living by the bread or the Word?

  95. PC-USA And UCC Revamp Hymnals by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Is the Church caving in to culture?

  96. How Can the Bible Teach That Salvation Is Not by Doing Good Deeds and That It Is Conditional upon Doing Good Deeds? by Max Aplin  
    Some biblical passages teach that people are saved by faith in Christ and not by performing good deeds. Other passages teach that good deeds are in some sense necessary for salvation. These groups of passages can be reconciled if we allow for different levels of technicality in how things are expressed. Technically, people are saved by faith and that faith is always accompanied by good deeds. Less technically, salvation is conditional on the faith plus good deeds package that every true believer has.

  97. Who will 'Go' and Love for me? by Jacqui Julyan  
    She was 72 years of age and I learnt so much about love in those two hours from this Christian than I ever did in any church.

  98. Providence by PamFord Davis  
    'God provides, he sustains and preserves life.'

  99. Does Salvation Require Baptism? by Gregory John Monroe  
    How baptism relates to salvation.

  100. Dead Weights by Toni Babcock  
    If you put all your old baggage on a scale (your hurts, your regrets, your mistakes etc.) how much would it weigh?

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