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  1. Keep the Godly Faith by Vanessa Grossett  
    Without faith it is impossible to please God!

  2. ~Loving Yourself--God's Way~ by Jannette Fuller  
    The world is filled with an abundance of information concerning the importance of loving yourself. And the reason why--because it's true, and very essential, if you want to be whole and live a happy life. So with that said, I won't be sharing anything new with you, but instead, just a friendly reminder.

  3. Stars, Friends & Blessings by louis gander  
    But Christ forgives! So why my scars!?
    I did not understand!
    And why did Jesus not erase
    the scars on His own hands?

  4. Virgin Pure by louis gander  
    One time a horrid thing occurred, but I'll keep that unspoken -
    except to tell you how I felt - so sad, depressed and broken.

  5. Did I Forget? by louis gander  
    Did I forget the virgin birth,
    that Jesus healed, of Jesus' worth?
    Did I forget when Jesus prayed,
    before arrest, was then betrayed?

  6. What Are Your Options? (Part 3) by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    The children of Israel were between Pharaoh's army and the Red sea and unsure what option to take but God asked them to go forward, an option which seemed unwise. However, as they obeyed a miracle happened.

  7. What Are Your Options? by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    Four lepers at the gate of the city of Samaria, waiting to die from hunger, consider the options available to get out of their predicament. They decide to go to the enemy's camp in spite of fear only to discover when they arrive that the enemy has fled and there is food in abundance.

  8. Three Keys for When Relapse Is On Your Doorstep by Abby Kelly  
    Sitting among the shards of sadness is actually more healing than allowing our minds to be swept away by the distraction of an eating disorder or other addiction. In the course of the battle, I acquired three weapons for fighting off relapse.

  9. Best Investments by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Your destiny is in your hand, do not abuse or misuse it. Give it to the right Person to manage it for you. Engage in the best investment.

  10. Reach Out In Love by louis gander  
    Each lonely tear ran down a cheek
    not caring of another.
    And each absorbed in selfish woe
    did not know of the other.

  11. ~You're Not Alone~ by Jannette Fuller  
    Despite your flaws and weaknesses, God can always, and will, use you to be a light to others.

  12. I'm Not Fighting by Abby Kelly  

    I stand firm every single day, and I'm in the battle, but I'm not fighting. The battle has been won by my Champion, my Savior, The One True God.

  13. What to do if Your Child Says, "I'm Gay." by stephanie reck  
    First of all as a parent you are not alone. Hearing that your child is gay is not an easy thing. Do you just accept it because culture says, "You were born that way?" Do you compromise your beliefs as a Christian?

  14. Inferiority Complex by stephanie reck  
    A definition of inferiority complex is to lack self-esteem; feel inadequate; lack self-confidence; and feel second-rate.

  15. No More If's and or But's by Irma Green  
    It's time to get off your but and do something

  16. What I Have Learned in Turning Forty by stephanie reck  
    Forty is a big milestone, and I just crossed that milestone this week. I have had time to reflect over the years of my life, and this article will explore what I have learned in the last forty years. If I think back twenty or even just ten years ago, I can say my life has not turned out quite like I thought it would. My life has had many peaks and valleys, and many surprises, what a journey it has been.

  17. Defeating the Giant of Habitual Sin with Simple Biblical Principals by Kim Hubbard  
    Simple principals that are based in scripture and are very basic, are explored for assisting individuals in overcoming habitual sin.

  18. It's Okay to Say, "No" by stephanie reck  
    Most people have an insecurity about saying, "No" to people and their requests. We do not want to let people down, or we do not want people think badly of us; which is another way to say we are people pleasers. Sometimes, we can, "Yes" to things that are not spirit-led. Doing things to please others can lead to burn-out, exhaustion, and frustration.

  19. Shame's Sneaky Relatives by Abby Kelly  
    It kind of looked like humility when I stepped aside and applauded her successes while mumbling something like, "I'm okay, just not awesome."

  20. Walking Through The Muck by Jennifer Cardinal  
    The power of our thoughts

  21. Walking Through The Muck by Jennifer Cardinal  
    The power of our thoughts

  22. Now You Can Do The Difficult Things! by Emmanuel N. Obu  
    The greatest discouragement about a task or an endeavor is the difficulty surrounding it. But you already got what it takes to get difficult things done - it is a miracle you got inside but may not know it's potency yet. With this awakening and your proper engagement with this treasure you got, there is now nothing you cannot do or achieve!

  23. Conquering Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.T.s) by stephanie reck  
    If your mind is filled with negative thinking, you will live a defeated life. Negativity is a by-product of how you perceive life. Your perceptions about your life and circumstances, greatly influence your thoughts. A lot of the times our perceptions about our lives are not realistic. We have unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others, this can cause us to have flawed perceptions. Flawed perceptions will invariably led to negative thinking.

  24. God's Joy Renews Your Strength to get Through Everyday by Robin Chisholm  
    Are you feeling miserable in your day to day life? Has it been a long time since you laughed a full hearted laugh? Do you feel weak in Christ? The JOY of the LORD is our STRENGTH! Renew your strength through seeking heavenly joy.

  25. A Few Thoughts on Personal Change by Angel Jr. Ancheta  
    A woman seeking consultation to a doctor seems strikingly parallel to how we often act when entrusting problems to the Lord.

  26. Beautiful Faces? by louis gander  
    Yet beauty God had seen somehow before I was forgiven.
    He gave His very Son for me despite how I was livin'.
    For God loves all creation. Me, just as much as them -
    and He knows I am beautiful - because He said I am.

  27. Wrapped In His Perfect Love by Cori Mann  
    Fear can consume the life of the suffer in torment and confusion. Fear and anxiety can be overcome with His peace, love and guidance. We are wrapped safely in His perfect love for us!

  28. I Will Not Hurt Anymore; I Am Better Than This by Irma Green  
    I am moving into a higher dimension of living. My plan is to, recreate, reinvent, redesign and resurrect my life.

  29. Declare War on Satan/Winning In Spiritual Warfare by Irma Green  
    It's time to declare war on Satan! It is time to declare you are a winner in the midst of "spiritual warfare".

  30. Life Is Scripted-Get A Grip-Flip The Script by Irma Green  
    Since life is scripted, and you are not happy the way your life is scripted, just "flip the script" and become the Script Writer.


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