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Short Stories

  1. NEVER SWALLOW WATERMELON PITS! by linzy bruno  
    "When I get back across the street;
    I watch my mom as she slowly knits.
    I tell her what poppa just said,
    how he DOES go on......"

  2. POTATO PANCAKES by linzy bruno  
    ""Ouch that hurts," she said, talking in her sleep. She continued dreaming until the pain of the potatoes landing on her head woke her up....."

  3. Hide and Seek by Catherine Weed  
    Imaginings on the first few days of Adam and Eve's stay in Paradise.

  4. Navigating the Path Ahead by Pam Ford Davis  
    A positive attitude is essential when living in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

  5. SPIRIT BIRDS FLY FREE by linzy bruno  
    "....Help us," they cried out toward the darkening sky. They landed in the heavy, thick grass and ran back in their house. Then only a moment later; a flock of Spirit Birds showed up at their front door....."

  6. A Rousing Cheer by Pam Ford Davis  
    Jaundice, of the jealousy variety...

  7. The Puppy Abortion Clinic by Jennifer Rubino  
    This short story illustrates how crazy this world has become when people would rather protect unborn puppies than unborn children.

  8. OPPOSITES ATTRACT by linzy bruno  
    "Did he rape you?"
    "No, I pushed him away and ran outta there!"
    "Well, thank God you're okay!" declared Candy.
    "I don't wanna hear nothin bout GOD!" Screamed Olivia and she slammed the dormitory door.

  9. Falling on Stones or by Beth Fiedler  
    Getting stoned. Over the centuries, the expression has morphed from misguided punishment which sent the disciple Stephen to his death (Acts 6:8 8:1) to one that emerged in the mid-Twentieth Century representative of an altered state induced by hallucinogenic or other drugs and idols. I am concerned about the type of stoning that appears in the Gospel of Matthew 21:44.

  10. Infestation at the Ganymede Restaurant by Beth LaBuff  
    Ms. Andromeda Telesto, with her plush velvet voice and her bright cerulean hair was going to feature MY restaurant, The Ganymede, on her show. I could hardly wait to be able to tell others about our galaxy-acclaimed Triton S@and!ches. My thoughts were interrupted by a dusky-furry blur.

  11. The Gospel According to a Pirate by Toni Babcock  
    Hey, I'm Jacob! When I was ten, my cousins and I were about to learn the real meaning of Easter in the most unusual way I could imagine. We had just finished our annual Easter egg hunt, when we all ran toward the campfire at Grandma and Grandpa's little cabin in the woods.

  12. Kali and the Way of the Cross by Toni Babcock  
    Kali is the first to hear the blare of the siren's warning, and knows just what to do. "Tornado warning! Everybody in the storm shelter!" she shouts.

  13. THE TRUTH ABOUT SANTA CLAUS by linzy bruno  
    "... That's where he got the idea to set up a tree in his home with candles lit on its branches to remind he children of the "starry heaven from whence their Saviour came,"* replied Christian, the oldest at age seventeen....."

    "What's the matter?" He quietly asked me, leaning down.
    "She just told us, there are bats and dead bodies in the basement! You gotta get me outta here. Didn't you hear her?"
    "Yeah, but she's only kidding."
    "No she's not babe."

  15. The Dream, the Deal of a Lifetime by Martha Bell  
    Warfare...Don't under estimate your position in Christ. Whether your faith walk has just begun or you have a rich heritage in following our Savior, you are a threat to the Enemy of our souls. Sometimes dreams are the result of pizza late at night, or one too many scary movies. But in this case, I believe the dream came as an offer to "steal" me away from the life choice of choosing Christ.

  16. Space Princess by Susan Morton  
    This is a flash fiction (under 500 words) story for 5th to 6th grade girls. All Sue wants to do is attend space camp at the local museum, but her parents have a better idea!

  17. Hey, Pretty Baby! by Jenni Starkman  
    A teen wrestles with an unwanted pregnancy....

  18. Befuddled by Pam Ford Davis  
    Sailing the seas from England to America in the 1800's was not without difficulty...

  19. Jesus is the Key by Jenni Starkman  
    Prisoned, looking to con a chaplain to get out earlier, Jason finds the true key to freedom.

  20. JJ PART FIVE: CIRCLE OF LIFE by linzy bruno  
    "TAKE IT EASY DAMIEN. THROW YOUR GUN DOWN NOW!" several officers shouted.

  21. Wisp of a Woman by Pam Ford Davis  
    Dealing with adversity...

  22. Death and Taxes by Pam Ford Davis  
    Follow the paper trail...

  23. JJ 4: PLANTING SEEDS by linzy bruno  
    So, she was crying for only a minute, I started walking toward her to pick her up and he starts screaming at me to not pick her up he said.....and I couldn't believe this; he said I needed to punish her.

  24. Freedom In A Prison Cell by Tesse Wilson  
    Jack was not the type of man a parent would want their daughter to bring home. His last girlfriend told him he was trash. He felt like trash but from Heaven a merciful hand reached out to him.

  25. The Complex Life of Bubbles by Randy Kosloski  
    It is a metaphorical look at life and how the things we can control effect us in ways we cannot control. It si a coment on how God may easily see us, guide us, and help us in life.

  26. J.J. PART THREE: JASON'S LOVE CONTINUES..... by linzy bruno  
    "It's Damien....this "friend" of his bailed him out of jail and now I have to live in fear of him," she continued, her bottom lip and her hands quivering.

  27. Someone Else's Summer by Abby Kelly  
    "Julie swallowed a jealous frown and turned to inspect a bag of Oreos, hopeful the women wouldn't see her eyes water with tears."

    A young girl learns contentment during a lonely summer.

  28. The Strange woman by tope Ogundare  
    "Honey" she cooed, hooking a finger and beckoning to him, "I have been waiting all night for you". He was a handsome man, about twenty two years, sturdy and lithe and moved with the grace of a gazelle. He frowned at her but she met his gaze and turned up the heat on her smile. She knew that her smile was her best asset and was irresistible

  29. Narrow is the Way-A Modern Parable by Susan LeDoux  
    Lost souls cling to a worldly view that denies the need for salvation. This modern parable represents the Door that leads to eternal life, Biblical guidance, and our all too human response to God's deliverance from hell and Satan's claws.

  30. SWEET SURPRISES(Jason's Journey, Part 2) by linzy bruno  
    "It's your father! Yeah, your f******* father struck again! He just broke into my parent's house and tried to kill them......."


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