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  1. I Am Saturated! by Steve Countryman  
    Some of the meanings of saturate: 1. to cause (a substance) to unite with the greatest possible amount of another substance. 2. to charge to the utmost, as with magnetism. 3. to soak, impregnate, or imbue thoroughly or completely. Biblically would mean to the full, fullness, complete, completeness, completely or full measure.

  2. Don't Neglect Your Gift (1 Timothy 4:12 4:16) by Anthony Weber  
    We talk a lot about using our gifts, but how do we find them? More importantly, how do we use them for the glory of God?

  3. Men and Women in the New Testament: Missing the Forest for all the Trees by Anthony Weber  
    What does Paul have to say to men and women about married life together? Is the Christian view of marriage oppressive, stifling and sexist? Paul actually offers a message of hope and freedom to the early church, but it's easy to miss if we don't know the context.

    In the end days Jesus warns that there will be many false prophets who will deceive people.

  5. Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies by Pamela Couvrette  
    Claiming that we must unite in love despite truth and sound doctrine is not biblical. We must unite in both truth and love.

  6. Suffering for the Sake of Christ by Jerry Ousley  
    Will we really have to suffer for Christ?

  7. Why You Need The Holy Spirit In Your Life Today by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Have you ever felt lonely and desired a friend who will accept you as you are? Or have you ever felt like being alone but still desired to talk to a higher personality? I know who fits well to who you desire to fellowship with; He is the Holy Spirit. This article tells you why the Spirit of God is your best helper.

  8. How The Holy Spirit Empowers You For Good Works by Ngozi Nwoke  
    It is good to do good works and glorify the name of God. But how do you ensure that your works are good and acceptable before God? Acceptable works not only imparts lives at the present but also continues to speak long after you've gone. This article gives the place of the Holy Spirit in doing great works.

  9. Unplugging From Social Media and Electronics to Connect with God by stephanie reck  
    Let's face it, we are consumed with business and in particularly our electronics. Our social media has ravaged our time, and we can get sucked into all the drama that are on these sites. For many, the first thing that they do in the morning is check their emails and Facebook. Not only has social media replaced time with God, but also time spent with family.

  10. The Angry Fool by Jennifer Rubino  
    Anger and what it does to relationships.

  11. 10 Steps to Enjoying Your Life Journey by Rhonda Jones  
    Many Christians are existing and not living. They are bogged down with worry or overtaken with stress. Learn 10 life changes that can help you enjoy this journey called life and find more joy and peace within.

  12. 5 Steps to Help You Yield to the Holy Spirit by Rhonda Jones  
    Do you want to be used by God but not sure how to position yourself? God not only wants to live in us, He wants to use us for his glory, but in order for that to happen, we must surrender to his will. Learn some steps to open your mind and heart in preparation for being used by the Holy Spirit.

  13. How Attachment Causing Suffering by Rhonda Jones  
    An attachment can be anything outside of us and God that we believe will bring us joy or happiness. We as Christians have long lists of them. In this article, learn how your attachments can cause suffering and steal your joy in the Lord.

  14. The Gift of Uncertainty by Rhonda Jones  
    Many Christians have a hard time living with uncertainty. They fear the unknown. However, uncertainty can actually be a valuable gift. Learn how uncertainty can strengthen your walk and relationship with Christ.

  15. A Time for Everything by Jennifer Rubino  
    There are many seasons in our life. A look into Ecclesiastes Ch. 3 and how to apply.

  16. Personal Discipline by Jerry Ousley  
    To be successful as a Christian we must use personal discipline.

  17. I'd Be A Fool! by Steve Countryman  
    God knows that not only are you blessed by all that He gives you but that it also blesses you to give it away!

  18. THE WILL OF GOD ABOUT SEANCE by Sue Darling  
    Keep away from sťance, it is not God's will

    When you believe in God you know you are special and that you and your love ones have a place waiting for you in heaven.

  20. Christianity Is All about Being Saved from Hell by the Cross of Christ by Max Aplin  
    There are huge numbers of people who seem to think that Christianity is a religion that is essentially about treating people well, motivated in part by the fact that Jesus treated people well. Doing good to people is important, but this is only a small part of what the Christian faith is all about. In reality, the heart of Christianity is about being saved from hell by the cross of Jesus.

  21. It's All Demonic Fun and Games Until Someone Puts God In a Box by Pamela Couvrette  
    Christians need to stop saying, "Don't put God in a box!" when people are exposing false teachings as we are commanded to do. We scripture is sufficient for all of life and godliness.

  22. When God Comes To Visit by Tesh Njokanma  
    Who are we, with all our sins, frailties and weaknesses that the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, would choose to visit us; would consider us worthy and important enough to show up at our door.

  23. On Being a Rebel by Jennifer Rubino  
    A short take on how "narrow-minded" Christians are to the world.

  24. 7 things to do When You are Disappointed by stephanie reck  
    A relationship does not work out, a job does not go through, or your prodigal child that you have been praying for does not seem to leave their rebellious life. We all have experienced times of disappointment, and it is a normal part of life.

  25. Taste of the Lord by Rick King  
    I am all for knowing the Word of God, yet, there is so much more. We can't stop at just knowing His Word. The devil knows God's Word also. What is wisdom? Wisdom is knowing what to do with

  26. Fit for the Master's Use 2 by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    This article continues to explore the life of the colt as a prototype to our being fit for use.

  27. God of Awesome by Steve Countryman  
    It is amazing how awesome God can be if you trust Him to be!

  28. Progress and Joy in Faith by Jerry Ousley  
    To be a successful Christian we must progress and have joy in our faith regardless the circumstances

  29. Found in Him by Laetitia King  
    Do you sometimes feel burdened, discouraged and enslaved? Do you sometimes struggle to connect with God? This article explores the feelings we sometimes go through when we are not found in Him, and serves as a reminder of the inheritance and love we have in Christ

  30. Hidden Treasure by Dawn Eddy  
    The armor of light is not "what" we put on but rather "Who" we put on. We are reflections of His light and He is our treasure inside.


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