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  1. Are You Happy? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    Happiness is essential to your living a healthy life. Are you happy?

  2. Christians Should Keep Well Away from 'The Pill' by Max Aplin  
    Although its main function is to prevent ovulation, the contraceptive commonly known as 'The Pill' also works by inducing abortion of embryos. Using this contraceptive involves intruding into life and death matters that belong to God alone. Christians should steer clear of The Pill and Christian leaders should speak out more against it.

  3. Christians Must Be Careful Not to Endorse Illegitimate Divorces or Remarriages by Max Aplin  
    According to the Bible, divorce and remarriage are only acceptable to God in special circumstances. Unless these circumstances are present, what is said to be a divorce is not really a divorce at all, and what is said to be a remarriage is in reality an act of adultery, since the original marriage is still in effect in God's sight. Christians must be careful not to follow the values of society in this area or to endorse illegitimate divorces or remarriages.

  4. The Oil For The Engine Of Marriage by Olawale Ogunsola  
    As the Oil is important for the lubrication of an engine for it to operate optimally, so is communication to marriage.

  5. Happy Married Life Or Divorce? by Samuel Junoi  
    Which one seems better: lovely married life or divorce? Take a read on what Junoi writes about the power of loving each other rather than settling for a divorce.

  6. What Breaks Up Couples by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Factors which are known to cause potential relationship failure, including fast romances, living together and how conflict is handled.

  7. The Perfect Woman by Cate Russell-Cole  
    How to be the Proverbs 31 woman... without keeling over from exhaustion. A look at marital and personal workaholism and being a wife.

  8. To Be Or Not To Be? Regaining Broken Trust by Cate Russell-Cole  
    What do you do, once the trust in a relationship has been betrayed?

  9. Fighting Fair: Dealing With Conflict by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Some couples seem to fight all the time, others only have an occasional row. Managing differences in opinions and needs with the least stress is the goal, but just how do you actually achieve it?

  10. Wrestling With Relationship Disappointment by Cate Russell-Cole  
    As romances and marriages development, our partners fall short of who and what we wanted them to be. This article deals with that problem in a positive and practical manner.

  11. Why So Many Wives? King David and Polygamy by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Why was King David allowed to have so many wives and concubines? What are the pros and cons and why did God allow polygamy. A statistical and sociologically based study.

    A great marriage is possible even on this earth full of divorces and evil forces. God still works to keep homes together and marriages secured and worth enjoyed!

  13. Choosing a Mate in the Kingdom of Love by Shari Weigerstorfer  
    "Someday my prince will come" is not a biblical phrase but the mindset of romantic fiction and Disney fairy tales may keep single women single far longer than the King intends.

    Marriage is one of the greatest gift God has given me after my salvation. Marrying my wife is nothingless than a blessing. We both are blessed for life, and we are paying the price to make it work. She is a child of God. She is an angel.

    I am doing my best to love her as Christ loves the Church!

  15. 3 Things That Don't Work (And One That Does) by Abby Kelly  
    I have made enough mistakes that I'm certainly more than a novice about what not to do in a marriage. From that place of humility and candor, let me offer you some hard-won wisdom.

  16. Envision a Happy Marriage by Kim Bond  
    This article includes practical advice for enhancing marital relationships, eighteen tips for improved intimacy, and a short recommended prayer.

  17. Letter to my future spouse by Janet Riley  
    What letter would you write to a future spouse? If you were trusting God for a partner, and had not met that person yet?

  18. Do You Eat An Immature Fruit? by Olawale Ogunsola  
    How often do you love to eat an immature fruit? Do you enjoy eating a fruit that is not ripe?

  19. What Really Happens When A Couple Watch Pornography Together by Pappa Joseph  
    Understand the deadly effects on the psyche of the couple who watch a pornographic video together.

  20. When You Wonder If Your Spouse is Saved by Abby Kelly  
    Does your heart whimper with the hurt of not knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that your husband, the man you've sworn to grow old with, to share this life with, will share eternal life with you, too?

  21. Let God pick your marriage partner by Janet Riley  
    Let the God of the universe, who created you, pick your marriage partner.

  22. Precious Memories by louis gander  
    As I sit in my rocker,
    here looking at our tree,
    the Christmas lights and ornaments
    are shining back on me.

  23. Why Marriages Break by Segun Olumide  
    12 things that can make or break your marriage. You can avoid divorce. Yes, you can turn a sour marriage to a sweet one through God's word. Read on!

  24. Where "Okay" Is Enough by Abby Kelly  
    I just got home last night but early enough to enjoy the lingering evening hours with Patrick. He is exhausted right now too trying to finish up Air Assault School and prepare for eminent deployment, though we still don't have a date.

  25. Lessons on a Man, From the Inside by Abby Kelly  
    "I remember before I got married. It was so much different--doing whatever I wanted and I didn't really worry about the future or the consequences of my choices. When a wife and family depend on you, it's terrifying."

  26. COLD by Dorcas Osesie  
    African dehumanization of the female. Evils of Maltreatment in Marriage

  27. FUNNY QUESTIONS WITH 'NO' ANSWERS by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    Two loving hearts meet together at Pink Park. John, the 'Hi Handsome' talks to 'curly haired Pretty with two muted eyes'. Pretty talks less but she is straightforward and does no compromise with the world in loving Jesus and her John no less. Listen to their conversation

  28. Submission of Christian Wives by Joy Chiasson  
    Submission is not slavery. It is of your obedience to Christ that you will bring yourself to submission under your own husband when you accept Jesus as your Savior. This is right in the sight of our Lord. What does submission mean for us women?

  29. The Irrefutable Solution to Irreconcilable Differnces by Abby Kelly  
    One of the most common reasons given for broken marriages is, "We just weren't compatible anymore. We had irreconcilable differences." Incompatibilitythere is a Biblical App[lication] for that.

  30. Preparing to Cleave with Gabriella (Part 1) by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    Preparing to Cleave with Gabriella is a pre-marriage teaching series that helps women especially understand why they are experiencing delay with getting married and how the delay can be terminated.


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