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Short Stories

  1. SHAMELESS by linzy bruno  
    "A couple of the girls were making fun of Monica yesterday during lunch period."
    "Oh really what for," she replied.
    "They were laughing at the way she's dressed yesterday. She's actually dressed the same way today....."

  2. Dandelions by Kate Hurley  
    A short story about offering ourselves to God even when we don't think it is much of an offering. (For children or adults.)

  3. Seeing through the Eyepatch by Francie Snell  
    The eye patch was a curious accessory, but that is all it was to me...Paul, however, had the kid pegged, or so he thought.

  4. From Barstools to Bermuda by Francie Snell  
    God met two men where they were; in the same old bar, drinking the same old beer, and hanging with the same old crowd. Then, He gave them His glorious invitation, tailor-made for their understanding.

  5. Defiant: Jesus and His Cross Loomed into the Skies by Hugh Houchin  
    Appius, a Roman Commander loved the brutality of crucifixions, and attended them all. However, Jesus' was different and he strove to find out why.

  6. JACKSON, THE WONDER BOY by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This inspirational kids story is about a kid whose genius and hard work brought immense fortune to his struggling parents.

  7. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: article & SERMONS ON THE PLAYGROUND:a short story for kids who already know about the birds and the bees! by linzy bruno  
    This short story for ages 14 and up follows a short article on the same topic. The story combines a lesson on the conception of Jesus mixed with a bit of sexual education.: "....The students are asking questions about the Immaculate Conception."
    "Oh dear....okay, thanks for the warning. I'll answer them as best as I can,"

  8. THE ANT AND THE ANTELOPE by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    A fictional story about the ant and the antelope which seeks to teach kids valuable life lessons as gleaned from the book of Proverbs.

  9. THE BOY CALLED CHRIS by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    A short kids story written with an African setting which nonetheless finds application globally. Teaches kids some valuable life lessons.

  10. ANGIE'S OLD AGE by linzy bruno  
    " The retailers and advertisers use those types of tactics to attract the younger buyers because they know....."

  11. SANDRA'S VICTORIOUS EVENING by linzy bruno  
    "Local politician Frank Hammon was just found guilty of bribing federal agents, embezzling and the list goes on....."

  12. Still Thirsty by louis gander  
    Through the desert I walked, still thirsty.
    I was burned from the sun in the sky.
    I was praying, "Dear Jesus, please help me!"
    Yet my prayers dried away, but why...?

  13. Once a Pillar by Pam Ford Davis  
    A woman lives in self-imposed isolation...

  14. THE DEVIL AND DELILAH by linzy bruno  
    "Then one of them started questioning Delilah about Mick. "He said he was just grabbin' a smoke, but now I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach."

  15. LOOKING UP AT HARRY by linzy bruno  
    "......They assumed because he was kind and gentle; he was some sorta freak, but the truth is, if Harry were here right now, he'd say: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...."(Luke 23.35..."

  16. How Can I Say Know? by Pam Ford Davis  
    Creative non-fiction story about a couple that made great sacrifices...

  17. COPY CAT, COPY CAT by linzy bruno  
    "up and down, canopy and ball;
    copy cat, copy cat
    gimmie words big and small!....."

  18. IN THE JUNGLE by linzy bruno  
    "Then he took Speckle's paw and put his enormous paw over the top of Speckles,' in order to control his movements. "Do n...i...c...e." he repeated over and over while making....."

  19. THE FARMER'S GREEN GRASS by linzy bruno  
    "Better things come to those who put Him first. Mr. Jenkins could work all day and even if he used all of us to help him, our grasses would still stay brittle and....."

  20. MIND JULIA by linzy bruno  
    "BUT....... she's SO cheerful all the time! It's gotta be fake; I mean, nobody's that happy and nice all the time! Plus, she was just bragging about all the good stuff she does......."

  21. NEVER SWALLOW WATERMELON PITS! by linzy bruno  
    "When I get back across the street;
    I watch my mom as she slowly knits.
    I tell her what poppa just said,
    how he DOES go on......"

  22. POTATO PANCAKES by linzy bruno  
    ""Ouch that hurts," she said, talking in her sleep. She continued dreaming until the pain of the potatoes landing on her head woke her up....."

  23. Hide and Seek by Catherine Weed  
    Imaginings on the first few days of Adam and Eve's stay in Paradise.

  24. Navigating the Path Ahead by Pam Ford Davis  
    A positive attitude is essential when living in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

  25. SPIRIT BIRDS FLY FREE by linzy bruno  
    "....Help us," they cried out toward the darkening sky. They landed in the heavy, thick grass and ran back in their house. Then only a moment later; a flock of Spirit Birds showed up at their front door....."

  26. A Rousing Cheer by Pam Ford Davis  
    Jaundice, of the jealousy variety...

  27. The Puppy Abortion Clinic by Jennifer Rubino  
    This short story illustrates how crazy this world has become when people would rather protect unborn puppies than unborn children.

  28. OPPOSITES ATTRACT by linzy bruno  
    "Did he rape you?"
    "No, I pushed him away and ran outta there!"
    "Well, thank God you're okay!" declared Candy.
    "I don't wanna hear nothin bout GOD!" Screamed Olivia and she slammed the dormitory door.

  29. Falling on Stones or by Beth Fiedler  
    Getting stoned. Over the centuries, the expression has morphed from misguided punishment which sent the disciple Stephen to his death (Acts 6:8 8:1) to one that emerged in the mid-Twentieth Century representative of an altered state induced by hallucinogenic or other drugs and idols. I am concerned about the type of stoning that appears in the Gospel of Matthew 21:44.

  30. Infestation at the Ganymede Restaurant by Beth LaBuff  
    Ms. Andromeda Telesto, with her plush velvet voice and her bright cerulean hair was going to feature MY restaurant, The Ganymede, on her show. I could hardly wait to be able to tell others about our galaxy-acclaimed Triton S@and!ches. My thoughts were interrupted by a dusky-furry blur.


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