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  1. A Beautiful Story by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    When things are familiar, there is a tendency to not see them as we should, and often the intricate, beautiful details become invisible. Such is true of this magnificent story.

  2. What is prayer? by jacqui julyan  
    I am in a season of praying very inconsistently or am I? I grew up only knowing the LORD's prayer. I love it, still do but I am beginning to realize, certainly from my experience as a Christian that there are all types of prayer.

  3. Teenagers and God by Jennifer Rubino  
    Teens asks hard questions about God. How we answer them can determine how they see Christianity in our world.

  4. How To Get The Holy Spirit To Help You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    The Holy Spirit is the best companion to have. He is the Helper Jesus promised His disciples that He would ask the Father to give them. He is your present help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16), but if you can't access Him, you can't access His help. This article tells you how to gain access to the Spirit of the Lord's help.

  5. Meet Noah by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Meet Noah, a laughingstock to his neighbors, a man of righteousness to his LORD.'

  6. THE EVIL TWINS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  7. Dealing with the Spirit of Suicide by stephanie reck  
    This is a difficult and sensitive subject to talk about. Many have dealt with thoughts of suicide, and have been too fearful to tell someone. Having generational curses and familiar spirits in this area can cause you to have a bent towards these spirits. A bent meaning, a weakness towards feeling or having thoughts of suicide.

  8. Just a Man by Jennifer Rubino  
    A perspective on Christ being just a man

  9. The Battle, The Victory by Pam Ford Davis  
    'A loved one or close friend loses the battle with disease.'

  10. The Epaphras Pattern For Intercession by Rev. Dr. R. B. Silverson  
    A beautiful formula for every intercessor to emulate. Every intercessor will benefit from these key lessons.

  11. A Strange Compromise: An Allegory by Rev. Dr. R. B. Silverson  
    Could this dream be either prophetic or a true depiction of current affairs? Read and be the judge.

  12. ENLARGE YOUR CAPACITY by Tesh Njokanma  
    You never know how big a balloon can get until you stretch it, until you blow it up. You can never know the extent to which God can bless and use you until you are stretched.

  13. The Best Pick Up Line Ever by Jennifer Rubino  
    An example of witnessing and what it is and is not.

  14. Training Your Mind by KC Lemmer  
    Our thoughts can sometimes develop thought patterns that we are not proud of and that is when we need a renewing of our minds. Renewing of our minds comes only by God's grace, forgiveness and healing.

  15. Forever Grateful by Pam Ford Davis  
    'The LORD restores rebels.'

  16. SERVING GOD by Sue Darling  
    Using our gifts to serve God.

  17. Don't get stuck behind the four walls by Vanessa Grossett  
    God can use you anywhere!

  18. Wisdom and Foolishness by Gregory John Monroe  
    God uses the foolish to confound and encourage the wise of the world.

  19. Belief Trumps Bondage by Toni Babcock  
    We can't claim impotence once we hear the voice of the living God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Even as bond slaves to sin and iniquity, the Lord God enables and expects us to do what he requires.

    I have tried to explained the Holy Trinity to new believers

  21. THE DEVIL AND DELILAH by linzy bruno  
    "Then one of them started questioning Delilah about Mick. "He said he was just grabbin' a smoke, but now I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach."

    Some people do not like to meditate on Jesus Crucifixion because they think it is too gruesome, but it is only when you meditate on what He went through for you can you really appreciate Him.

  23. Poured Out by Jerry Ousley  
    To be a successful Christian the next thing we need to do is to allow ourselves to be poured out.

  24. Nah by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Do you remember the four-R's?'

  25. Why I Pray There is a Hell by Jim Schicatano  
    It is only in an afterlife that we can truly assess the nature and character of God. For true justice to exist there must be a hell as well as a heaven.

  26. Multiples of Three by Pam Ford Davis  
    Some of the blessings that God gives to us come in multiples of three.

  27. My Heart, My Soul by Jennifer Cardinal  
    Poem about the growth of our soul

  28. Kiss Method by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Why do we complicate things?'

  29. TRUST GOD by Sue Darling  
    Sometimes we can be so upset with ourselves we cannot believe that any one including God can forgive us, which is of course not true.

