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  1. Active Listening by Bobby Bruno  
    When evangelizing, we are actively listening when we are not rehearsing or next question or comment.

  2. Acknowledging Excuses for not Sharing the Gospel by Bobby Bruno  
    An acknowledgement of the excuses used for not sharing the Gospel with others.

  3. Study Insights of Philip and the Woman of Samaria by Bobby Bruno  
    A summary of the lives of the Apostle Philip and the Woman at the well in Samaria.

  4. Ninth Hour by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Death only temporarily extinguished the Light of the world."

  5. SAVED by christ cross by Samuel Akinola  
    Christ is my cross

  6. CHRIST THE BREAD OF LIFE by Samuel Akinola  
    Bread is food we eat to nourish us, Christ is that spiritual bread that gives us life.

  7. What is your testimony? by Andrea Ogunba  
    We overcame... by the word of our testimony

  8. Flintstone by Andrea Ogunba  
    We don't quit; no matter what we face because we have already won... In Him!

  9. Our Happy Silver Anniversary by Tim Pickl  
    Our Happy Silver Anniversary

  10. Obedience in Proclaiming the Gospel by Bobby Bruno  
    Who is responsible to get people saved -- Jesus or us?

  11. Building Bridges by Bobby Bruno  
    As Christians we must build bridges between the lost and God. Jesus already supplied the bridge through the cross. Now it's up to us to tell the world that the bridge to God exists.

  12. The Power of Prayer by Bobby Bruno  
    How should we pray? What is the purpose of prayer in the lives of those who do and do not believe in Jesus Christ?

  13. The Rich and Faithful by Pam Ford Davis  
    "We are rich in faith and in a glory, which outshines the purest gold."

  14. Top 10 Reasons Online Homeschooling is BEST by Mimi Rothschild  
    Why are 92% of homeschoolers using Online Homeschooling to teach their children? Because online homeschooling works! It's EASIER, BETTER and SAFER than the alternatives. Read the Top 10 Reasons why in this article.

  15. Top 10 Reasons Online Homeschooling is BEST by Mimi Rothschild  
    Why are 92% of homeschoolers using Online Homeschooling to teach their children? Because online homeschooling works! It's EASIER, BETTER and SAFER than the alternatives. Read the Top 10 Reasons why in this article.

  16. Top 10 Reasons Online Homeschooling is BEST by Mimi Rothschild  
    Why are 92% of homeschoolers using Online Homeschooling to teach their children? Because online homeschooling works! It's EASIER, BETTER and SAFER than the alternatives. Read the Top 10 Reasons why in this article.

  17. REMINDER by Danny Yates  
    If there ever was a time to tune into what is most important in life that time is now, however we need to be REMINDED.

  18. Discipleship in the First Century Church by Bobby Bruno  
    What is a disciple of Jesus Christ? What was central to the teaching of Jesus where disciples are concerned?

  19. My Faith Story by Bobby Bruno  
    The short story of how my faith walk began.

  20. Study Insights: John the Baptist and Andrew the Disciple by Bobby Bruno  
    The evangelism of John the Baptist and Andrew the Disciple

  21. The Cost of Love by Rick King  
    Recently I read an article about a mudslide in Washington state. The writer did an excellent job of telling the story. People were engulfed in mud and debris inside their homes as the slide destroyed around 49 homes.

  22. Running Well Is More Than Good Luck by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    Some people have a tendency to blame bad luck when things turn out badly for them, and others hang the blame on fate, but are things really like that? Hindrances, and overcoming them, are much more under our control than people think.

  23. The After Holidays Blues by Pam Ford Davis  
    "It would be decidedly difficult to top the emotional highs of resurrection affirmation."

  24. Romans Chapter 2, Verse-by-Verse by Karl Kemp  
    The apostle Paul was addressing the Jews in Romans chapter 2. In Romans 1:18-31 he showed that Gentiles were sinners without excuse. In Romans 2:1-3:20 he showed that the Jews were sinners without excuse too. People don't see their desperate need for new-covenant salvation through and in Christ Jesus until they understand that they are sinners without excuse and that the day of judgment is coming.

  25. This Your Standard Be by Danny Yates  
    that has to do with the state of our nation
    at this time. I know that many prophetic
    ministers have given up on our nation due
    to current events and the fact they feel we have run the gamut of God's mercy trail. I'm not here to disagree on the inevitability of fulfillment of scripture or outcome of a people in rebellion. The timing of prophetic word given is as important as its content. There has been a warning for the church to wake up. Some are moaning & groaning between the porch and the alter. There are many waiting to have their last day ministries fulfilled that are presently still in the shadows. They are crying out for the nation and an opportunity to bring what God has placed inside them to the body of Christ. I would call many of them 'Elijah Ministries' because they have the Spirit of Elijah on them. This spirit desires to challenge the church to rise up, quit fearing, and recognize our God is still alive and not powerless to save.

