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  1. Fall's Refreshing Rain by Deborah Ann Belka  
    After a long hot summer ~ the fall rains wash away the dryness that has settled on my soul!

  2. There's Nothing as Beautiful as Jesus by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Jesus' love is the most splendid, wonderful, beautiful thing in this world!

  3. Feet of Clay by Deborah Ann Belka  
    The race isn't easy but . . . the rewards are worth it!

  4. The Formula by Susan LeDoux  
    Remarks like, "And she calls herself a Christian!" or "Those Christians are nothing but hypocrites," can make us cringe, especially when we're guilty of failing to be the people we know our Lord calls us to be. Is there a way to do better?

    Daniel 2 contains a clear overview of world history. This history was written by Daniel the prophet thousands of years before this history took place. But this timeline seems frozen history does not seem to be marching on. Todays scholars explanations of this do not seem to explain it satisfactorily. We have laid out an unexplored explanation of this.

    "And when those snakes and scorpions try to attack your feet, trample on them with all authority! Remember believer, the One in you is a thousand times greater than the one in the world!"

  7. Wrong Views of God by Jerry Ousley  
    To know God we must have a correct view of who He is. Much of the world does not.

  8. Jane Doe by Pamela Couvrette  
    Our enemy, Satan, prowls like a lion waiting to devour us. In this Screwtape Letteresque piece, discover how our enemy woos his prey from God.

  9. Reiki - Satan Masquerading As An Angel of Light by Pamela Couvrette  
    Have you heard of Reiki? Do you know the danger it poses to our church? Read this article and be equipped to protect your brethern from this harmful practice.

  10. OUT OF THE DUST by Jennifer Cardinal  
    For we were formed out of the dust

  11. Thinks the Best by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Parents will understand; we think the best of our children."

  12. On the Sixth Day by Beth LaBuff  
    Our story: Yip-Waggle's and mine, about the life we shared with others in our amazing garden home. (We don't have belly-buttons either.) Children's fiction based on Genesis 1 and 2.

  13. GOD IS CALLING YOU by Sue Darling  
    You can be certain that God is calling you for something, it may be small or big, but it will not go away.

  14. SMALL CHURCHES ARE A GIFT by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Bigger is not always better. Small churches often times offer things that larger and megachurches cannot.

  15. Believing In God Will Never Be Compulsory by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    You can believe what you like, when you like, and it makes no difference whether you believe in God or not. God will not force you to believe in Him as we shall see.

  16. The Need To Slow Down by Zach Wood  
    Jesus invites us to slow down our busy lifestyle and rest in Him.

  17. Already Done by Shirley Carr  
    Restoration and Life...There is hope and it is already done.

  18. The Relationship Between The Names Of Jesus Christ And His Assignment On Earth by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Names are very significant to the life of any individual. It describes the destiny, purpose and character of the person. It actually dictates his steps or decisions. Therefore, a good name will speak well of an individual while a bad one will speak ill of such a one. In this article, we will consider the names of Jesus Christ and how they relate to His assignment on earth.

  19. Surely In The Beginning Before Abraham Was Jesus Christ Was by Ngozi Nwoke  
    How well do you know Christ? A person you understand is the person you can risk following. And knowing his origin and background makes it easier trust him. Christ's story is well spelt out in the scriptures and we will be exploring it in this article

  20. Happy Thanksgiving by Pam Ford Davis  
    "...let me introduce you to Thanksgiving in September."

  21. DISCUSSING DIVORCE by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Divorce is a tough and uncomfortable topic. This article takes a brief look at divorce within Christianity.

  22. Live in the Moment by stephanie reck  
    How many of us live in the regrets of the past, or in the future we are projecting? Imagine living in the moment, not going back and not going forward. Just enjoying each moment as it comes, and not allowing the unknown of the future to steal our own joy today.

  23. "Buddhism Is Just a Harmless Philosophy" by Pamela Couvrette  
    Many Christians are of the opinion that Buddhism is just a philosophy. Do you know the beliefs of Buddhism and how they differ from the Gospel? Find out how the two viewpoints are incompatible with each other.

  24. SUMMER'S ABRUPT END by linzy bruno  
    ...I feel my muscles gain in their might...;

  25. Rich in Good Works by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    We have also been called to be rich in good works.When we do good to others, we actually show that we honour the God in whose image they have been made, in short what we do to people is counted as what we do to God.

