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  1. A FRIEND CALLED CHEATERSON by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    A poem essentially about examination malpractices and its consequences. The Christian student ought to take his or her studies seriously and shun cheating in the exams hall.

  2. A DAY LIKE NONE OTHER by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This poem demonstrates the value of a day. Each day is of great value and must not be taken for granted.

  3. POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This poem deals with the subject of political incorrectness. The Christian world-view is at odds with Secularism. Thus the church cannot and should not bow to the world`s view of reality.

  4. SINCERE BUT MISTAKEN by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    All over the world, the sad reality is that many individuals are sincere but mistaken. This poem deals with this phenomenon. Hope it proves helpful to you.

  5. STAR OF STARS by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This poem is insightful and ideal for a variety of seasons, foremost being the Christmas season. The star of stars speaks of Jesus Christ.

  6. CHRISTMAS PARADOX by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This poem is ideal for the Christmas season. It speaks of a vital paradox. It makes an enlightening read.

  7. READERS BECOME LEADERS by Daniel Dela Dunoo  
    This is a poem about reading and leading. It demonstrates a connection between reading and leading.

  8. Quiet time with Jesus by julie clark  
    As I sit here beside you
    And open your word
    I feel your peace
    Calm, acceptance, and love

  9. Prayer Heals All Wounds ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    And so much more . . .

  10. All of God's Promises ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Are ours to claim!

  11. A Soul Go-Getter ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Send me Lord!

  12. My Fatih Has Taken Me ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    . . . across many bridges . . .

  13. My Sun and Shield by Deborah Ann Belka  
    God equips us each day with His sun and shield.

  14. The Grace to Be Meek ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    It's takes God grace to run the good race!

  15. Full of Mercy and Grace ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Is our Father to all!

  16. REPRESENTATIVE OF CHRIST by Lewis E. Thomas  

  17. Is Anybody Listening by ron kyker  
    Is anybody listening to the sounds of a broken heart?

  18. I Was Silent by ron kyker  
    I lost a good friend. I had what he needed, but I was silent!

  19. Be Still by ron kyker  
    Be still and know that I am God.

  20. At His Feet by hann742 Hannah  
    Give everything over to God. He will help us through every situation.

  21. Bringing Her Back by hann742 Hannah  
    We can never fall too far for God to reach us.

  22. Poet Friends by louis gander  
    They write soft words with loyal pens
    about God's love that far transcends
    our drear, dark worlds of futile ends.
    So thankful I, for poet friends.

  23. I call you Beloved by Mathetes Disciple  
    You belong here child,in my hands
    Come see,your name tattoed on my palm
    Yes l know you by name,l call you beloved
    The apple of my eye,the heir princess
    In my hands, l hold you forever

  24. Celebrate Jubilee 2015 by Tim Pickl  
    Celebrate Jubilee 2015

  25. Nature's Metaphors by Nicholas Lewis  
    Nature has many metaphors that reflect the character of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

  26. My Country-Tis Of Thee by ron kyker  
    My Country; this great land of liberty. Of it we used to sing. Our freedom once was a "Holy Light". Where have you gone Oh land of liberty?

  27. I Am Just Me by ron kyker  
    We will sacrifice all to save a tree or free a whale. Who will love me enough to try and save "me"?

  28. Words of Hope by Olawale Ogunsola  
    If you know Christ and follow Him, there is a sure hope for you. Trust Him!!!

  29. Heavenly Peace by Randy Kosloski  

  30. WHO IS JESUS? by Lewis E. Thomas  


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