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  1. We Are.... by Steve Countryman  
    We are is not I am! There is strength in numbers. It is not ALL about you, your problems and daily struggles but how you impact those around you everywhere you go. It is about how the atmosphere changes and is charged with the presences of God when you enter a room because you are a child of the Most High God. We are stronger and more powerful together than on our own.

  2. Be Careful What You Say To One Another by Sue Darling  
    God's commandment is to love one another as I love you. Do we really do that within the Churches? Do we only love those of our church Denomination? If so we are not obeying the second commandment of God. Do we think we are ready when Jesus comes for us if we are refusing to obey His Commandment of Love?

  3. Did You Know That The Battle IS Already Won? by Deborah Lassiter  
    If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, and you let not the word of God depart from your mouth than rest assured that God will always go before you in the battles of your life. Therefore be strong and courageous for the Lord is for you!

  4. Are You Happy? by Deborah Lassiter  
    Sometimes people don't know when happiness is staring them right in the face. Don't let what God has for you pass you by...

  5. How Many Times Do You Bless Somebody? by Sue Darling  
    Blessing one another in Jesus's name is very healing and liberates us from all curses.

  6. 7 Ways Not to Retract Your Forgiveness by Tai Ikomi  
    Temptations to rescind on our forgiveness may come. Temptations are here to stay until we see the Lord face to face. But we have an arsenal filled with weapons from God to help us to combat them.

  7. "How Long?" When Answers to Prayer Don't Seem to Arrive by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Like David, sometimes I have felt abandoned when answers don't come. Via David's Psalms, this article looks at the Scriptural reasons as to why answers are delayed. Life has enough troubles. Bless God that He has set limits on the background issues that we have to deal with.

  8. The Tapestry of Life by Sylvia Hensel  
    A tale of God's creative power in action from the beginning of time to the end of time.

  9. Proven love by Sylvia Hensel  
    God has proven His love by His actions

  10. The Cleaving Child by Steve Countryman  
    Psalm 55:22 "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken". 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

  11. Just Like the Good Ole' Days - Or is It? by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 1 of a 2 part series entitled: How to Be Spiritual

  12. Sometimes there are Things We Should Pray About, but we don't think to Do it. by Sue Darling  
    Sometimes we just pray for the big things that worry us, yet there are others things worrying us at the back of our mind and we don't always realise we should pray to God about everything that concerns us, not just only the big ones.

  13. Are You Running Your Race Marked Out For You? by Deborah Lassiter  
    As a believer are you running the race that you should be running to reach your purpose and your destiny?

  14. Why I Feel the Need to Figure Things Out by stephanie reck  
    I am notorious for trying to figure out an outcome of a situation before it happens. I will come up with all the possible scenarios, and then analyze each one. I had absolutely no idea why I did this. I have come to realize that I am trying to control what may happen in my life. As if, right?

  15. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 45 2/3/16 by JOSEPH-PAUL (JP) TIMPANO  
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  16. The Mystery God Revealed To Paul Will Change Your Life by Joseph LaValley  
    If there was a self-help book that hit the best seller list with a plan of action that was changing lives in all of the above and more - wouldn't you want to know the secrets revealed therein?

  17. Don't Fly Alone, Carry Them Along by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you running the race alone? What about your people? Many times, we are so engulfed in growing in the Lord and many other things that we forget that there are people under our roof that should grow in the Lord too. This article tells you to carry them along.

  18. New Year-Your Green Pasture Is In You by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Are you a looking for a greener pasture this year? Or are you wondering where to go for a better life? It is the heart desire of many people to have a better year this year than it was last year, and they are at a crossroad, wondering where to turn into. This article gives you a lead on which way to turn into.

  19. What Are Your Choices In Life? by Deborah Lassiter  
    When adversity comes your way are you making decisions out of the wants of your flesh or from the Spirit discernment of God? What are your choices?

  20. No Shortcuts: The Building of Christian Character by Anthony Weber  
    There is no escaping the Godly practice of doing the next thing: Being faithful in the walk of life, in little things when there is no apparent inspiration, no applause, no crowd, no obvious, immediate payoff to myself. This is the means through which God so often does His restorative work of grace in us and around us.

  21. Your God Given Purpose and Gifting Part Two by Joseph LaValley  
    There are many "gift ministries" in the body of Christ - including yours! Let's see what the scriptures have to say about this, so you can be about your Fathers business.

  22. Prayer and Fasting by Jerry Ousley  
    Part 3 of the series "Help My Doubt"

  23. Captivated by Christ Alone by Toni Babcock  
    Being captivated by Christ alone is to recognize we can trust Him implicitly, so we no longer feel the need to reach for something or someone other than Jesus.

  24. Hitherto Hath The Lord Helped Us by Dr. Henderson Ward  
    We fear looking back because we are so aware of what happened to Lot's wife, when she blundered by looking back. Looking back is not all bad, as we are about to find out.

  25. Are You A Slumdog Christian? by Deborah Lassiter  
    Have you ever been put into a box , judged by your experience or lack of? As a Christian I believe all promotion, understanding ,and knowledge come from God. What do you believe? and furthermore what is a Slumdog Christian?

  26. Call by name by Emmanuella Ellis  
    Who do you belong to and by what name are you called?

  27. Period by Emmanuella Ellis  
    What if life's challenges, difficulties and trials is like a woman's life with periodic menstrual flow.

  28. Faith? by Emmanuella Ellis  
    Is faith only a one way street?Are we to have faith in God only for the things we can get?

  29. Are You A Slumdog Christian? by Deborah Lassiter  
    Never think that you don't have the right background or the education to excel in this world. All understanding, knowledge, and promotion comes from God. It might be your experiences in life that propel you into your destiny, but there is something that you need; that is the Holy Spirit!

  30. Forgiveness Confession and Prayer Menu by Tai Ikomi  
    The day I forgave the man who killed my family was the day I learned the power of speaking out my resolution to forgive.


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