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  1. 3 Critical Lessons From A Female Worker Ant by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    An article that takes inspiration from the Biblical advice to learn from ants. Three lessons are drawn from the work ethic of female worker ants.

  2. Where Do I Belong? by stephanie reck defines belonging as something that belongs. I don't know your background, but did you get a sense that you belonged?

  3. What Great Achievers Do That The Mediocre Do Not by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    Persistence in the face of monumental challenges is essential for great accomplishment. The world`s greats persevere in the pursuit of their goals and aspirations. The mediocre quit when the going gets tough.

  4. I'm No Longer a People-Pleaser! by stephanie reck  
    Most people have an insecurity about saying, "No" to people and their requests. We do not want to let people down, or we do not want people to think badly of us.

  5. Today Is The Best Day To Come Your Way by chuma obum  
    Don't miss out on the opportunities available to you today because of the fond memories of yesterday or sweet dreams of tomorrow. Here is why...

  6. LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST - Go For It! by chuma obum  
    There is so much you can do and achieve in life; and for this reason, life is best when it is lived to the fullest. So rather than just being a passerby in this boundless journey of life, put in extra efforts not only to significantly move your own life forward, but also to impact the lives of other people positively.

  7. What Does it Mean to be Emotionally Bankrupt? by stephanie reck  
    Bankrupt means that you lack something. To be emotionally bankrupt means that you have given out to others and need to be refilled back up, or it can refer to going through multiple stressful events and you feel emotionally exhausted.

  8. Thriving In The Midst Of Adversity by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    Adversity is a universal constant; no one is immune to it. For some, adversity breaks them and for others adversity propels them to break records. Which of these two categories will be most preferable to you? I dare say, the latter. Read this article to discover how this feat can be chalked.

  9. 15 Healthy Ways to Reduce Stress by stephanie reck  
    Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

  10. Tips for Improving your Mental Health by stephanie reck  
    When we think of New Year's resolutions, usually it is to improve our physical health, however, maintaining good mental and emotional habits are just as important.

  11. Near, Yet Far by louis gander  
    Oh, where has that young child gone?
    Where now is that young boy -
    the one with cute and chubby cheeks,
    the one with eyes of joy?

  12. Growing Pains by Sue Darling  
    I believe it is important to ask God for each and every Christians to cry out to God to grow in the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, because I feel the time has come when we all need them to get through this era

  13. Breaking Free From Addiction by stephanie reck  
    Addictions come in many forms, such as, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, and pornography. Addiction happens when we have a compulsive, repetitive desire for a certain thing and we act on the impulse. Nothing else will do until the craving we are after is fulfilled. Have you ever noticed how people go to great lengths to obtain their addiction? Why, you might ask? Every time we fulfill that desire for our addiction it changes pathways in our brain for pleasure

  14. FLOW LIKE RAIN by chuma obum  
    Self-encouragement in the face of discouragement is a powerful force required for the attainment of any meaningful achievement in life. Therefore, this poem was carefully and thoughtfully put together to lend wings to your spirit in order to enable you rise up above mediocrity again and again until success in abundance becomes yours to gain!

  15. My Old Hometown Church by louis gander  
    There's something that perplexes me
    as I, my mem'ries, search,
    right here among familiar pews
    in my old hometown church.

  16. The Day I Got Really Scared by Kathleen Curry  
    Have you ever been in a situation in which you felt frightened or threatened. That happened to me Saturday and I learned several things...

  17. Of Rocks and Truths by louis gander  
    Compare and ponder...

    The rolling seas will rise and fall.
    They call to one and all.
    The waves will splash, forevermore,
    those giant rocks on shore.

    Emotions thoughts will come and go.
    They ever tempt us so.
    But lies still fail to even prod
    those solid truths of God.

  18. Try This You Might be Surprised With the Results by Sue Darling  
    God is really working with His people and I am seeing a lot of the action of the Holy Spirit, I hope you will try this prayer out I think you will be real happy if you do

  19. The Lord is the Light of Your Life, Volume 43 12/1/15 by JP Timpano by JOSEPH-PAUL (JP) TIMPANO  
    Christian encouragement for your daily life. Don't be afraid of the dark. The Lord is empowering you to walk through the fire!

  20. Your Love by louis gander  
    So why, God, do you bless me so
    when I'm so blindly swerving -
    on and off your 'narrow road',
    when I'm so undeserving?

  21. Turning Joy To Strength by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Never be too busy for that joke in your email. Even as Christians, laughter combats depression.

  22. The Ultimate Pursuit Of Happiness by Cate Russell-Cole  
    God's secrets to happiness.

  23. Survivor by Cate Russell-Cole  
    So how do you actually pull through when the future seems bleak, and your hopes logically look impossible?

  24. So Much To Do, So Little Time by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Managing your time in a technical, time crunching world.

  25. "I Declare Me Guilty!" by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Exploring how we cope with the outfall of our sins, whilst not getting caught in an excessive guilt trap.

  26. How Do You Plead? Guilty or Not Guilty? by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Should you really feel guilty about the guilt issues that plague you? Thoughts on working out when 'sorry' is and isn't justified.

  27. Guarded or Unguarded? The Danger of Secrets by Cate Russell-Cole  
    What counts as a justifiable secret, and what is a fear of rebuff?

  28. Are You Emotionally Bankrupt? by stephanie reck  
    Bankrupt means that you lack something. To be emotionally bankrupt means that you have given out to others and need to be refilled back up.

  29. This is What Emotional Exhaustion Looks Like by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Considering the consequences of running away, as framed by a part of King David's life.

  30. Staying In Control - At All Costs by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Many of us who know what it is to experience the distress of being in a controlling relationship, but do you know if you are a person with a control problem? This article will help you pinpoint the answer.


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