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  1. Fast Jack & Tom by louis gander  
    Now Jack was quick and darted o'er
    the line that marked the tar -
    whizzing past a left rear tire
    then under low sports car.

    So, Tom, the Turtle, then began.
    He lifted one front toe -
    but pulled it back quite quickly 'cause,
    he couldn't start his 'go'.

  2. Piranha, Catfish and Salmon Team up to Solve Problem by Greg Miller  
    A piranha, a catfish and a salmon team up to solve a problem they have with humans.

  3. Teenage Girls Joyfully Awaiting Christ's Return by Greg Miller  
    Teenage sisters are joyfully awaiting the return of Jesus.

  4. Planting Mishap Turns Out Well for Couple by Greg Miller  
    All is well that ends well for a couple who mistakenly plant apple trees instead of pear, plum and peach trees.

  5. Newspaper Editor Solicits Letters from Readers by Greg Miller  
    A newspaper editor asks readers to write about their life goals.

  6. Satan Requires His Demons to Read God's Word by Greg Miller  
    The devil requires his demons to regularly read the Bible.

  7. Early Man Exchanges Paradise for Worldwide Catastrophe by Greg Miller  
    Early man exchanges Paradise for a worldwide catastrophe.

  8. Couple Embarks on Long-Term Plan for Success by Greg Miller  
    A couple plans a lifetime for success.

  9. Musical Instruments Discuss their Importance and Influence by Greg Miller  
    All the musical instruments hold a conference to determine which is the most important and the most influential.

  10. Unborn Baby Treats Bus Passengers to Musical Concert by Greg Miller  
    An unborn baby treats a bus' passengers to a musical concert.

  11. God Gets Last Laugh on Mountain Man by Greg Miller  
    God has the last laugh on a mountain man.

  12. Man Seeks to Improve His Relationships by Greg Miller  
    A man reaches out by email to improve his relationships.

  13. Frontier Town of Fast Mounts Battles Problem of Speeding Horses by Greg Miller  
    A small frontier town battles the problem of speeding horses.

  14. Pastor Describes Different Ways God Meets Needs by Greg Miller  
    A pastor says when it comes to meeting needs God can't be kept in a box.

  15. Church Considers Ministry Expansions by Greg Miller  
    A rural church considers expansion of its ministry.

  16. Jonah Learns Lessons Inside Great Fish by Greg Miller  
    While inside the great fish, Jonah learns several valuable lessons.

  17. Frontier Sheriff Witnesses to Outlaws by Greg Miller  
    A sheriff on America's early frontier utilizes every opportunity to witness for Christ.

  18. Church Learns Lessons from Umbrellas by Greg Miller  
    A pastor and deacon use umbrellas to teach lessons about faith.

  19. Even Though He is a Defeated Foe, Satan Never Gives Up by Greg Miller  
    The devil is a defeated foe, but he continues to think he can win his battle against Jesus.

  20. God Calls Christian Man, Woman to Marry and Serve as Missionaries by Greg Miller  
    God calls a Christian man and woman to marry each other and do missionary work.

  21. God's Favor Results in Additional Vacation Time for Couple by Greg Miller  
    God grants favor for additional vacation time for a married couple.

  22. Hen Yearns for Life on Other Side of the Road by Greg Miller  
    A hen believes she will be happier living on the other side of the road.

  23. Cars, Computers and Cell Phones by Janet Riley  
    How the 3 C's - Cars, Computers, and Cell Phones, keep me humble. Did I make the mistake of praying for patience?

  24. A childs prayer by julie clark  
    What are you searching for?
    My precious child
    Said Jesus to the child on bended knee
    With his head resting on his hands

  25. Intentionally Left Blank by louis gander  
    I look through all my papers.
    I search but cannot find.
    Exploring notes and all my files,
    I hunt my absent mind.

  26. Husband Makes Up for Forgotten Valentine's Day Card by Greg Miller  
    A husband forgets to get a Valentine's Day card for his wife, but he makes up for his oversight.

  27. Couple Chooses Patriotic, Biblical Names for Their Children by Greg Miller  
    A couple chooses patriotic and Biblical names for their many children.

  28. Small Town's Residents Embark on Desert Adventure by Greg Miller  
    Several residents of a small town begin an adventure in a local desert.

  29. Church Attracts Visitors with Bottled Water Ministry by Greg Miller  
    A church attracts visitors to its worship services with a bottled water ministry.

  30. Satan Continually Trains His Demons by Greg Miller  
    Satan trains his demons on an ongoing basis.


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