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  1. Harlot of Babylon According to Irvin Baxter; Trinity and Oneness, Part 2 by Karl Kemp  
    We discuss some of Irvin Baxter's wrong statements, like there wasn't any baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit until after the Council of Nicea in AD 325. We also discuss the fact that the primary thing that caused many of the Pentecostals to accept the oneness (one Person) viewpoint and break away from the Assemblies of God (which had just been organized in 1914) in 1916 was the topic of water baptism in the name of Jesus in the book of Acts.

  2. What to Look Out for by Sue Darling  
    We all need a miracle. A great many times we don't realise it is in our power because all new born again Christians can call on the name of Jesus. We all major in different gifts but, we all have most of them in vary forms I believe and one of them is self-deliverance. Having this gift changes your life.

  3. The Tapestry of Life by Sylvia Hensel  
    A tale of God's creative power in action from the beginning of time to the end of time.

  4. Harlot of Babylon According to Irvin Baxter; Trinity and Oneness, Part 1 of 12 Parts by Karl Kemp  
    The primary purpose of this paper is to show that Irvin Baxter was/is wrong (seriously wrong) to say that all the Christians who believe in the Trinity and are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are part of the harlot/whore of Babylon of the book of Revelation that is hated by God.

  5. What the Bible Says About the Environment by Jim Schicatano  
    The Bible commands humankind to care for the animals, the environment, and planet Earth. How have we faired in our obligation?

  6. Proven love by Sylvia Hensel  
    God has proven His love by His actions

  7. Unknown Love by Sylvia Hensel  
    One cannot imagine the depth of instantaneous love a mother feel the moment she sees her new born baby

  8. The Cleaving Child by Steve Countryman  
    Psalm 55:22 "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken". 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

  9. Just Like the Good Ole' Days - Or is It? by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 1 of a 2 part series entitled: How to Be Spiritual

  10. Turbulence by Pam Ford Davis  
    'What will I do if God allows turbulent times?'

  11. Overwhelming Task by Pam Ford Davis  
    'It is never easy to replace a faithful spiritual leader.'

  12. Sometimes there are Things We Should Pray About, but we don't think to Do it. by Sue Darling  
    Sometimes we just pray for the big things that worry us, yet there are others things worrying us at the back of our mind and we don't always realise we should pray to God about everything that concerns us, not just only the big ones.

  13. Are You Running Your Race Marked Out For You? by Deborah Lassiter  
    As a believer are you running the race that you should be running to reach your purpose and your destiny?

  14. Why I Feel the Need to Figure Things Out by stephanie reck  
    I am notorious for trying to figure out an outcome of a situation before it happens. I will come up with all the possible scenarios, and then analyze each one. I had absolutely no idea why I did this. I have come to realize that I am trying to control what may happen in my life. As if, right?

  15. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 45 2/3/16 by JOSEPH-PAUL TIMPANO  
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  16. Meal Planning by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Apparently Jesus' Disciples were preoccupied with meals.'

  17. SALVATION by Henry Miranda  
    There is no way you can lose your salvation if you did not have salvation from the start. It's not sinning that is going to cause us to lose our salvation. Just like it's not doing the right things that are going to earn us our salvation.

  18. Couple Resolvest to Strengthen Marriage by Greg Miller  
    A couple resolves to strengthen their marriage.

  19. A Great Find by Pam Ford Davis  
    'I'm saved and being sanctified with life's greatest find.'

  20. The Mystery God Revealed To Paul Will Change Your Life by Joseph LaValley  
    If there was a self-help book that hit the best seller list with a plan of action that was changing lives in all of the above and more - wouldn't you want to know the secrets revealed therein?

  21. Don't Fly Alone, Carry Them Along by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you running the race alone? What about your people? Many times, we are so engulfed in growing in the Lord and many other things that we forget that there are people under our roof that should grow in the Lord too. This article tells you to carry them along.

  22. New Year-Your Green Pasture Is In You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you a looking for a greener pasture this year? Or are you wondering where to go for a better life? It is the heart desire of many people to have a better year this year than it was last year, and they are at a crossroad, wondering where to turn into. This article gives you a lead on which way to turn into.