  26. Evangelism by Bobby Bruno  
    What is evangelism all about? Evangelism is not about packaging a way to evangelize by selling a program or books by the millions.

  27. Effective Praying by Bobby Bruno  
    Hindrances to prayer.

  28. Theology of Salvation by Bobby Bruno  
    Salvation is one of the most important issues in the life of a believer. What does it mean to be saved in the complete sense?

  29. The Woman Rides The Beast by Danny Yates  
    I'd like to start today sharing a poem I wrote due to my interest in PROPHECY, especially 'End Time Events'. This is taken out Rev 17 of the Bible although there are other passages referring to her elsewhere. It has to do with a separation coming to the general church population found in the world today. The Woman is described as a Harlot riding the Beast.

  30. Closer Than You Know by Taylor Cummings  
    Sometimes we go through difficult times. In "Closer Than You Know", I share how looking back I finally got to see how God was with me through one of my most difficult seasons.

  31. Spiritual Warfare by Danny Yates  
    I'd like to share a little about myself before I read a poem. Recently while I was praying for a friend I received a word concerning spiritual warfare. A poem was included in it and I had not been writing poetry so it caught me by surprise.

  32. Beware of "time stealers" by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    Many have been robbed of significant opportunities to accomplish phenomenally great feats in their walk with God and in other areas of life in part because of what i term as "time stealers". "Time stealers" are people and circumstances that rob as of valuable time. This article shows practical ways by which "time stealers" can be disarmed and rendered powerless.

  33. Theology of God by Bobby Bruno  
    Four arguments for the existence of God who created all time and matter, and the proper way for Christians should think about God.

  34. The Importance of Holy Communion and Worship by Bobby Bruno  
    Observations and the importance of participating in the Holy Communion and worship.

  35. The Holy Spirit's Role in the Christian's Life by Bobby Bruno  
    The many roles the Holy Spirit plays in the growth life of a Christian's life and the debates against these roles.

  36. First you make your choices; then your choices make you by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    The choices we make in life make or unmake us. Some Bible characters are used to illustrate this truth.

  37. Don't Negotiate With the Opposition. by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    We are admonished not to negotiate with the opposition and to stand our ground because eventually the opposition will bow.

  38. When Where You Saved by Leonard Granger  
    We have many important dates in our lives and the day we accepted the Lord is most important. We accept the Lord for eternity.

  39. Trials and Tribulations by Leonard Granger  
    Trials and Tribulations always seem to be part of our life. The Lord says he will carry our burdens, so pray for his guidance and protection.

  40. His Grace is Sufficent by Deborah Ann Belka  
    We have all that we need . . . plus more than we know!

  41. No Longer Guilty ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    By grace though faith in Christ, Jesus I am saved!

  42. Exposed! by Deborah Ann Belka  
    God's light exposes the darkness in all of us!

  43. It's A Daily Thing by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Taking up your cross is a minute-by-minute thing!

  44. Love Like This ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    There is nothing better out there!

  45. To Be Like Jesus by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Is my sole and soul's aspiration!

  46. To Be Like Jesus by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Is my sole and soul's aspiration!

  47. Life-Saving Transfusion by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Is the precious blood of Jesus!

    "Look beyond your needs and your problems and believe that Jesus is there already, on the other side of that wall, preparing your way forward. He is faithful and his love endures for you, forever."

  49. The Holy Spirit in the Christian Experience by Bobby Bruno  
    The role and guidance in the life of a Christian.

  50. The Ekklesia of God by Bobby Bruno  
    What is the Ekklesia of God? Or, better yet, who are the Ekklesia of God and what is their mission on earth?

  51. The Structure of the Church by Bobby Bruno  
    The structure of the church according to Gerald W. Stafford. What is his view on the structure of the church at large? What are the challenges the church faces today?

  52. Faith that Costs Nothing - The Sin of David by Jerry Ousley  
    Yes, even the great David sinned against God - A man after His own heart. Are we any better?

  53. What we ought to know about Good Friday! by Fergus Davar  
    The significance surrounding Good Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  54. What we ought to know about Good Friday! by Fergus Davar  
    The significance surrounding Good Friday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  55. Knowing the Way by Dennis Miranda  
    Without a spiritual GPS to guide us we can find ourselves on the wrong side of road and headed towards imminent danger. Thankfully we do have something to guide us on this journey called life - the truth of God's word.

