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  1. Relationships Matter Most by RobertLincoln Hancock  
    C.S Lewis, a world class novelist said, "God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts to us in our pain..." Family disintegration, absenteeism and the digital pseudo substitute fillers are taking an incalculable and generational toll on the health and well-being of this generation and those to follow.

  2. I Hope, I Believe by Pam Ford Davis  
    A difficult experience for a father and daughter...

  3. Old Timers' Rocking Chair by Rachel Jamerson  
    A life remembered.

  4. THE LONG JOURNEY HOME by Rachel Jamerson  
    A young girl forced to grow up too soon, sets out on a journey that would take her where she didn't want to go. Along the way she finds God and learns that life is full of uncertainties, but He will never leave nor forsake you.

  5. Dealing With Family Pressure As a Wife and a Mother by Ngozi Nwoke  
    Family pressure is what we all experience at one time or another but our response or reaction determines what follows next. If we respond well, we defeat the plan of the enemy but if we react to it then we will have to exercise more energy to get things back to original lovely state. This article tells us how to deal with family pressure.

  6. From Riches to Reliance by Abby Kelly  
    ncome to budget, when budgeting no longer makes sense? When you don't have the extra 5% to put into an emergency fund, or 10% into savings, or when you don't have enough to purchase the bonus-size box of diapers even though it really is a better deal?

  7. Family Patterns by ETURUVIE EREBOR  
    Family patterns looks at patterns of negative happenings prevalent in families.

  8. The Perfect Father:the Father of Mercies by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    Father's day is here again and we can all look at it with a fresh perspective and hence find reasons to be grateful with a sense of obligation.

  9. Scars by Ramona Cook  
    A family is not a father, mother and children, if love is not the engine that propels, and home is no haven if there is abuse therein, it then is more like hell.

    Abused people do not like to tell about it, it is shameful. However, I think that we should shout it and out it.

  10. Are we faithful? by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    faithfulness is essential in our everyday relationships and if we are children of a faithful God, then we must emulate him by showing faithfulness in our relationships.

  11. Amanda by louis gander  
    (based on a true story of a young girl's efforts to help her parents during foreclosure)

    She tried to write her letters large
    enough so all could see -
    in hopes that many drivers there
    could see her humble plea.


  12. Lessons from my mother-Mrs H.E by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    This month as we celebrate Mother's day, I choose to lok at lessons learnt from some mothers in the Bible.

  13. lessons from my mother-a former escort Mrs R.S by Grace Tom-Lawyer  
    There is much to be gleaned in the lives of some of the mothers in the Bible and this mother's day, we decided to learn some lessons from them.

  14. PARENTAL GROWING PAINS by linzy bruno  
    As a young girl, I thought only of having babies. I played with my baby dolls as though they were real....

  15. Words Can Create Miracles by Richard L. Provencher  
    God and family are precious. Working together, and sharing experiences mean fulfilling God's intention for His family; us.

  16. From the Button Box by Richard L. Provencher  
    Colin loves his grandad and wishes he would play with him or tell another story. It would help fill up time until the fireworks tonight, it being July 1st. Then Colin learns a neat little game, with some history to it.

  17. The Boy in a Cardboard Box by Richard L. Provencher  
    A younger brother misses his sister. Once they were such pals, talking and playing. Now she's gone to university and during his reminiscing, he crawls into a large cardboard box.

  18. Draw Me a Better Life by Richard L. Provencher  
    a home ready for
    laughter, with children
    and chickens

  19. HELP ME by Ramona Cook  
    The devil has no new tricks, only new people to work them on.

  20. Her Old Rocker by louis gander  
    The folks in the yard were all browsing.
    The yard sale was going quite well.
    As people were browsing the items,
    a man came and asked if I'd sell....

  21. Who Pays You? by Ramona Cook  
    The Company for whom I work writes my check.

  22. Because He Lives by Abby Kelly  
    My journal is replete with the question, "What makes life worth living for those who do not know Jesus?"

  23. Cold Eggs Never Killed Anyone by Jennifer Cardinal  
    The power of our words at home

  24. Prayer and the Broken Family by Wayne Childress  
    Death and divorce are taking a heavy toll on families and family values. Only by turning to God and Jesus can the hurt be lifted and replaced by love.

  25. Where are the Fathers? by Ramona Cook  
    Fathers are prepared to teach the family how God deals with them. Our children are hurting, overworked mothers cannot supply all the needs; where are the fathers?

    Occasionally it is the mother who bails and is not present for the children, but by in large the fathers are AWOL.

  26. BELLY BUST by Ramona Cook  
    Children are resourceful, especially when taught to be confident and creative.

  27. Are You God Sufficient by Michaelle Bragassa-Holman  
    Let Go and Let God lead you in times of adversity. All Christians face adversity at some point in their lives, learning to lean on God is essential.

  28. Now That You Found Me by Armando Heredia  
    "I want to grow in grace. I want to grow in truth. I want to know you are watching my every move. Now that You found me, now that You've saved me, begin to teach me, begin to change me." The Swift, Today

    This song was randomly playing on my iPod at the end of a late summer night. I was taking the Gene Snyder exit off of the South I-65 as a woman I barely knew was waving her hand at me. She and her husband had borrowed a truck to drive fifteen hours to Louisville, Kentucky to pick up the most important person in their world.

  29. It Is True by louis gander  
    I sat upon his wooden chair that saw some better years.
    And when I read the words he wrote, I burst out into tears.
    (from a daughter's perspective)

  30. She is My Mother by Alon Calinao Dy Dy  
    This poem is dedicated to all mothers of the world especially to my mother Mila Calinao Dy who is celebrating her 55th birthday today. I love you mom!


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