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  1. LUCIFER'S LEAVEN of "PICK AND CHOOSE" by Lewis E. Thomas  

  2. NO FEAR OF GOD IN GOD'S HOUSE by Lewis E. Thomas  

  3. THE STORM COMETH by Lewis E. Thomas  

  4. The Prodigal's Brother by Tina Nyamatore  

  5. HAMMERS AND SAWS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  6. UNBELIEF by Lewis E. Thomas  

  7. Give Your Roses To The Living by Iris Brooks  
    Give your roses now. I'd rather have one rose, one hug, one I Love You now than a church full of roses when I'm gone.

  8. Ever So Softly by Stephen J. Kimball  
    Short poem about Gods call and the security found in Him.

  9. Those Older Days by Richard L. Provencher  
    A brief reference to old an new. Nostalgia as a comparisonl

  10. He prowls Like a Roaring Lion by Jacky Julyan  
    Only the Name of Jesus makes the devil flee
    So, beware the man who speaks well of you
    Who puffs up our pride, our self,
    Which is now crucified with Christ

  11. Life's Journey by R. Jamerson  
    What waits for us on the other side,
    No matter what's been said.
    Are not the things we gathered here,
    But things we sent ahead.

  12. All I'll Ever Be Is Me by Iris Brooks  
    God made each of us uniquely. Different personalities, interests, talents, hopes and dreams. Be the person He created you to be.

  13. Riding into His Heart by Jacky Julyan  
    Into His Heart
    Of love
    This cross

  14. There is a Kingdom by Jacky Julyan  
    Have a heart
    For God
    For Jesus holds the keys

  15. A Steep Hill to Climb by Joy Chiasson  
    My life is like a steep hill.
    I climb higher and higher each day.
    The steps are molded in the ground for me.
    For you see, My Jesus is always with me.

  16. This is the Day by Jacky Julyan  
    This is the Day
    The LORD has made
    Let us be glad
    And Rejoice in Him!
    Let us be Glad in Him!

  17. Because of You by Jacky Julyan  
    Because of You
    I have a love
    That will never fail
    Nor be dismayed

  18. Lamentations by Jacky Julyan  
    Do you not know?
    Have you not heard?
    He is full of Righteousness
    He is Holy

  19. THE ROOM OF DARKNESS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  20. THE POWER OF THREE WORDS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  21. Two Spirits Watching The Ocean Of Turmoil by Stephen Vattimo  
    A poem about the two apposing spiritual forces man face in life.

  22. A Tree from Lebanon by Richard L. Provencher  
    Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Then He arose on the third day. He is alive.

  23. GOATS AND SHEEP by Lewis E. Thomas  

  24. THE GATE KEEPER by Lewis E. Thomas  

  25. Treasure by louis gander  
    Treasure beauty from the Maker.
    Treasure color, sky and nature.
    Treasure walks through endless park
    among the winging meadowlark.

  26. The gods Of This Age ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    So many to choose from!

  27. Living By Grace ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Isn't a license to sin!

  28. Through the Eyes of Grief ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    I see all the pain and heartache!

  29. Redeeming Our Time by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Make the most of it for Jesus!

  30. This Light of Mine ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    May I always let it shine!


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