  56. I Will Stand! by Dennis Miranda  
    This poem was written four years into my sobriety and was born out of a grateful heart to my Savior who broke the chains of my addiction once and for all! Whatever stage you are at in your sobriety today I hope this poem will provide you with the much needed encouragement, hope, and strength to 'Run to Win' your race as well.

  57. Thy Will be done by Adeola Akintoye  
    How many of us ask for the Will of God in our prayer request? We ask God for what we want, when we want and how we want, using the relevant bible passages to back us up. But we conveniently do not ask him for His Will.

  58. Easter Celebration-God Is Not Done With You Yet! by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Who said your case is over and finished? It cannot be over until God is done with you or YOU say it is over. The problem is that many people give up when God is still at work with them. Beauty and glory will not be seen on you if you quit before God is finished with you. This article emphasizes the essence of Easter-the finished work of Christ

  59. Intoxicating by Abby Kelly  
    My soul awakes, revives to sing,
    My fists loosen and relax.
    For here within His goodness
    Drunken by His beauty,
    Mesmerized by love...

  60. Be All To Me by Abby Kelly  
    Even in my frailty and oft distracted gaze,
    I know, I know that you alone
    Are sufficient for my days,
    And more, more, more!

  61. Life is in the Blood by Rusty Kuhn  
    A look at God's Word as to why the shedding of Jesus blood was necessary for the redemption of sin.

  62. The Person and Work of Christ by Bobby Bruno  
    What do we as Christians confess about Jesus Christ and His work among us? Herein is a discussion about the confessions and themes brought forth by the author Gerald W. Stafford.

  63. The Second Coming of Christ by Bobby Bruno  
    A discussion of one author's interpretation on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. What you believe makes a big difference in how you live.

  64. The Importance of the Bible by Bobby Bruno  
    Why is it important to study the Bible? Where else can we learn about the God we serve and have given our lives to?

  65. Create or Made by Leonard Granger  
    God Is The Only Creator. Man Can Only Make Things From Gods Creations.

  66. The Great Communicator by Leonard Granger  
    God Sent His Son To The Earth To Save Sinners. Jesus sends a strong message.

  67. Lighten Up! by Alan Allegra  
    It's easier to walk a lighted path than a dark alley. Knowing your destination, being certain you will reach it -- and are on the right path -- makes the journey more manageable.

  68. Introduction to My E-Book, "Introduction to The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 4 by Karl Kemp  
    We will discuss some of the most important verses that we need to understand: Matthew 24:15, 21, 22, and 29-31 (where we read of the abomination of desolation, followed by the short great tribulation, which will be followed by the darkened sun and moon and the mid-week return of the Lord Jesus and the rapture); 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 (where the apostle Paul made the important point that Antichrist will go into the temple and demand worship, before the Lord Jesus returns); and Revelation 9:13-21 (which is the most important cross-reference to understand the short great tribulation).

  69. Our Life by elsie flynn  
    Dear You,

    You know, I look back on our life kind-of-like riding the back-roads, cruising around like all the locals did. Before we were us, we rode with our moms and dads in their cars. Then, we got out of their cars, became us, and got our own car. How blissful; it was just you and me. Just us.

  70. The Wages of Sin is Death by Rusty Kuhn  
    Showing the need of the death of Christ and the need of all humanity to be redeemed by accepting Jesus atoning sacrifice.

  71. A Few Comments from a Christian Perspective on Race and Racism by Max Aplin  
    This article includes comments on various aspects of race and racism from a Christian perspective, including a brief discussion of mixed-race marriages. As Christians we side with mainstream Western society as far as attitudes to racism are concerned, and we should let people know that.

  72. The Church and Kingdom Relationship by Bobby Bruno  
    It is amazing that God would use imperfect people to reach imperfect people who live in an imperfect world.

  73. Holy Communion & Worship by Bobby Bruno  
    Holy Communion as an act of serious worship.

  74. The Shedding of Blood Devotional by Bobby Bruno  
    Sin and the shedding of Jesus' blood.

  75. Buzz, Buzz! by Pam Ford Davis  
    "God, in His infinite mercy, has removed the sting of death!"

  76. The Perfect Sacrifice by Susan Ferguson  
    Let us never forget the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Let the gift of eternal life be our most treasured gift.

  77. In the Know by louis gander  
    I'd like to live more positive with poems optimistic,
    but I'm the fool they've treated cruel and they all make me sick.
    Their lobbyists just can't resist to bribe them flush with dough.
    The rest of us don't make a fuss. We work, yet owe and owe.