  23. What Are Your Choices In Life? by Deborah Lassiter  
    When adversity comes your way are you making decisions out of the wants of your flesh or from the Spirit discernment of God? What are your choices?

  24. It's Not Just Entertainment by Anthony Weber  
    I find myself increasingly annoyed with the comment, "It's just entertainment. You're over thinking it!" Perhaps, but every song is a sermon. Every movie has a message. It's well worth asking if we should applaud or cringe at what we see reflected, and if we like what our stories are making of us.

  25. "America's Blessings: How Religion Benefits Everyone, Including Atheists" by Anthony Weber  
    Christopher Hitchens claimed religion poisoned everything; Dawkins has compared a religious upbringing to child abuse. Are they right? Are religious groups really such a threat that these kinds of measures should be taken? Sociologist Rodney Stark draws from an impressive range of studies to make the case that the opposite is true. Religion specifically evangelicalism helps everything it touches to flourish.

  26. No Shortcuts: The Building of Christian Character by Anthony Weber  
    There is no escaping the Godly practice of doing the next thing: Being faithful in the walk of life, in little things when there is no apparent inspiration, no applause, no crowd, no obvious, immediate payoff to myself. This is the means through which God so often does His restorative work of grace in us and around us.

  27. Four Questions For Modern Prophets by Anthony Weber  
    If you believe the gift of prophecy is legitimately exercised today, you should be concerned that most of what is labeled 'prophecy' today does not reflect a biblical position.

  28. Four Reasons Why I Am Pro-Life by Anthony Weber  
    Four scriptural, historical, biological and philosophical arguments for why unborn children are full members of the human community, and as such deserve our protection.

  29. Blessed are those who have not seen by Femi Onabanjo  
    A few words of encouragement on using and growing our faith (based on insight received during personal Bible study). The desire is to help many develop and become stronger in their faith.

  30. The Resurrection of Jesus and Probability by Max Aplin  
    There are those who argue that Jesus did not rise from the dead by appealing to probability. They claim that because we have such widespread experience of people who die remaining dead, the probability that Jesus rose from the dead has to be extremely small. In fact, this wrongly assumes that arguing from probability carries a fixed amount of weight regardless of what evidence there might be supporting the resurrection. Tangible evidence for Jesus' resurrection severely weakens the argument from probability.

  31. Balderdash by Pam Ford Davis  
    'The Lord, he is God.' (Deuteronomy 6:4-5)

  32. COSMIC RIDDLE: THE BIBLE AND THE JEWS Do we have a firmer date for rapture predicted studying Israel's future? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    These last pages are exceedingly important because it is here, where the last parts of the gigantic cosmic puzzle finally fall into place

  33. Growing Pains by Sue Darling  
    I believe it is important to ask God for each and every Christians to cry out to God to grow in the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, because I feel the time has come when we all need them to get through this era

  34. How Do We Overcome The Fear That It Is Not "Politically Correct" To Share The Gospel With Others? by Henry Miranda  
    Have you ever felt you were treated less than equal because of not having the proper upbringing, schooling, appearance, or speech? Society has a way of separating us into different groups. To be accepted in today's society, you have to have all the right credentials.

  35. Faithbook LOVE Story: God Gave Me Another Chance for My Perfect Spouse by Donna Weber  
    Have you ever felt like one gigantic failure? Did you think or mumble to yourself, "I'm such a failure! No one will ever want me or want to be my spouse."

  36. The Patience of Christ by Susan Ferguson  
    Jesus was a perfect example of patience. His interactions with people show patience, love, and compassion. But it was on the cross that Jesus demonstrated patience to perfection.

  37. Who are the Real Myth-Makers of History? by Toni Babcock  
    Why would the apostles, eye witnesses of Jesus Christ and his miracles; men who were singularly subject to stoning, whipping, imprisonments, torture and death, be happy to go to their graves touting a myth?

