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Short Stories

  1. Hey, Pretty Baby! by Jenni Starkman  
    A teen wrestles with an unwanted pregnancy....

  2. Befuddled by Pam Ford Davis  
    Sailing the seas from England to America in the 1800's was not without difficulty...

  3. Jesus is the Key by Jenni Starkman  
    Prisoned, looking to con a chaplain to get out earlier, Jason finds the true key to freedom.

  4. JJ PART FIVE: CIRCLE OF LIFE by linzy bruno  
    "TAKE IT EASY DAMIEN. THROW YOUR GUN DOWN NOW!" several officers shouted.

  5. Wisp of a Woman by Pam Ford Davis  
    Dealing with adversity...

  6. Death and Taxes by Pam Ford Davis  
    Follow the paper trail...

  7. JJ 4: PLANTING SEEDS by linzy bruno  
    So, she was crying for only a minute, I started walking toward her to pick her up and he starts screaming at me to not pick her up he said.....and I couldn't believe this; he said I needed to punish her.

  8. Freedom In A Prison Cell by Tesse Wilson  
    Jack was not the type of man a parent would want their daughter to bring home. His last girlfriend told him he was trash. He felt like trash but from Heaven a merciful hand reached out to him.

  9. The Complex Life of Bubbles by Randy Kosloski  
    It is a metaphorical look at life and how the things we can control effect us in ways we cannot control. It si a coment on how God may easily see us, guide us, and help us in life.

  10. J.J. PART THREE: JASON'S LOVE CONTINUES..... by linzy bruno  
    "It's Damien....this "friend" of his bailed him out of jail and now I have to live in fear of him," she continued, her bottom lip and her hands quivering.

  11. Someone Else's Summer by Abby Kelly  
    "Julie swallowed a jealous frown and turned to inspect a bag of Oreos, hopeful the women wouldn't see her eyes water with tears."

    A young girl learns contentment during a lonely summer.

  12. The Strange woman by tope Ogundare  
    "Honey" she cooed, hooking a finger and beckoning to him, "I have been waiting all night for you". He was a handsome man, about twenty two years, sturdy and lithe and moved with the grace of a gazelle. He frowned at her but she met his gaze and turned up the heat on her smile. She knew that her smile was her best asset and was irresistible

  13. Narrow is the Way-A Modern Parable by Susan LeDoux  
    Lost souls cling to a worldly view that denies the need for salvation. This modern parable represents the Door that leads to eternal life, Biblical guidance, and our all too human response to God's deliverance from hell and Satan's claws.

  14. SWEET SURPRISES(Jason's Journey, Part 2) by linzy bruno  
    "It's your father! Yeah, your f******* father struck again! He just broke into my parent's house and tried to kill them......."

  15. JASON'S JOURNEY by linzy bruno  
    '"Oh my God Jason; it's one thing after another today. I just got the mail and they're threatening to turn our power off!"

  16. Walking Each Other Home by Dennis Miranda  
    What does the word home mean to you? Some might say "home is where the heart is". Find out more in today's blog post.

  17. THE NEIGHBORHOOD STREET Memoirs Of A College Flunkie by linzy bruno  
    When I got there, Ryan tugged on the back of my shirt. I looked at him as if to say: what do you want? "Just letting you know I'm here," he said, with an enticing smile appearing across his lips.

  18. I Won't Complain by Irma Green  
    What difference does it make?

  19. The Time Is Now and The Place Is here by Irma Green  
    What matters is to live in the present; live in the now for every moment is "NOW"! It is your thoughts and actions of the moment that create your future.

  20. Locusts and Wild Honey by Beth LaBuff  
    Who was he? The scent of camel wafted through the space. I turned and seemingly off the pages of the parchment, out of time and place, stood one who had the appearance of a prophet. His coarse garment was cinched with a leather belt, and long matted dreadlocks cascaded over his shoulders and down his back.

  21. WHAT I KNOW ABOUT TURTLES by linzy bruno  
    ....some are smooth, some are bumpy, but they all move very slow...

  22. ANGELS IN THE TREES by linzy bruno  
    the birds said they were delighted to see me and placed wild flowers in my hair;
    they told me to be their flower girl.....

  23. My Friend by Jim Newton  
    The story of a man reviewing his friends life and the conclusion he came to. A backward seeming man to casual observers. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

  24. My Friend by Jim Newton  
    The story of a man reviewing his friends life and the conclusion he came to. A backward seeming man to casual observers. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

  25. Winks and Smiles by louis gander  
    The rainbow winked at mustard seed, the mustard seed at tree.
    The tree winked at the lily then, and lily at the bee.
    The bee winked at the honey and the honey at the sun -
    and then the sunshine winked at me, the sad and lonely one.

  26. Musings by the well by tope Ogundare  
    a retelling of the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman

  27. I'd Gladly Trade by louis gander  
    I run around to get things done. It often makes me sad.
    I'd gladly trade these times today for those my grandma1 had.

  28. In Search of the Light by Michele Fleming  
    Just when you feel like there is no way out, you see THE LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

  29. Two Bananas & a Hot Dog by louis gander  
    (A true story poem that took place Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 in Wisconsin)

    With hunger pains excessive and some water in a cup,
    a hot dog looked delicious and it sure would warm me up.
    I didn't have much money, so I had to budget some.
    I bought two ripe bananas, then I added up the sum.

  30. A Place to Belong by Michele Fleming  
    Sometimes being out of place is exactly where you need to be.


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