  30. WHEN I LAY THIS BODY DOWN by Lewis E. Thomas  

  31. Calvary at Cana by Robert Hawes  
    John's account of the wedding at Cana offers us so much more than the story of Jesus' first public miracle. There are treasures buried here that illustrate His entire ministry.

  32. My Love Has no End by jacqui julyan  
    I have walked over every mountain to reach you. I have travelled to the deepest caverns to speak with you. I have run to the furthest corners of this earth to hold you.

  33. Glory, Power and Authority by Rochelle Arnold  
    In these last days, Scripture points to a time when gross darkness shall cover the earth. The Word goes on to say that a grosser or thicker darkness will come upon the people. It's not hard to see the gross darkness in the world or on the people of the world. Violent crimes happen all the time and they are getting grosser and grosser by the minute.

  34. Free Will? Liberal Christianity. Punished for Sins We Commit After We Become Christians? Tertullian and the Montanists, Part 5 by Karl Kemp  
    We discuss Tertullian (about AD160-240) and the Montanists here in Part 5. Tertullian became a Montanist some fifty years after that movement started. The Montanists had many things right, but they were overly strict and they required all Christians to accept their revelations as being from God. Some of their revelations were clearly wrong, including the idea that new Jerusalem comes down at the beginning of the millennium.

  35. Extra Toppings by Pam Ford Davis  
    God gifts each of His children.

  36. As It Was In Noah's Day by Dr. Timothy Hoflund  
    A comparative look at the conditions of our contemporary world to the conditions of the world at the time of Noah in light Christ's prophetic warning.

  37. Building Permits by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Satan erects walls of separation in an attempt to distance us from our loving Father.'

  38. Causes of Offense by stephanie reck  
    Those who are easily offended are usually described as "wounded, hurt, insulted, angry, or disappointed." When someone gets offended, they take everything personally.

  39. A Lost Art by Pam Ford Davis  
    I sense that whistling is becoming a lost art.

  40. Gentle Jesus by Cyril Almond  
    Jesus could speak very plainly. Some times those who heard him did not understand.

  41. The Prosperity Gospel by Gregory John Monroe  
    The prosperity gospel is not the gospel of God. Adhering to it can lead to the love of money and worship of materialism.

  42. I Am Saturated! by Steve Countryman  
    Some of the meanings of saturate: 1. to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance. 2. to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism. 3. to soak, impregnate, or imbue thoroughly or completely. Biblically would mean to the full, fullness, complete, completeness, completely or full measure.

  43. SELF DELVERANCE by Sue Darling  
    People are often very scared to talk about deliverance, but it is a subject that needs to be addressed, because I actually believe we all could do with some self deliverance.

  44. Katy Perry's Experimental Game and Superbowl XLIX by Anthony Weber  
    As always, the Superbowl's advertisements and half time show offer an interesting look into our culture.

  45. Don't Neglect Your Gift (1 Timothy 4:12 4:16) by Anthony Weber  
    We talk a lot about using our gifts, but how do we find them? More importantly, how do we use them for the glory of God?

  46. Men and Women in the New Testament: Missing the Forest for all the Trees by Anthony Weber  
    What does Paul have to say to men and women about married life together? Is the Christian view of marriage oppressive, stifling and sexist? Paul actually offers a message of hope and freedom to the early church, but it's easy to miss if we don't know the context.

  47. The Reality of Jesus and the Hope of the Resurrection by Anthony Weber  
    In a time where the historicity of Christ is increasingly under fire, it's important to remember that the life, death and Resurrection of Christ was a part of history.

  48. LOOKING UP AT HARRY by linzy bruno  
    "......They assumed because he was kind and gentle; he was some sorta freak, but the truth is, if Harry were here right now, he'd say: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...."(Luke 23.35..."

  49. DEVOTION by linzy bruno  
    "How do I love thee, let me count the ways.....Ut oh, I don't think I know high enough numbers. I better try another way!
    Then I thought the...."