  26. It is what it is by Donny Wright  
    When pondering life's ups and downs some have said, "It is what it is". There exists a space where importance of right and wrong, happy or sad is not measurable. This place that I call "What it is" is in essence God's rest.

  27. The Saddest Chapter in the Bible by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    The Bible has many glorious chapters that are uplifting and make for inspiring reading, but it also has some sad chapters; and this is one of the saddest, as we shall see.

  28. I Was Wondering by Ramona Cook  
    All of Creation speaks to us about truth and inter-relationship of characteristics found in all the created things.

  29. Search Engines by Pam Ford Davis  
    "The books reference section of public libraries is quickly losing ground."

  30. STOP LOOKING BACK by Tesh Njokanma  
    It is time to break free from the past and forge ahead.

  31. Faith or Doubt by Henry Miranda  
    When you doubt you are not showing faith. Faith is believing God without wavering, without doubting, and without questioning what He says. It is taking God at His Word and believing that what He has promised He is able to deliver.

  32. You're Not Alone by Jannette Fuller  
    Despite your flaws and weaknesses, God can always, and will, use you to be a light to others.

  33. LOVE SONG TO GOD by linzy bruno  
    I fly higher than a balloon, soaring toward Heaven....

  34. In Conclusion by Pam Ford Davis  
    "A good public speaker knows the importance of a 'sandwich' speaking method."

  35. "I Have Jesus" by Steve Countryman  
    The more that you are mindful of Jesus in you the more impactful you become. If you have Jesus means that ALL the resources of heaven are made available to you through Jesus who lives and dwells in you through the Holy Spirit.

  36. Onward Christian Soldiers by Don Pedal  
    Do you have the feeling that we, as a nation, are adrift in a sea of confusion and despair? I have good news for you. The way to make a difference has been there all the time!

  37. DOES SIZE MATTER? PART 2 OF 2 by Jeffrey Hagan  
    The number of people who attend your church or are involved with your ministry really doens't matter? The real questions are, "Is your church or ministry healthy?" and "Are people growing in their own faith?"

  38. DOES SIZE MATTER? PART 1 OF 2 by Jeffrey Hagan  
    How many people do you have in your church? How many people come to Sunday School? How many come to mid-week services? How many, how many, how many... Why the focus on numbers? Let's focust on whether or not a ministry is healthy instead.

  39. God, Please say .... by Jennifer Cardinal  
    The power of God's word

  40. Yum, Yum by Pam Ford Davis  
    Teachers interaction activities do not go unnoticed.

  41. SIMPLE TASKS ARE NOT SO SIMPLE by Jeffrey Hagan  
    The simplest of tasks can be painful and burdensome for those of us with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. This article examines just a few of those things.

  42. Overcome Temptation in 3 Steps by Gregory John Monroe  
    Face your temptations from within the mind of Christ. Capitalize on His thoughts, feelings, and motives. This can help you overcome temptations now and in the years to come.

    People with invisible illnesses have a tough time. They deal with far more then just the chronic pain their bodies experience. This article addresses some of those and gives some basic advice on steps to take.

  44. GOD IS SOVEREIGN by Sue Darling  
    If we look at God with a healthy fear, it protects us from sliding backwards.

  45. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD by Sue Darling  
    To love God is to know God. If we seek his face in all humility we will see him.

  46. CAN HELL BE EVIDENCE OF GOD'S LOVE? by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Some people believe that God's love and hell cannot both exist. This is foolish. In fact, properly understood hell is evidence of God's love.

  47. The Gift of Each Day by Susan Ferguson  
    God wants us to live joyfully and enjoy the day He has given us. Each day is a gift from God.

  48. The Popularity of Jesus and the Motive of the Crowds by Wayne Davies  
    The popularity of Jesus was overwhelming. But what was the motive of the crowds who followed him?

  49. The Book of Mark and the Preaching of Peter by Wayne Davies  
    Where did Mark get his material for the second book of the New Testament? Read on to find out.

  50. Who Wrote the Gospel of Mark? by Wayne Davies  
    Who was Mark and how do we know that he wrote the gospel that bears his name?

