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Short Stories

  1. Man Will Miss His Experiences from 2015 in the Coming Year by Greg Miller  
    One man will miss his experiences from 2015 in the coming year.

  2. Couple Believes God's Greatest Gifts Include Life, Liberty, Laughter by Greg Miller  
    One couple believes God's greatest gifts include life, liberty and laughter.

  3. A Piece of Christmas Chocolate by Kelvin Bueckert  
    Frustrated at having to work boxing day...Kathy grumbles about her fate...still, she was about to discover that God works in the strangest of places in the strangest of ways...

  4. Following the Star - Nativity in a story by Louise Lee  
    David was once again turned into a sheep. This time he was about to meet the greatest person ever born on earth. He began to understand the meaning of Christmas through the mouths of Lily the sheep and Carl the camel. Join David and the rest to the birthday party of Jesus and find out for yourself the meaning of Christmas!

  5. Some Community Residents Learn About the Spirit of Giving by Greg Miller  
    Several residents of a community enjoy receiving more than giving at Christmas.

  6. Jesus loves you, not me by Ayobola Chike-Michael  
    A short story inspired by true stories

  7. Romantic Stories: They Gave Us Five Years by A.B.King by Alfred King  
    ..As he scooped up the little girl and turned to run out, a large part of the ceiling fell in front of him blocking the door. It was clearly too heavy to be lifted and at his point the fire had begun to accelerate at an incredible speed...

  8. Murder on the Coast by Beth Dickinson  
    This is a short story with a twist.
    The ending may surprise you.

  9. Following Noah by Louise Lee  
    This is a sequel to Psalm 23 for Kids. David was back to his dreamland with Lily. This time they were going up to Noah's Ark to experience what it means to be saved. They also learnt about who set the rainbow in the sky and why.

  10. Two Tables Down and One Row Over by Francie Snell  
    The young woman at the counter didn't seem as impressed with me or my idea as I was. She was reluctant when taking the order, as if it went against her better judgment. Did they not see what a virtuous gesture this was? I was frustrated by their lack of enthusiasm and support for my mission, and so I would have to go it alone.

  11. Remember Your Creator While You Are Young by Greg Miller  
    A great-grandmother encourages her two great-granddaughters to remember the Lord while they are young.

  12. THE TALL, SCARY STRANGER by linzy bruno  
    "Sam's stomach flopped like a fish on a hook, as he stood stunned by the meanest, ugliest glance he'd ever received from a stranger. The other scary things......"

  13. MOTEL NAPKINS by linzy bruno  
    "You look happy!" Brian said; noticing his wife's glowing expression.
    "I'm only on like cloud 99 right now! You're not gonna believe what God has given me to do!....."

  14. Shiny Hearts: A Gift from God by Hugh Houchin  
    A light-hearted story about a father telling his son the seriousness of having a shiny heart for God.

  15. Dandelions by Kate Hurley  
    A short story about offering ourselves to God even when we don't think it is much of an offering. (For children or adults.)

  16. Seeing through the Eyepatch by Francie Snell  
    The eye patch was a curious accessory, but that is all it was to me...Paul, however, had the kid pegged, or so he thought.

  17. From Barstools to Bermuda by Francie Snell  
    They were two men in the same old bar, drinking the same old beer, and hanging with the same old crowd. Then, God gave them His invitation, tailor-made for their understanding.

  18. Defiant: Jesus and His Cross Loomed into the Skies by Hugh Houchin  
    Appius, a Roman Commander loved the brutality of crucifixions, and attended them all. However, Jesus' was different and he strove to find out why.

  19. JACKSON, THE WONDER BOY by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This inspirational kids story is about a kid whose genius and hard work brought immense fortune to his struggling parents.

  20. THE ANT AND THE ANTELOPE by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    A fictional story about the ant and the antelope which seeks to teach kids valuable life lessons as gleaned from the book of Proverbs.

  21. THE BOY CALLED CHRIS by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    A short kids story written with an African setting which nonetheless finds application globally. Teaches kids some valuable life lessons.

  22. ANGIE'S OLD AGE by linzy bruno  
    " The retailers and advertisers use those types of tactics to attract the younger buyers because they know....."

  23. Still Thirsty by louis gander  
    Through the desert I walked, still thirsty.
    I was burned from the sun in the sky.
    I was praying, "Dear Jesus, please help me!"
    Yet my prayers dried away, but why...?

  24. Once a Pillar by Pam Ford Davis  
    A woman lives in self-imposed isolation...

  25. THE DEVIL AND DELILAH by linzy bruno  
    "Then one of them started questioning Delilah about Mick. "He said he was just grabbin' a smoke, but now I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach."

  26. LOOKING UP AT HARRY by linzy bruno  
    "......They assumed because he was kind and gentle; he was some sorta freak, but the truth is, if Harry were here right now, he'd say: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...."(Luke 23.35..."

  27. How Can I Say No? by Pam Ford Davis  
    Creative non-fiction story about a couple that made great sacrifices...

  28. COPY CAT, COPY CAT by linzy bruno  
    "up and down, canopy and ball;
    copy cat, copy cat
    gimmie words big and small!....."

  29. IN THE JUNGLE by linzy bruno  
    "Then he took Speckle's paw and put his enormous paw over the top of Speckles,' in order to control his movements. "Do n...i...c...e." he repeated over and over while making....."

  30. THE FARMER'S GREEN GRASS by linzy bruno  
    "Better things come to those who put Him first. Mr. Jenkins could work all day and even if he used all of us to help him, our grasses would still stay brittle and....."


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