  50. FOLLOWING THE LEADER by linzy bruno  
    ".... but as long as we don't just do what the crowd does, we don't need to be considered a leader in order to live a life of dignity and respect."

  51. I MEDITATE by linzy bruno  
    "Recognizing the power of scripture can change our ordinary, human existence into a life so full and rewarding, it actually seems unfair to keep it to ourselves...."

  52. Free Will? Liberal Christianity. Punished for Sins We Commit After We Become Christians? Tertullian and the Montanists, Part 4 by Karl Kemp  
    The widespread idea in the early Christian Fathers that Christians must be punished for their sins, especially their more serious sins, finally led to the idea of purgatory. Augustine (AD354-430) taught purgatory. And the idea of purgatory eventually led to the idea of indulgences. I include a shocking quotation from John Tetzel, a Roman Catholic monk, who went around Germany selling indulgences which would supposedly free people from purgatory. Martin Luther strongly reacted and the Protestant reformation was initiated.

  53. Frontier Town of Fast Mounts Battles Problem of Speeding Horses by Greg Miller  
    A small frontier town battles the problem of speeding horses.

  54. I belong to Him by Jennifer Cardinal  
    I John 4:4
    You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

  55. Folly by Pam Ford Davis  
    'The early church did not play games.'

  56. Animal Research, Abortion, and The Problem of Pain by Deborah Rampona Oliver  
    Our culture embraces animal rights and simultaneously is unconcerned about the pain experienced by human babies during abortion. This article explores the disconnect between these topics.

  57. Bewail My Fears by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Before I can take a consistent bold stand, I first must humble myself and bend the knee."

  58. The Undressing by Jennifer Rubino  
    Short devotional on trusting God and allowing him to remove the darkness so that you can shine.

  59. Caught Red-Handed by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?'

    Jesus wants my "root system" to be grounded in His love, (Eph.3:17) for His love is so immense, so comforting, and so sure.(Heb.6:19)

    If we really love one another we will do want to do what we can to help. A great many people are in great need and Christians martyrs are one of them.

    In the end days Jesus warns that there will be many false prophets who will deceive people.

  63. Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies by Pamela Couvrette  
    Claiming that we must unite in love despite truth and sound doctrine is not biblical. We must unite in both truth and love.

  64. New Mercies Each Day ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Each day we are showered with new mercies from God.

  65. My Savior's Touch ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Is healing, restoring and renewing . . .

  66. Suffering for the Sake of Christ by Jerry Ousley  
    Will we really have to suffer for Christ?

  67. I Sit ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    and wait on the Lord . . .

  68. The Road to Heaven ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    can be tricky!

  69. Using Our Gifts by Deborah Ann Belka  
    When we use our gifts together beautiful things happen ~

  70. Winter, Do your work in me. by Jennifer Cardinal  
    Each season , including winter, has it's reason and purpose in our life. Let's not rush to Spring or Summer but learn to take solace in the winter seasons in our lives.

  71. Why You Need The Holy Spirit In Your Life Today by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Have you ever felt lonely and desired a friend who will accept you as you are? Or have you ever felt like being alone but still desired to talk to a higher personality? I know who fits well to who you desire to fellowship with; He is the Holy Spirit. This article tells you why the Spirit of God is your best helper.

  72. How The Holy Spirit Empowers You For Good Works by Ngozi Nwoke  
    It is good to do good works and glorify the name of God. But how do you ensure that your works are good and acceptable before God? Acceptable works not only imparts lives at the present but also continues to speak long after you've gone. This article gives the place of the Holy Spirit in doing great works.

  73. God Are You Listening? by Vanessa Grossett  
    Yes He is!

  74. Organ Donor by Pam Ford Davis  
    I am a prospective organ donor.

  75. Unplugging From Social Media and Electronics to Connect with God by stephanie reck  
    Let's face it, we are consumed with business and in particularly our electronics. Our social media has ravaged our time, and we can get sucked into all the drama that are on these sites. For many, the first thing that they do in the morning is check their emails and Facebook. Not only has social media replaced time with God, but also time spent with family.

