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  1. Outside the City by Pam Ford Davis  
    I look forward through time and faith.

  2. Mind Awhirl by Pam Ford Davis  
    Do you have insomnia?

  3. Running For Our Life by Kathy Ledbetter  
    Have you ever sat beneath a broom tree of fear? God has been there in our life many times. Then comes fear. We forget our past history and we run from the battle.

    "And if you are in Christ then never fear failure! He is your source and your resource; your confidence and your courage. So be encouraged today to never quit. Get up, try again and demolish that wall of failure with the hammer of perseverance. "

  5. Morning Glories by Pam Ford Davis  
    ... "I didn't see the world in all its glory until close to noon."

  6. The Hope of Strength in Our Despair by James Webb  
    Even though the sinful, broken world that we live can bring us despair at times, there is One who is more than sufficient to comfort us and give us the strength that we need to sustain through this world of ours.

  7. Whoa by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Taking the reins, they pulled back forecefully with the command, 'Whoa!"

  8. Innate Drive by Pam Ford Davis  
    "We have an innate drive for self-preservation."

  9. Can I? by Pam Ford Davis  
    God speaks up to the hard of hearing.

  10. Morning Altar of Prayer by Kathy Ledbetter  
    God wants to see our face turned to Him and hear our voices. Early morning sets the tone for the day ahead.

  11. Fast Paced Generation by Pam Ford Davis  
    ... 'I try. as the idiom implies, to stay on top of my game?'

  12. Right Where You Should Be by Debra Byrd  
    When life gets the best of us, it is easy to forget God is in control of our lives. This devotional was written as a reminder that feeling hopeless when life knocks us down is okay. It is right where we should need of the God who promised to always be with us.

  13. A Person of Faith by KC Lemmer  
    When you feel like you have an anorexic faith, still choose to fix your eyes on Jesus and run your race.

  14. Clear Streams or Muddy Water by Kathy Ledbetter  
    Choose this day whom you will serve. Shall we opt to be clear bubbling streams or run the way of the world and become the muddy water of a mixed message regarding our Savior?

  15. Hiding In the Baggage by Kathy Ledbetter  
    It has taken some of us years to pack. We may have started as a young child or perhaps as we began to walk as adults. We take each hurt and pain as it comes. Outwardly, it seems to be resolved but deep inside a bag or bags sit, stuffed with what we can't let the world see.

  16. The Well of Grace by Kathy Ledbetter  
    How do we approach the people we encounter each day? Do we pause to notice them like Jesus and the woman at the well?

  17. GODLY CONFIDENCE by linzy bruno  
    ".... I know I can't do anything without You, but in You and through You; the possibilities are as big as the sky and the heavens and the earth all put together...."

  18. 'Missionally-mistaken' for Jesus by James Webb  
    In this life, as we continue to walk and live as the Body of Christ, we are called to exemplify the life of Christ in the lives of others. Through our lives, may others truly come in contact with Jesus for themselves.

  19. GOD-TRACKING THROUGH THE YEAR by Dudley Anderson  
    "I once discovered the wonderful truth that God has a plan for each of our lives. As the scripture says, 'I know the plans I have for you.' "

  20. Time To Fly by Kathy Ledbetter  
    We are much like birds. We are pushed out of our safe place. Those times when we falter our Heavenly Father swoops in to steady us.

  21. Know Your Own Body by Pam Ford Davis  
    "To know our own hearts is in the realm of soul searching."

  22. Solitude and Gratitude by Pam Ford Davis  
    "Jesus prescribed prayer."

  23. Look Up by James Webb  
    When there is the temptation to look back, or look around in worry, may we seek to look up to the One who is Our Strength and true Hope.

  24. Listening Is Not Enough by Zach Wood  
    God calls us to do more than just listen to His Word. He wants us to do what it says.

  25. Peace Sign by Pam Ford Davis  
    "We courteously, politely and warmly greet friends with a 'hello.'

  26. "...and he went out, not knowing..." by Jimmy Ned Collins  
    Just as Abram and Moses had their schooling in the natural creation in which they had dwelt, we too have had ours. Our knowing, and means of knowing, The One Who is present is just that, "our knowing". Even though "our knowing" can function and excel concerning the things of the natural creation, "our knowing" is absolute ignorance concerning Christ.

  27. Dramatic Entrance by Pam Ford Davis  
    Jesus was born in the fulness of time.

  28. How Can These Things Be? by James Webb  
    How can we believe in an ax head that floats? The sun standing still? A virgin birth? With the greatness of the One who created it all, how can we not?

  29. Discontent by Pam Ford Davis  
    "After the serpent's temptation, a feeling of discontent came over Eve; she lusted for more."

  30. with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God by ABRAHAM PULICKAL  
    Thus now if we know who we are, what we are called for and Who has called us, we can say no to anxiousness and yes to eternal joy through prayer to our blessed Lord.


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