  78. Mystery and Romance by Frana Hamilton  
    There is something enticing about mysteries, and our God is certainly a God of mystery. He pulls the curtain on so many things, and that makes us all the more eager to know more about what's coming.

  79. The Holy Spirit and the Church by Bobby Bruno  
    Salvation comes only through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Have you heeded His call?

  80. What is the Gospel? by Rusty Kuhn  
    A short explanation of the gospel being the person and work of Jesus and how the gospel only becomes the gospel when we apply it to our lives through faith.

  81. God's Plan by Bobby Bruno  
    Hearing the call of the Holy Spirit.

  82. The Divinity of Christ by Bobby Bruno  
    A Short discussion on the divinity of Jesus Christ.

  83. Short Term Memory by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Angelic messengers tested the memory of Jesus' disciples."

  84. A Celebration of Song by Abby Kelly  
    Since this coming Sunday is Easter, I thought we'd start off with a famous Easter song. Christ the Lord is Risen Today, was written by Charles Wesley in 1739over 250 years ago!

  85. Introduction to My E-Book, "Introduction to The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 3 by Karl Kemp  
    We will discuss Revelation 3:10, which probably is the most important verse that shows that true Christians will be raptured before Antichrist begins his super-evil reign in the middle of Daniel's 70th week. We will also discuss Daniel 12:11, which shows that the abomination of desolation will take place about a month before the mid-week return of Christ and the rapture.

  86. Longings Unfilled, A Perspective on What it is Like in the Waiting Period by stephanie reck  
    In this article, the author will share her experiences and her heart on longings being unfilled. The author will share her perspective on waiting for desires of the heart to be fulfilled. My prayer for this article is that others do not feel alone, and other's will post and share their story, their lessons, an

  87. Introduction to My E-Book, "Introduction to The Mid-Week Rapture," Part 2 by Karl Kemp  
    I Thessalonians 5:1-6 and Luke 21:34-36 are the two primary passages we will discuss here in Part 2. Both of these passages (and other passages) show that the Lord Jesus is not coming for us like thief in the night, suddenly like a trap, in an unexpected, sudden manner. We will also discuss Revelation 3:1-6. This passage speaks of Christ coming in judgment as a thief (in the night) for "Christians" who are living in sin and unrepentant.

  88. Humanity and the Second Adam by Bobby Bruno  
    A short discussion on sinful humanity and Jesus being the Second Adam.

  89. Theology by Bobby Bruno  
    A short discussion about the importance of learning and understanding Christian Theology.

  90. Proclaiming the Gospel is an Act of Love by Rusty Kuhn  
    Sharing the gospel is a continuation of the work of Christ on the cross. It is continuing the work of God so loved the world.

  91. The Upper Room by Bobby Bruno  
    What was Jesus' demeanor in the upper room? Of those who judged Jesus, which judge lacked the greatest sense of conviction about what was just?

  92. Modern Dog by Hope Horner  
    Am I "cool"? Can I be a "cool" Christian? I mean, after all, even dogs can be "modern" today for goodness sake. With humor and insight, this article explores whether or not followers of Christ can or should be as modern as their dogs.

  93. Modern Dog by Hope Horner  
    Am I "cool"? Can I be a "cool" Christian? I mean, after all, even dogs can be "modern" today for goodness sake. With humor and insight, this article explores whether or not followers of Christ can or should be as modern as their dogs.

  94. You Can't Soar with the Eagle's, if You Hoot with the Owls by Rick King  
    Years ago a friend of mine told me this statement. It is very true in the natural and it is very true in the spiritual. We all know that if we stay up all night and do whatever that we usually are not very fit the morning. Our day consists of being tired and let's face it we are not very productive.

  95. Whose Idea Was This? by Rick King  
    Have you ever sensed the Lord speaking to you about something that He either was going to do for you or through you and it just never seems to materialize? Maybe this will shed some light on your struggle.

  96. Newfound Implications on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ by Bobby Bruno  
    Implications about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ that helped me understand more of the pain Jesus went through when He accepted the cross as a way to die for me.

  97. Comparative Study of the Gospels of Matthew and John by Bobby Bruno  
    A comparative study of the purposes for which Matthew and John wrote their accounts of the life of Jesus Christ.

  98. The Centrality of the Resurrection by Bobby Bruno  
    How central to the Christian faith is Jesus' resurrection?

  99. Stand Strong by Stephen Vattimo  
    A poem that encourages people to walk by faith when the life looks dark and bleak.

  100. Me, My Husband and My In-laws by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    The relationship with one's in-laws is not one to be taken lightly as it can make or break the marriage union. When Rebecca complained about the daughters of Heth whom Esau had married, Esau took yet another wife. I believe this was done to please his parents.

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