  76. Pastor Describes Different Ways God Meets Needs by Greg Miller  
    A pastor says when it comes to meeting needs God can't be kept in a box.

  77. The Angry Fool by Jennifer Rubino  
    Anger and what it does to relationships.

  78. Duds by Pam Ford Davis  
    'Join me in disappointing the devil.'

  79. 10 Steps to Enjoying Your Life Journey by Rhonda Jones  
    Many Christians are existing and not living. They are bogged down with worry or overtaken with stress. Learn 10 life changes that can help you enjoy this journey called life and find more joy and peace within.

  80. 5 Steps to Help You Yield to the Holy Spirit by Rhonda Jones  
    Do you want to be used by God but not sure how to position yourself? God not only wants to live in us, He wants to use us for his glory, but in order for that to happen, we must surrender to his will. Learn some steps to open your mind and heart in preparation for being used by the Holy Spirit.

  81. How Attachment Causing Suffering by Rhonda Jones  
    An attachment can be anything outside of us and God that we believe will bring us joy or happiness. We as Christians have long lists of them. In this article, learn how your attachments can cause suffering and steal your joy in the Lord.

  82. The Gift of Uncertainty by Rhonda Jones  
    Many Christians have a hard time living with uncertainty. They fear the unknown. However, uncertainty can actually be a valuable gift. Learn how uncertainty can strengthen your walk and relationship with Christ.

  83. Brave Ones by Rachel Northey  
    Do you need strength from Christ to be brave in the face of a loved one dying? Christ offers hope for this life on earth and in life eternal. Read a testimony of some very brave ones indeed.

  84. Not Me & Not You by louis gander  
    I may be old fashioned and that's why I'm shunned -
    so don't stare there gawking, confused and so stunned.

    Don't judge me because of my deafness and age.
    Don't judge me because I may seem disengaged.

  85. The Sacrifice by Gregory John Monroe  
    A story of the world's apathy towards a little boy's sacrifice.

  86. Just Because by Pam Ford Davis  
    Just because He says so...

  87. Betrayal by Cyril Almond  
    How a confident of Jesus. Betrayed him.

  88. The New Type of Backsliding by Vanessa Grossett  
    Return back to your first love!

  89. A Time for Everything by Jennifer Rubino  
    There are many seasons in our life. A look into Ecclesiastes Ch. 3 and how to apply.

  90. Free Will? Liberal Christianity. Punished for Sins We Commit After We Become Christians? Tertullian and the Montanists, Part 3 by Karl Kemp  
    The early Christian Fathers did not have problems dealing with the sins that were committed before the people became Christians, but many of them had a very serious problem dealing with the sins of Christians, especially sins like murder, adultery, or apostasy. Some came up with ideas like the church cannot forgive such sins, and many said that such sins can only be forgiven once, and widespread ideas like God must punish us for such sins because His honor has been defamed and His justice requires it.

  91. Drawing us homeward by jacqui julyan  
    Drawing us homeward
    Not in chains
    But in love

    "So let's be motivated by the zeal of the Lord to be consistent at church, consistent in prayer and consistent in filling our hearts with more of the fire of his word."

  93. Personal Discipline by Jerry Ousley  
    To be successful as a Christian we must use personal discipline.

  94. I Wait by Pam Ford Davis  
    'I need to learn from delays.'

  95. I'd Be A Fool! by Steve Countryman  
    God knows that not only are you blessed by all that He gives you but that it also blesses you to give it away!

  96. THE WILL OF GOD ABOUT SEANCE by Sue Darling  
    Keep away from sťance, it is not God's will

    When you believe in God you know you are special and that you and your love ones have a place waiting for you in heaven.

  98. Wish the Fish 11 (love) by louis gander  
    The doctor bills had taken all -
    so money? She had none.
    The off'ring plate had passed her by
    - but not her little son.
    Inside his 'hand', his tiny fin
    where heart and love enjoin,
    a 'clink' had echoed through the church.
    Dropped in, his little coin.

  99. Church Considers Ministry Expansions by Greg Miller  
    A rural church considers expansion of its ministry.

  100. A Fatal Disease ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    And there is only one cure for it!

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