  38. The Rapture of the Anti-Christ by Roy Francois  
    If Lucifer is to counterfeit the second coming of Christ that will deceive the entire world, then it must include a counterfeit rapture! Know your enemy and know him well!

  39. Your God Given Purpose and Gifting Part Two by Joseph LaValley  
    There are many "gift ministries" in the body of Christ - including yours! Let's see what the scriptures have to say about this, so you can be about your Fathers business.

  40. Prayer and Fasting by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 3 of the series "Help My Doubt"

  41. A Penny For Your Thoughts by Pam Ford Davis  
    'The price of a man's soul does not fluctuate.'

  42. Penned With Love by louis gander  
    Back in a corner, where she hid,
    I met a little child, I did.
    She was a quiet, fragile child
    who never laughed and seldom smiled.

  43. Captivated by Christ Alone by Toni Babcock  
    Being captivated by Christ alone is to recognize we can trust Him implicitly, so we no longer feel the need to reach for something or someone other than Jesus.

  44. Breaking Free From Addiction by stephanie reck  
    Addictions come in many forms, such as, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, and pornography. Addiction happens when we have a compulsive, repetitive desire for a certain thing and we act on the impulse. Nothing else will do until the craving we are after is fulfilled. Have you ever noticed how people go to great lengths to obtain their addiction? Why, you might ask? Every time we fulfill that desire for our addiction it changes pathways in our brain for pleasure

  45. The Pride that Caused the Fall of Creation by Roy Francois  
    All the evil in the world today is the result of a mighty spirit being's pride its good looks.

  46. Pesky Moths by Pam Ford Davis  
    'As a protective measure, Mom put some of her treasured wool coats in our hallway cedar closet.'

  47. Hitherto Hath The Lord Helped Us by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    We fear looking back because we are so aware of what happened to Lot's wife, when she blundered by looking back. Looking back is not all bad, as we are about to find out.

  48. Are You A Slumdog Christian? by Deborah Lassiter  
    Have you ever been put into a box , judged by your experience or lack of? As a Christian I believe all promotion, understanding ,and knowledge come from God. What do you believe? and furthermore what is a Slumdog Christian?

  49. Call by name by Emmanuella Ellis  
    Who do you belong to and by what name are you called?

  50. Period by Emmanuella Ellis  
    What if life's challenges, difficulties and trials is like a woman's life with periodic menstrual flow.

  51. Faith? by Emmanuella Ellis  
    Is faith only a one way street?Are we to have faith in God only for the things we can get?

  52. Are You A Slumdog Christian? by Deborah Lassiter  
    Never think that you don't have the right background or the education to excel in this world. All understanding, knowledge, and promotion comes from God. It might be your experiences in life that propel you into your destiny, but there is something that you need; that is the Holy Spirit!

  53. Forgiveness Confession and Prayer Menu by Tai Ikomi  
    The day I forgave the man who killed my family was the day I learned the power of speaking out my resolution to forgive.

  54. Rescue by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Christ, the Redeemer rescued me from spiritual darkness.'

  55. The Elections by Rick King  
    I am not sure if writing this will be of help as it needs to get to some people that I don't know how to reach. I would love to be able to send this to all of the politicians.

    The elections are really interesting and sad

  56. Christians and Christmas by Mick Alexander  
    Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate Christmas or have Christmas trees? "The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it" (1 Cor. 10:26).

  57. Hail Mary full of Grace by Sue Darling  
    So many people are confused about Catholics relationship with Mary the Mother of Jesus. In this article I can't explain everything about the Catholic's relationship with Mary in one small article, but I am doing my best.

  58. The Ungodly Are Not So by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    Some Jews were hypocrites; Jesus called them whited sepulcres (Matthew 23:27). Some were liars, peddling myths about Jesus. He called them Satan-like (John 8:44). Some were scoundrels engaged in fraud; He called them thieves (Luke 20:47).

  59. Team Spirit by Pam Ford Davis  
    'When we feel at a loss for words, intercession continues.'

  60. Waking Up to the Power of His Love for Us. by Sue Darling  
    Look deep inside yourself and see where your faith is the strongest and the weakest. Chances are your faith is the strongest where you had to rely on God the most during your life.