  51. THE INTEGRETY OF A MAN'S WORD by william kelley  
    Are we as Christians people of integrity? Can people depend on what we say? If not, we must make some changes.

  52. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 33 Unpublished work, 2014 by JP Timpano by JOSEPH-PAUL TIMPANO  
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  53. DECEPTION by Rachel Jamerson  
    Many times we skip over the immortal in our desperate quest for that which is not.

  54. Sin's Storms by Tim Pickl  
    The Lord is my strong defender; he is the one who has saved me.

  55. Warrior Still? by Thais Sherell J  
    We have even triumphed over the small trials and obstacles in our life. So now what? Are we so strong that we can take it easy?

  56. Raise The Bar by Thais Sherell J  
    So excited am I about my new love
    Every morning I awake in expectation of what He has prepared for me

  57. His Secret Place by Thais Sherell J  
    I remember nights on end when I prayed for the sweet hand of death to consume me in order to escape from what I felt was hell on earth. I was dying from the inside out and I felt utterly alone though people overshadowed me.

  58. Count It All Joy by Thais Sherell J  
    I cried tears daily as I still do now but sparingly. Even with the event past, souls saved, lives renewed I still battle with the scars. Why? I asked God. Why me? I pleaded with the heavenly father. Why? Why?

  59. The House Guest by Steve Countryman  
    Just being around him has completely changed your life. You enjoy his company, his joy and peace that you experience while you are with him. You find comfort in his words and wisdom to help you through your struggles. Your daily life is now totally different than it used to be because you have developed a "habit of trust". This habit of trust is where you include Him in every day living.

  60. Hey, Pretty Baby! by Jenni Starkman  
    A teen wrestles with an unwanted pregnancy....

  61. Old Timers' Rocking Chair by Rachel Jamerson  
    A life remembered.

  62. THE JOURNEY OF A SOUL by Rachel Jamerson  
    Natural vs Supernatural A look at life, death, and eternity.

    "Religion is bearing up under the yoke of rituals, regulations and good works while true faith is simply tracking your life track, arm in arm with Jesus."

  64. Who Is God by Jerry Ousley  
    There is so much skepticism today about who God is or if He really exists. Maybe some good common sense can help clear that up.

  65. Eviction Notices by Pam Ford Davis  
    "The Creator evicted the first occupants..."

  66. CAN GOD HATE PEOPLE? by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Some people claim that a true Calvinist must believe that God hates some people because He sends them to hell. I am a true Calvinist but do not believe that to be true. However, many Calvinists do believe God does hate some people so I thought I would play "devil's advocate" and make a case for their position.

  67. Befuddled by Pam Ford Davis  
    Sailing the seas from England to America in the 1800's was not without difficulty...

  68. links are working! by linzy bruno  
    thank you to everyone for your links are fixed now!

  69. Perseverance by Henry Miranda  
    Perseverance is maintaining your Christian faith through the difficult times of your life. As Christians, we have a very difficult road to travel while in this world. Imagine an old country road that leads to a very high steep hill and on the hill is a cross and your goal is to get to that cross. It can be a very difficult climb. Sometimes, it's easier to give up rather than struggle and maintain your continuous walk to the cross.

  70. I'm Not Fighting by Abby Kelly  

    I stand firm every single day, and I'm in the battle, but I'm not fighting. The battle has been won by my Champion, my Savior, The One True God.

  71. Dressed and Ready by J. Rubino  
    Are you ready the Lord's second coming? This article shows what Jesus himself commands of us in order to be ready.

  72. Undaunted by Dangers by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Do I allow the unknown to immobilize me?"

  73. Things God Hates by J. Rubino  
    The bible gives us clear instructions on life and tells us the things God hates most.

  74. GOD'S LIMITED UNLIMITED LOVE by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Calvinists are accused of believing that God does not love everybody, but this is simply not true. Sure, some Calvinists do believe God's love is reserved for the elect, but that is not the case for all of us in the Reformed faith.

  75. Obedience Without Logic by Zach Wood  
    As God asked Joshua and the Israelites to obey without any logic of bringing down the wall, He also asks us to obey even when we can't comprehend the logic behind His command.

