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  1. The Green Shoot: A Legend of the Boros by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    The unexpected death of beloved one is really painful. But the memory of his love and contributions he left for his friends, family and the society at large brings hope.

  2. Letting Go by Tony Grater  
    There comes a time in our lives when we need to leave the past behind, and give everything up to Jesus.

  3. SAUL/PAUL OF TARSUS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  4. The Afterward of My Choice by Linda Jackson  
    You hold tightly to my right hand
    The perfect afterward coming soon

  5. My Landscape by Linda Jackson  
    I will one day see a city, I have not built
    A house filled with goodness, I have not filled

  6. Sand Castles & Quick Sand by Tina Nyamatore  
    From my gilded cage, held hostage
    Mirages and shiny things,

  7. An Arrest by Richard L. Provencher  
    An afternoon hike in God's woods can be taxing. Observing each magnificent marvel in shape and design caused this hiker to take a respite, and then everything changed -- to a super respite.

  8. THE TRUMP VICTORY by Lewis E. Thomas  

  9. Nature 2 by Richard L. Provencher  
    Nature invites you to enjoy the simplistic of God' gifts - - peace of mind. The beauty that surrounds also reminds us of the extraordinary care our God took to make everything.

  10. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL! by Lewis E. Thomas  

  11. HEAD OF THE HOUSE by Lewis E. Thomas  

  12. Bless God's Children by Richard L. Provencher  
    God's children carry on in the adventures of childhood, knowing grandpa is in a nursing hone. And grandpa is also thinking about his own grandchildren growing straight and tall, knowing it will soon be time to meet face-to-face with his Maker.

  13. LORD, REMEMBER ME! by Lewis E. Thomas  

  14. DANCING WITH JESUS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  15. THE POWER OF THREE WORDS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  16. Love by R. Jamerson  
    Love knows no bounds, it casts out fear,
    Is blind to faults, no evil hears.

  17. Deception by R. Jamerson  
    Alas the ones we hurt the most,
    Are those we say ...we love

  18. A Journey in Time by R. Jamerson  
    Yesterday, when there was time,
    To put you to bed, with a nursery rhyme,

  19. Tribute to my Girls by R. Jamerson  
    Children are a blessing, a gift from above,
    To be nurtured and cherished, in a Spirit of love.

  20. Circle of Life by R. Jamerson  
    His mind goes back across the years,
    To memories past and faces dear.

  21. True Value by R. Jamerson  
    So fickle are, as soon we find,
    The treasures of this life,
    Though so pleasant they may seem,
    When held bring only strife.

  22. Seeds by R. Jamerson  
    Little seeds of doubt are sown,
    Upon a fertile mind.

  23. Friend by R. Jamerson  
    When at last the storm subdues,
    And lashing tides recede,
    You'll find there in the sands of life,
    a friend you truly need.


  25. The Forest by Richard L. Provencher  
    The forest is a place of respite, yet full of adventure and feral activity. A hungry eagle provides some natural excitement from its actions.

  26. LIKE AN EAGLE WITH NO SKY! by Lewis E. Thomas  

  27. FAULT FINDERS and BACKBITERS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  28. All These Shoes 2 by Richard L. Provencher  
    Moments in childhood include fun stomping in mud holes. Even little Jesus did the same.

  29. NOTES AND CARDS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  30. MONEY and GUNS by Lewis E. Thomas  


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