  61. Once Saved Always Saved is it Biblical by Roy Francois  
    This doctrine could be called license to live in sin.

  62. "Love One Another As I Have Love You" by Sue Darling  
    We are called to love everybody as Christ loves us and that means everybody. Gender, race, religion and so forth.

  63. Berries Hold Election at International Berry Convention by Greg Miller  
    Berries gather at a convention to elect a new international leader.

  64. What Is the Good News of the Christian Message? by Max Aplin  
    At the heart of the Christian faith is a message of wonderfully good news to human beings. We have all insulted almighty God by committing sins, and in our natural state we are on track for everlasting punishment after death. But Jesus, the God-Man, died on the cross and rose again to make it possible for us to be forgiven. We receive this forgiveness by faith in Jesus. Genuine faith will always be accompanied by turning away from sins and by water baptism.

  65. Smiley Faces and Happy Dances by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Is there still a place for brokenness and sorrow in our Lord's Day gathering?'

  66. God is Always Faithful by Sue Darling  
    When we look at all the stories of God's faithfulness in the bible, we then have to realise God is just as faithful to us as He was with all the people we read about in the Bible.

    I had tears in my eyes and the next minute I was so uplifted I was praising God you know it's a blessing from God when at first your heart is broken and the next you are uplifted.

  68. Jonah and the Fish by Gregory John Monroe  
    Reasons why Jonah,in the belly of the fish, is real.

  69. Embrace the Trials by Rick King  
    Embrace the trials. That seems an odd thing to say doesn't it? When problems seem to come our tendency is to try escape or to run away from them as they are not comfortable at all. Yet, in the Lord there is a reason for them.

  70. How do we enter into a Relationship with God? by Sue Darling  
    Some people don't try to enter into a relationship with God because they think they are too unworthy. Unworthyness doesn't even come into the picture, because in truth there is not one person worthy of a loving relationship with God.

  71. Smile in the Rain by Rick King  
    When the storms of life do come

    and there is darkness all around

    Smile in the rain

    As new life will be found.

  72. Having a Real Relationship with God by Sue Darling  
    You can't have a real relationship with God without first believing He is loving and wants a relationship with you. And to make any relationship work you do have to work at it.

  73. THE PEACE MAKER by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    It is really wonderful to see how God created this beautiful world. The crimson sun-rise between the mountains, the orange sun-set beyond the blue skies, the torrent rivers, the emerald green valleys, the whispering seas, the ice capped mountains turned crimson white, the fascinating glory of flora and fauna.they all manifest the splendid glory of God.

  74. The Gospel According to Amaziah by Abby Kelly  
    We've been told that the Gospel must get from our head into our hearts, but I think it's more truthful that the Gospel must rule in both placesoccupy both head and heart simultaneously to do us any real good.

  75. The Joy of Speelling...I mean, Spelling by Julia Lee  
    A home school mom finds joy even in mistakes her children make.

  76. Dress Down and Dress Up by Alan Allegra  
    It is not the outward appearance but the inward heart that reveals the essence of a person, and that is what God sees (1 Samuel 16:7; Jeremiah 17:910). He cares not for wealth, status, rank, color, gender or any other distinction. To His eyes, man is man, woman is woman, and all are judged equally (Matthew 22:16).

  77. Leave Jesus Out of It by Alan Allegra  
    Many holidays are named after people. On Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we honor MLK. On Columbus Day, we consider the discoverer of America. On Washington's Birthday, the Father of Our Country. On CHRISTmas, we celebrate . . . Santa Claus. Or Old Man Winter. Or Sam Walton. Or "X."

  78. Why We Don't Like Disappointing Others by stephanie reck  
    Since I was a little girl I always wanted to please the adults in my life, as I grew older that really did not change much. I do not like letting people down or having to tell anyone, "No." I fear that that person will get mad at me and think less than positive things about me. I have gotten better over the years of telling others, "No," but sometimes it still bothers me to tell someone," I am not able to do that at this time."

