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  1. Even Though He is a Defeated Foe, Satan Never Gives Up by Greg Miller  
    The devil is a defeated foe, but he continues to think he can win his battle against Jesus.

  2. God Calls Christian Man, Woman to Marry and Serve as Missionaries by Greg Miller  
    God calls a Christian man and woman to marry each other and do missionary work.

  3. God's Favor Results in Additional Vacation Time for Couple by Greg Miller  
    God grants favor for additional vacation time for a married couple.

  4. Hen Yearns for Life on Other Side of the Road by Greg Miller  
    A hen believes she will be happier living on the other side of the road.

  5. Cars, Computers and Cell Phones by Janet Riley  
    How the 3 C's - Cars, Computers, and Cell Phones, keep me humble. Did I make the mistake of praying for patience?

  6. A childs prayer by julie clark  
    What are you searching for?
    My precious child
    Said Jesus to the child on bended knee
    With his head resting on his hands

  7. Intentionally Left Blank by louis gander  
    I look through all my papers.
    I search but cannot find.
    Exploring notes and all my files,
    I hunt my absent mind.

  8. Husband Makes Up for Forgotten Valentine's Day Card by Greg Miller  
    A husband forgets to get a Valentine's Day card for his wife, but he makes up for his oversight.

  9. Couple Chooses Patriotic, Biblical Names for Their Children by Greg Miller  
    A couple chooses patriotic and Biblical names for their many children.

  10. Small Town's Residents Embark on Desert Adventure by Greg Miller  
    Several residents of a small town begin an adventure in a local desert.

  11. Church Attracts Visitors with Bottled Water Ministry by Greg Miller  
    A church attracts visitors to its worship services with a bottled water ministry.

  12. Satan Continually Trains His Demons by Greg Miller  
    Satan trains his demons on an ongoing basis.

  13. Church Officials Meet to Discuss Requirements for Salvation by Greg Miller  
    A group of Christian leaders meet to discuss requirements for salvation.

  14. Riders Enjoy Ministry of Mass Transit Bus by Greg Miller  
    A mass transit bus faithfully carries her rides to their destinations.

  15. Crusade Evangelist Also Conducts Bible Studies by Greg Miller  
    A preacher who conducts mass evangelism crusades also teaches Bible lessons to crusade attendees.

  16. Young Girl's Wagon Train Dream is for the Birds by Greg Miller  
    A young girl dreams she is a wagon master on a wagon train in the Old West.

  17. Gunslinger Challengers Preacher to a Duel by Greg Miller  
    An Old West Gunslinger Challenges an Old West Preacher to a duel.

  18. Father Introduces Son to the Real World by Greg Miller  
    A father teaches his young son important lessons about finances.

  19. Man Fulfills Dream of Becoming Professional Baseball Player by Greg Miller  
    A man dreams about becoming a pro baseball player.

  20. The World's Worst Workplace Evangelist by Dennis Miranda  
    What do you get when a Christian corporate office warrior yokes himself with a colleague named "avoidance"? Find out in today's blog.

  21. The Holy Spirit Melts the Heart of a Glacier by Greg Miller  
    The Holy Spirit melts the heart of a woman named Glacier.

  22. Seasons Change for Blades of Grass by Greg Miller  
    Seasonal changes and regular trims highlight lives of blades of grass.

  23. Tilt-A-Whirl Trust by Lori Dixon  
    An unfortunate event at a local fair forever changes a young girl's perspective.
    "As I prayed and sprayed, I could hear something. A loud joyful something.
    My pastor was laughing and praising God. I kid you not."

  24. Bears Dream About and Discuss Violence in the Human Family by Greg Miller  
    Bears preparing for hibernation dream and about then discuss violence in the human family.

  25. Stories remembered by jack Doepke  
    Breaking in a new Bible

  26. Church Mouse and Congregation All Love Cheese by Greg Miller  
    A congregation and the church mice learn that they all like cheese.

  27. Reactions to Life Experiences Show Our Level of Joy by Greg Miller  
    The reactions of three friends to life's circumstances show their level of joy.

  28. Community Responds to Unusual Cornfield by Greg Miller  
    A farmer plants rows of corn with unusual names, and the community responds.

  29. The Bible: A Book of truth by Greg Miller  
    All the stories in the Bible are true.

  30. One of THOSE Days II by Marijo Phelps  
    Ever spill salmon juice n your wood floor? And to think those cats wouldn't even help me clean it up!


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