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    What we have with God is a Father-son relationship. We should have that understanding and quit from the mentality of servanthood and strangers to the common wealth of His Kingdom.

    We approach God knowing that He loves and always is ready to draw nearer and help us. We should not have struggles pleasing Him.

    You cannot have fellowship with Jesus and enjoy your smooth walk with Him while still entertaining sin whether little or big in your secret and public life.

    Sin robs us of the Joy and peace that come from walking with Jesus.

    From the very day I realised that Jesus is simply good in all ramifications, my perspective changed, I started being grateful for receiving Him. As a young man, I stopped being timid and ashamed for being the only one that has received Him among my peers. I started enjoying Him.

    I can go on and on listing out the great benefits I enjoy for receiving Jesus, especially this early in my youthful and single life.

  4. Love My Enemy? by Faith Noles  
    Are Christians supposed to love murderers, rapists or pedophiles? What would Jesus do?

  5. A SELFLESS INTRODUCTION by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Humility is important for believers. In Paul's longest self introduction, found in the first verses of Romans, we see humility put into action.

    Many believers now treat the return of the Lord as a light thing.
    We have lost its sense of urgency and emergency, and therefore have so relaxed and become cold towards preparing and warning men about the imminent coming of our Lord.
    So sad many will be left behind.
    It is now your choice to be among those that will make it.

    "Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. " (Matthew 24:40)

    Our burdens become light,
    when we give them to Christ
    But so heavy and strenuous
    And we hold them back on us

    #I cast my burdens on Jesus.

  8. The United States of Sodom and Gomorrah by Steve Countryman  
    Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by God not for the open sinfulness in the streets of homosexual acts and other perversions. But because all of the towns people accepted that lifestyle as normal.

  9. SPEAK UP! by Jeffrey Hagan  
    We are to speak up for Christ and He Himself gives us an example of how to do so.

  10. The Miracle of Jericho by Don Pedal  
    Does the media today make you feel uneasy? So much seems a hopeless mess. Do you wonder if there is an answer? It is not hopeless. There is an answer. The story of the city of Jericho shows the way.

  11. Tunnel Vision by Steve Countryman  
    When tunnel vision takes over we become so focused on our problems that it consumes all our time and thought processes. We continually think about our problems.

  12. Be Still to Hear God's Voice by stephanie reck  
    You will have difficulty hearing God's voice if you are busy with one activity after another, or you are addicted to your electronic devices. It is important to get quiet before the Lord, and tune-out all distractions. This means turning off your cell phone or putting it away, turning off the TV an iPad and other electronics.

  13. Follow Me by Jerry Ousley  
    What would you do if someone asked you to put your life on hold and said "Follow me"?

  14. Love by Cyril Almond  
    To say one thing and do another

  15. Quid Pro Quo God by Steve Countryman  
    You have heard it over and over again in movies, in TV shows and probably have said it yourself at one time; "God, if you get me out of this problem I promise that I'll never do that ever again."

  16. We Have A Choice by louis gander  
    My friends and I just hung around
    in places one might find profound -
    on maples, oaks and other trees -
    because, you see, we were mere leaves.

  17. DECLARING DOCTRINE by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Accurate doctrine is essential for the life and welfare of the church today. Sadly, it has been put on the back burner by many Christians. This brief article looks at some of the biblical requirements for elders and how it relates to doctrine.

  18. The Park at Dusk by Jim Schicatano  
    There are circumstances where being a man means that others assume the worst about you justifiably, for their own safety.

  19. Are You Experienced? by Pamela Couvrette  
    When you evangelize, do you share only your experiences or do you share the gospel?

  20. A moment of brutal honesty - not of this world by Jennifer Cardinal  
    How do you chose to live?

  21. A Cry for the Blessing of the Lord Certainly Gets the Lord's Attention by Ngozi Nwoke  
    What situation are you in that is so devastating and also beyond what you can handle? In situations like that what you need is intervention from the most High God, a touch from The Lord. What you actually need is the blessing of God. This post emphasizes the importance of seeking for God's blessings and how to secure the blessings.

  22. Some Things We Should Acknowledge About God by Jim Schicatano  
    Sometimes it is important to consider what may or may not be true about our understanding of God.

  23. Money, Hypocrisy & God: A Balance In Modern Times by Rev. Dr. R. B. Silverson  
    A close look at the subject of money and the believer's approach to it. The article points out what is of essence and calls for much needed balance.

  24. Acquire intelligence by Michael Hume  
    Improving the mind is needed for faith.

  25. THE PEACE JESUS GIVES YOU by Sue Darling  
    The peace Jesus gives you if you follow him is his peace.

  26. Praise Him In Advance! by Lisa Thomas  
    If you're waiting on the Lord, don't be quiet about it, wait with expectancy and Praise him in Advance!

  27. Personal Revelation by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 5 of Who is God looks at "Personal Revelation" - something we all need to have a relationship with God.

  28. Your Light Will Shine IF You Let It by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    Jesus never gave anyone a directive that was impossible to follow, and he is not about to start now. Believers can shine the light, as directed, but they have to be savvy and persistent.

  29. Renewing the mind by Rosita Dozier  
    So many Christians are searching for meaning, for purpose in life, diligently seeking the will of God. However, most are looking in all the wrong places. Places like work, personal relationships and even in church. Why do we look to the world and its systems to validate us? As Christians, validation comes only from God, our Father in heaven.

  30. Full Armor by Rosita Dozier  
    The full armor has two parts, defensive and offensive. We live our Christian lives always on the defense. When attacks come, we reach for our defensive armor. We get the shield of faith to block the fiery darts of the enemy. We hurry to put on the girdle of truth in hopes we are strong enough to endure the attack. Depending on the nature of the attack, we reach for the piece of armor we think will protect us in that moment.


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