  79. Jesus Has Been in Your Shoes, Part 1 by Tai Ikomi  
    Have you ever wondered if Jesus understands what it means to go through what you are going through? Yes, He does He has been there. And He has left His footprints in the sand for us to follow.

  80. Healing of Crushed Emotions & Disturbed Minds Healing & Health Series Volume 4 Segun Olumide by Segun Olumide  
    It has 3 chapters encompassing what you should know about emotional and mental healing, 25 causes of emotional disorder and mental disturbances with God's remedy for each one.
    Also it reveals the secrets of inner strength.

    "Never let go of the hope he has given you and rest in the knowledge that he will never leave you nor forsake you."

  82. Living in Unbelief by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 2 in a 3 part series entitiled Help My Doubt

  83. Know the Drill by Pam Ford Davis  
    'They are equipped for blizzard conditions and possible loss of electrical power.'

  84. Did Paul Teach that Spiritual Gifts would cease when the Bible was Completed? by Robert Hawes  
    A study concerning whether 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 teaches that the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit would no longer be given once the canon of scripture was completed.

  85. The Wonderful Gift of Prayer by Sue Darling  
    Prayer is extremely important and if we are close to God we all have a burden to pray for somebody or a cause.

  86. "Do You See God?" by Steve Countryman  
    Isaiah 43:19 "See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not see it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." God makes a way where there was no way!

  87. Serving Up Soul Food by Deborah Lassiter  
    Life is never dull because God always has something amazing for you around the corner. Let God direct your footsteps ,and he just might lead you to enjoy a great meal with a soul food singing chef!

  88. How God Saved Me Through The Da Vinci Code by Deborah Lassiter  
    God can use anything to save you no matter how strange or unlikely God can find you in your darkness, your depression, your confusion and pull you out. I know for it happened to me. Read my story.

  89. God Is Always Able by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    Every sensible person knows how awesome God is, the mighty things He has done throughout history, and the miracles performed in His name. Is there a limit to God's ability?

  90. Drained by Pam Ford Davis  
    'I am humbled by Apostle Paul's testimony. He willingly poured himself out unto his LORD and the brethren. He drained his vessel.'

    Have you ever experienced people get angry with you on no just cause? They bottle up such anger to the point of blowing up, most times without you knowing of it. When this concerns your vision in life and a superior or mentor, you must know how to deal with it.

  92. SHOE ME YOUR GLORY by Lewis E. Thomas  

  93. Is Your Relationship with God Blooming by Karen B. White  
    Reminder to love and communicate with God.

  94. FLOW LIKE RAIN by chuma obum  
    Self-encouragement in the face of discouragement is a powerful force required for the attainment of any meaningful achievement in life. Therefore, this poem was carefully and thoughtfully put together to lend wings to your spirit in order to enable you rise up above mediocrity again and again until success in abundance becomes yours to gain!

  95. Mad Men Met the Master by Pam Ford Davis  
    'The Master transforms madmen.'

  96. God's Word by Leonard Granger  
    We will tell you what to do. We will tell you what God's Word the bible says/

  97. Middle East Peace by Leonard Granger  
    Peace in Middle East countries will not happen until our Lord returns. People need to accept the >Lord now.

  98. Filthy Rags by Rochelle Arnold  
    There is nothing that compares to the presence of the Lord. When we seek Him in praise and worship or in our prayer closet, the realness and weightiness of the very awesome manifestation of Jesus is an incredible experience. Entering His gates with thanksgiving and expectancy seeking His face and His presence, is the most important part of our faith. The Lord's presence is able to change a situation in the blink of an eye; worship creates an environment where the Shekinah Glory or His manifest presence begins to saturate the atmosphere. Our very desire to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, draws Him near us.

  99. When The Father Says "No! by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    "...Dear Lord, give me trusting eyes that see a "Thou Shalt Not!" as a guidepost and not a restriction."

  100. No Problem! by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    ...Isn't it wonderful that God says in answer to all our problems, "No problem." And He really means it.

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