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  1. shining your light by julie clark  
    Shining your light
    Throughout all the ages
    We can stand tall
    Against the dark

  2. Kingdom reign by julie clark  
    Kingdom reign, kingdom reign
    Jesus is reigning from His kingdom above
    Don't look to the world to bring his reign in
    King Jesus will come and take us home

  3. my child you are forgiven by julie clark  
    My child you are forgiven
    Your life has been set free
    I sealed it with my precious blood
    That fell at Calvary

  4. Do you not know by julie clark  
    Do you not know
    You are loved by the king of all Kings
    Do you not know
    That I died in your place

  5. Imperfection Made Pure by David Rester  
    One day while reading my Bible and preparing a Bible study to teach at church, I was setting at my table, pausing a moment to look out the window at the dreary day. At that moment the sun broke through the clouds, for a brief few minutes and I thanked God and praised His glory. These words came to mind immediately afterwards.

  6. This Body Of Flesh by David Rester  
    Being saved by the divine love, forgveness, mercy, and grace of God; through the blood of His Son: Jesus; in heart-felt repentance of our sin, leading to salvation; we are filled with His Spirit. We still being in the flesh, a spiritual battle continues on until sanctification takes place. This poem is about that battle, and the hope that is in those that are His.

  7. In The Hands Of The Potter by David Rester  
    These words came to me after reading in the Book of Jeremiah, specifically (Jeremiah 18:1-10).

  8. A Light In The Darkness by David Rester  
    Being an underground coal mine electrician, God taught me spiritual lessons even before I was saved, I just didn't realize it at that time of lostness. One lesson was how little light it took to see in the absolute darkness.

  9. God's Twenty One Martyrs by Lewis E. Thomas  

  10. Don't box God in by Janet Riley  
    Please help me to never put God in a box.

  11. What is your Identity by Janet Riley  
    Where and what is our identity?

  12. Jesus is Knocking on your heart by Janet Riley  
    Jesus is knocking on your heart. You can sing this with children and have them go knock-knock as they sing it.

  13. JUDGING OTHERS by Lewis E. Thomas  

  14. Till He Comes ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    I have nothing to fear!

  15. I'm Ready for Spring ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Are you ready for your springtime trim?

  16. Unspoken Words ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    God will heal the pain and grief of a broken heart!

  17. The Root of Bitterness ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Chokes out love and forgiveness!

  18. The Hope I Found ~ by Deborah Ann Belka  
    Brings my heart much needed strength . . .

  19. My One True Love by Deborah Ann Belka  
    is JESUS . . .

  20. Shine your light by julie clark  
    Shining your light
    Throughout all the ages
    We can stand tall
    Against the dark

  21. THE SIN OF INDIFFERENCE by Lewis E. Thomas  

  22. This Body of Flesh by David Rester  
    Even when we are wholeheartedly saved, we continue to struggle with this flesh; it's desires, it's lusts, and it's pride. the Bible tells us that one day we will have these bodies removed and be given new, sancified, and holy bodies. What a glorious day that will be!

  23. Created by God, But Whose are You? by David Rester  
    Freewill was given by God, that we may show our love to Him, for He first loved us. Being born into a cursed world, where satan reigns; he uses that freewill; by tempting, deceiving, and inticing many to follow him to their destruction; Who do you chose?

  24. Invasion by Candice Reynolds  
    Poem about heaven invading a service

  25. Envision by Candice Reynolds  
    Poem about an expectant wife to be

  26. Morning prayer by Candice Reynolds  
    Poem about a Christian mom and her morning duty

  27. A World In My Mind's Eye by David Rester  
    These words came to me upon awaking one morning; maybe from a dream. But I know inspired by God,s Spirit indwelled in me. Graphicly worldly, but spiritually in depth and substance.

  28. Giving Your Two Cents Worth by David Rester  
    These word were given to me, being inspired after reading (Mark 12:41-44) and the parallel passage (Luke 21:1-4); the widow's 2 mites.

  29. husband kiss by Candice Reynolds  
    This poem is about a wife experiencing her husband 's kiss for the first time and describing it

  30. heaven by Candice Reynolds  
    A poem about heaven


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