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  1. The Sapphire of His Glory by Jerry Ousley  
    God's great and wonderful glory is one of the precious gems - like a brilliant sapphire!

  2. The other story in the Prodigal Son by Jennifer Cardinal  
    The other story in the prodigal son ... which son are you?

  3. Christians That Get Entangled by stephanie reck  
    We are called to be Holy and to live righteously before God. We are also called to be a light in this dark world, but what happens when you become entangled in helping others?

  4. Advocate vs. Adversary by Dennis Miranda  
    Ever have trouble hearing God's voice because there are way too many little ones vying for your attention?

  5. As strange as it may seem by Jack Vorster  
    Planet Earth is in turmoil. It is like a wild horse trying to dislodge the human element on its back.

  6. Judge Not by Steve Countryman  
    What we all do at some point in time is to judge those who we plan on blessing. We evaluate their needs and decide if they are worthy of our help or advice. Does their need require my involvement? How much should I get involved? Will they appreciate my help? Can't they see how badly they are messing up? Can I afford the time necessary to help them? Will this cost me anything to help them? If I help them, what's in it for me?

  7. Dealing With a Double Mind by Dwight Turner  
    Articles deals with the importance of focus and single-minded commitment in the Christian walk of faith. The concept of double-mindedness, as mentioned in James, is explored.

  8. Loneliness / depression by Henry Miranda  
    Don't let the devil discourage you, remember that you are made in the image of God you have the potential to do whatever you choose to do as long as it follows the plan that God has for your life. We need to pray and meditate on God's word and wait on the directions that the Lord has for us.

  9. Truly The Undeserved Goodness Of God Leads To Repentance by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Why will God allow evil men to be operating in this world? There is so much wickedness in the world now that many people are wondering if God exists and is what the bible says He is. The truth is that God exists and is what the scriptures say He is; however, His goodness is what is speaking for those evil men for the time being. This article emphasis that God is more interested in the salvation of a wicked man than his condemnation.

  10. The Unbelief of Assumption by Steve Countryman  
    It is easy to assume that what you look at every day will also limit what God can do every day. Your limited vision of the natural affects your assumption of unbelief. So you treat God as if He is part of this world. That assumption of unbelief will limit what God can do in your life. For a God only of the natural cannot do the supernatural. Unbelief is not the absence or lack of faith but the doubt that has been cast upon that faith.

  11. Keep One Day Holy by Sue Darling  
    We need to give God one day when we are free to meditate on his love, mercy and goodness. It is good for our souls.

  12. The Most Valuable Pearl by Jerry Ousley  
    In a series of five precious gems we come to the Pearl of Great Price - the most valuable pearl!

  13. Jesus is the way by Sue Darling  
    Jesus is the light. Without his light we can't see the way.

  14. And now, a word from Adam by Jack Vorster  
    Adam, the very first man on this speck of dust hurtling around the sun, has something to say. Let's lend him an ear.

  15. The Last Hour (It's all a matter of the heart) by Rochelle Arnold  
    It's our job to love and God's job to judge. In these last days, the Lord wants us to pray for the lost and bring hope to a world in confusion.

  16. Salvation: the capacity to do the will of God! by Fergus Davar  
    The Lord Jesus Christ said: none would enter heaven but those who did the will of 'God the Father', let's take a look into this and understand what God demands of the Christian.

  17. Do Not Be Conformed But Rather Be Transformed by Wendy B McLain  
    What are we sharing with the world? When we say we are followers of Christ do our actions show it? Accepted as a writer for as both Orlando Senior Health Examiner and Orlando Christian Living Examiner I found myself being convicted about the worldly media posted on the pages of my published work. Although I felt sure Examiner would scrub my article they indeed posted it. Read what God was speaking to my heart about being transformed by Him rather than being conformed by this world's evil system.

  18. Trust or Faith by Leonard Granger  
    You may trust but do you have Faith? Faith is New testament term.

  19. The Garden Soils by Leonard Granger  
    Garden, Sower In Bible, Mans Failure

  20. MAKING YOUR PROBLEMS WORSE by Jeffrey Hagan  
    We all have problems. We were never promised we would be free from problems on this earth. And unfortunately we often times make our own problems worse, even the disciples did so. This article addresses ways in which that happens so we can learn from them.

  21. Sorrow by Sue Darling  
    If there was no sin there would be no sorrow in the world

  22. Refusing Grace by Jeffrey Snell  
    God desires our freedom from sin so we can truly be his. Confession is the beginning of freedom, but it's more than just acknowledging a list of things we've done wrong.

  23. Come Home by Jeffrey Snell  
    It isn't vain or selfish to believe God, your Father, longs to completely restore your relationship with him. He IS the dad in Jesus' story of the prodigal son.

  24. Forsake Your Calling by Abby Kelly  
    The terrible thing is, no matter worry's origin, it finds its counterpart in you. It thrives on your waking hours, stalks your dreams and plays with your mind. It feels like pesky flies circling your good intentions, your attempts to concentrate, pray or ignore it.
    Take it from a well, worn warrior. Stop looking for the straight and narrow. Stop searching for the plotted path, the intended direction. Stop seeking your calling or "what you're supposed to do". Abandon perfect. Abandon the map.

  25. It's All Or Nothing by Jeffrey Snell  
    There is no gospel without the whole gospel. Leaving any component of the good news out renders it powerless.

  26. Pepper's Lament by Pamela Couvrette  
    What Christian at one point or another has not doubted their gifting? Discover how Pepper was enraged with defeat, and was shown victory.

  27. The Ruby of Christ's Blood by Jerry Ousley  
    The Bible speaks of five precious gems. The first of which is the Ruby of Christ's shed blood. Here's why ...

  28. Touring the Gates of Hell by Gary Davidman  
    The lives of the citizens of Gotha, Germany were forever changed when, at the end of World War II, they were forced to see with their own eyes the devastation of the concentration camps. How would we be impacted if we were allowed (or even "forced") to see with our own physical eyes the spiritual devastation of our unbelieving friends, neighbors, and co-workers?

  29. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 32 Unpublished work, 2014 by JP Timpano by JOSEPH-PAUL TIMPANO  
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  30. Well Aged by Seasons by Abby Kelly  
    Our bodies slow down as God allows age to limit our lifestyle, to force us to take closer, longer looks at what really matters. It is in the slowness, even the stillness, that we know He is God. And in that knowing, we are so much closer to all we've ever hoped for--to be fully real, fully known and fully loved.


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