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  1. Are You a "Closet" Perfectionist? by Marijo Phelps  
    Me? a perfectionist - have you seen my dusty house?

  2. PC-USA And UCC Revamp Hymnals by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Is the Church caving in to culture?

  3. Horses Teach Owners a Lesson by Greg Miller  
    Rodeo horses teach their owners a lesson.

  4. 2 LIGHT-HEARTED, SILLY, but poignant RHYMES FOR ADULTS! by linzy bruno  
    "IF it weren't for my GOD I'd still be nowhere; living my life upon a shelf...."

  5. A Person Who Wants Friends Must be Friendly by Greg Miller  
    A person who wants friends must be a friendly person.

  6. Rodent Community Expands Ministry by Greg Miller  
    A community of rodents expands its ministry to the community.

  7. Berries Hold Election at International Berry Convention by Greg Miller  
    Berries gather at a convention to elect a new international leader.

  8. Man Keeps New Year's Resolution and Defeats Satan in the Process by Greg Miller  
    A man keeps his New Year's resolution and beats up the devil in the process.

  9. Man's Dream of Being God Becomes a Nightmare by Greg Miller  
    A man's dreams of himself as God turn into nightmares.

  10. Giraffe and Goat form Great Friendship by Greg Miller  
    A giraffe's parents die, and she is adopted by a goat.

  11. Stranger Gets a New Name by Greg Miller  
    A man meets a stranger, and the latter receives a new name.

  12. Singers Reveal Secret for Singing On Key by Greg Miller  
    Two members of a choir reveal their secret for singing on key.

  13. Parishioners Share Their Favorite Bible Verses by Greg Miller  
    One church's parishioners share their favorite verses from the Bible.

  14. Bongo by Bob Valleau  
    A humorous look at the nature of birds and the joy of meeting a new friend.

  15. Leopards Contemplate Jungle Coup by Greg Miller  
    Some leopards want to dethrone the lion who is the king of the jungle.

  16. Border Collie's Unborn Pup Speaks From Inside the Womb by Greg Miller  
    A mom and dad Border collie hear their son speak before he is born.

  17. Migrating Beauty by Francie Snell  
    The woman eyed me quizzically and spoke slowly, "You do qualify for the senior discount, don't you?"

    I felt I had been seriously wounded and was going into shock. With the same slow rhythm in speech, I responded with the only thing I could mutter, "Nooo, not yet."

  18. Just a Little Question... by Francie Snell  
    The makeup artist assigned to do my face arrived on the scene ready for her appointed task. She began on her mission with great confidence and over the course of about an hour, created her own dramatic rendition of me as a different species.

  19. Fast Jack & Tom by louis gander  
    Now Jack was quick and darted o'er
    the line that marked the tar -
    whizzing past a left rear tire
    then under low sports car.

    So, Tom, the Turtle, then began.
    He lifted one front toe -
    but pulled it back quite quickly 'cause,
    he couldn't start his 'go'.

  20. Piranha, Catfish and Salmon Team up to Solve Problem by Greg Miller  
    A piranha, a catfish and a salmon team up to solve a problem they have with humans.

  21. Teenage Girls Joyfully Awaiting Christ's Return by Greg Miller  
    Teenage sisters are joyfully awaiting the return of Jesus.

  22. Planting Mishap Turns Out Well for Couple by Greg Miller  
    All is well that ends well for a couple who mistakenly plant apple trees instead of pear, plum and peach trees.

  23. Newspaper Editor Solicits Letters from Readers by Greg Miller  
    A newspaper editor asks readers to write about their life goals.

  24. Satan Requires His Demons to Read God's Word by Greg Miller  
    The devil requires his demons to regularly read the Bible.

  25. Early Man Exchanges Paradise for Worldwide Catastrophe by Greg Miller  
    Early man exchanges Paradise for a worldwide catastrophe.

  26. Couple Embarks on Long-Term Plan for Success by Greg Miller  
    A couple plans a lifetime for success.

  27. Musical Instruments Discuss their Importance and Influence by Greg Miller  
    All the musical instruments hold a conference to determine which is the most important and the most influential.

  28. Unborn Baby Treats Bus Passengers to Musical Concert by Greg Miller  
    An unborn baby treats a bus' passengers to a musical concert.

  29. God Gets Last Laugh on Mountain Man by Greg Miller  
    God has the last laugh on a mountain man.

  30. Man Seeks to Improve His Relationships by Greg Miller  
    A man reaches out by email to improve his relationships.


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