  76. IT IS WRITTEN! by Tesh Njokanma  
    Activate your faith with what is written.

  77. The Biblical Principles for Living by J. Rubino  
    This article is a simple approach to the principles for living illustrated in the bible and how we can apply to our life when problems arise.

  78. Misery Loves Company by Pam Ford Davis  
    "The statement is not trite; instead, it is true. 'Misery loves company."

    Living with a chronic illness is exasperating. This aritlce give a brief list of nine things in our lives we need to be on the lookout for in order to best deal with our ailments.

  80. Jesus is the Key by Jenni Starkman  
    Prisoned, looking to con a chaplain to get out earlier, Jason finds the true key to freedom.

  81. Faith in Silence by jackie parent  
    When God is silent, Faith is all I have.

  82. The Worst of Sinners ~ The Best of Grace and Mercy by Steven Ray Bragg  
    But to my amazement, God was to take the broken pieces of my life and not only forgive me, but restore me into a powerful ministry that I could never have imagined.

  83. Continuous Creation by Abby Kelly  
    Perhaps it's not that creation was
    It wasn't yesterday.
    Maybe God still speaks life,
    And and breathes souls
    Today and everyday.

  84. THE LONG JOURNEY HOME by Rachel Jamerson  
    A young girl forced to grow up too soon, sets out on a journey that would take her where she didn't want to go. Along the way she finds God and learns that life is full of uncertainties, but He will never leave nor forsake you.

  85. THUNDER IN THE BLUE RIDGE by Rachel Jamerson  
    Young people are very sensitive to the opinions of their peers. However if you are not willing to take a risk and put yourself out there, you will never know what you can do.

  86. WOUNDED by Rachel Jamerson  
    Our most painful wounds are those inflicted by a friend. As it was with our Lord.

  87. Just Imagine by Jack Vorster  
    Many Christians aspire to live the abundant life that Jesus talked about, but they need to change their thinking in order to get there.

  88. 20-20 Vision by Pam Ford Davis  
    I sense an urgent need for clarity.

  89. My Arms & Lap Are Empty by Deborah Rampona Oliver  
    This short poem was written the day after a friend's infant died unexpectedly. It expresses the grief of coming home from the hospital and encountering all of the beloved possessions a mother uses to care for her child.

  90. Life Is A Bridge & Bridges Are Scary! by Deborah Rampona Oliver  
    This essay explores the writer's irrational fear of bridges and then compares/contrasts the idea that life is a bridge, within the context of her dear friend's struggle with ALS.

  91. "JUST GET OVER IT." THANKS FOR NOTHING! by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Uninformed people say ignorant things about the ailments of others. This is especially true of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and depression. Some of the things they say, as well as some of the things you can do, are covered in this brief article.

  92. How To Eternally Leave Your Footprints On Earth by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Do you desire to be remembered long after you have gone? Do you want your name to be reckoned both in heaven and on earth? God's plan is for man to touch heaven and earth by what he had deposited in him. This article gives the greatest way and how to leave your footprints on the seashores of earth.

  93. Secondary Infertility: A Memoir of our Journey by stephanie reck  
    I had always dreamed of having four children. I knew I wanted a big family ever since I was a little girl. I had my first unplanned pregnancy at 16 years old. It happened quickly and unexpectedly. I got married when I was 25 years old to a Godly man, and knew I wanted to start a family soon.

  94. Mercy Says Go by Pam Ford Davis  
    Each Christian is called by God to minister in His name.

  95. 3 LIES SINGLES' BELIEVE by Tesh Njokanma  
    Have you fallen for a lie?

  96. Rich in the Word 2 by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    The tendency for us to relegate the word rich to a financial value s an everyday temptation, however we can be rich in sevral areas. Being rich in God's word involves ensuring it takes a priority over other words.

  97. Rich in the Word by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    More often than not, the word rich connotes some financial value. However there are several ways we can all be rich.One of these areas is to be rich in God's word.

  98. I want to be rich! by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    More often than not, the word rich connotes some financial value. However ther are several ways we can all be rich.

  99. Apple Butter by louis gander  
    So many things just disappeared
    forever with my mother.
    Mom's apple butter's almost gone
    and there won't be another.

  100. Ministries Appealing to Selfishness by Gregory John Monroe  
    Unseemly solicitations prey on the "get rich quick" mindset.

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