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  1. Your Love has touched my heart by jacqui julyan  
    Your love has touched my heart
    My life has never been the same
    By your Holy Spirit
    In Christ

  2. What kind of man is this? by jacqui julyan  
    What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him .. Matthew 8

  3. Do not fear by jacqui julyan  
    There is much wisdom
    In leaning
    Upon me
    For I am gentle and humble
    You will find rest for your souls

  4. There Once Was a Servant Named Paul by Michael Bolinger  
    A limerick about the Apostle Paul.
    There Once Was a Servant Named Paul...

  5. O ye of little faith by jacqui julyan  
    Birds snatch the Word
    Worries choke
    Deceitfulness of wealth
    Layers of unbelief
    O ye of little faith

  6. Love notes in the Rainbow by Mathetes Disciple  
    Stom clouds gather,captivating my heart,Love notes

  7. Heaven Is Calling by Jeanie Hannah  
    Lay down all your weary and tired ways and rest in God's peace.

  8. Dandelions by Kate Hurley  
    A poem about offering ourselves to God.

  9. You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are by Kate Hurley  
    A reminder that in your weakest moments, God has made you strong.

  10. The Yellow Balloon by Kate Hurley  
    A little black girl gives me a yellow balloon, giving me hope to look at the sky.

  11. Salvation by jacqui julyan  
    The Gospel
    Of Christ
    Our Hope
    Eternal life
    What a gift!

  12. Keep your heart open by jacqui julyan  
    His Holy Spirit
    Guides us
    Moves us
    Changes us
    From one glory to another

  13. All I have is Jesus by jacqui julyan  
    The world crowds in
    The church is as the world
    The godly are no more
    Gold is precious
    Silver coveted too
    All I have is Jesus

  14. God Has A Plan by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Just for you!

  15. Resting In Jesus by Deborah Ann Belka  
    . . . and imagining what it will be like to finally be with Him!

  16. My Best Friend ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    is Jesus!

  17. Abiding In Jesus by Deborah Ann Belka  
    There is no better place to be than to be abiding in Jesus!

  18. From Where My Help Comes ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    All I have to do is look up!

  19. Mountain Moving Faith by Deborah Ann Belka  
    God + Faith = mountain moving!

  20. Psalm 23 Reloaded by Michael Bolinger  
    The Lord is my Shepherd so I do not lack

    In ever green pastures He bids me lie back

    Beside the still waters the Lord and I stroll

    And there in the stillness He strengthens my soul

  21. Wild Flowers by Stephen Vattimo  
    They are nurtured and blessed from the helplessness of infancy to the glory of adulthood by the hand of The Creator

  22. Not of this world by jacqui julyan  
    Love one another
    As He commands
    All will know
    All will see
    All will hear
    God is love
    God is alive
    God is mighty to save

  23. Here I am by Jennifer Cardinal  
    The surrounding power of God's love.
    Psalm 27:8

  24. I saw the nails by jacqui julyan  
    I saw the nails
    My heart knew
    They pierced
    Your Hands
    Your Feet
    They were for me

  25. But My God Says by jacqui julyan  
    The land is barren of your Word
    The seas are empty of Fish
    Though I walk amongst
    Briers and thorns

  26. Grace & The Law by Michael Bolinger  
    A comparison and contrast of grace and the law. A poem inspired by Galatians 2:21.

  27. SEEING OTHERS IN NEED by Lewis E. Thomas  

  28. LORD MOVE THAT MOUNTAIN by Lewis E. Thomas  

  29. God's Upside Down Kingdom by Jennifer Cardinal  
    God's upside down kingdom
    God's ways are not our ways

  30. Jesus by jacqui julyan  
    When you whisper your name
    It is branded on my heart


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