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  1. Sound Advice from the World's Greatest Politician (Thoughts on Psalm 20) by Wayne Davies  
    Who are your trusting to solve our problems? The world's greatest politician offers his advice.

  2. The All-Sufficient Word of God (Thoughts on Psalm 19) by Wayne Davies  
    The Bible is much more than just another good book. It provides everything we need to live according to the will of God.

  3. A Sure Cure for Narcissism (Thoughts on Psalm 18) by Wayne Davies  
    How to overcome the curse of humanity: narcissistic self-absorption.

  4. How to See God (Thoughts on Psalm 17) by Wayne Davies  
    What does it take to see God? Read on to find out.

  5. Should We Pray for Physical Safety? (Thoughts on Psalm 16) by Wayne Davies  
    Is it OK for Christians to pray for God's protection?

    Apart from "Yahweh", the God of Israel, the Bible is full of gods and goddesses of various nations that surrounded the Israel. These gods and goddesses or the pagan deities were also known as "the national pantheons". The Semitic idiom for "pantheon" is "the assembly of the gods". These pantheons which surrounded the nation Israel stood as the rival gods of the Israel's "Yahweh".

  7. The Gospel According to David, Part 2 (Thoughts on Psalm 15) by Wayne Davies  
    How can a person live with God, both in this life and the next? Read on to find out how David answers that question in Psalm 15.

  8. The Gospel According to David, Part 1 (Thoughts on Psalm 15) by Wayne Davies  
    If you could ask God any question, what would it be? Find out the answer to the question David asked God in Psalm 15.

  9. How to Be a Fool Forever (Thoughts on Psalm 14) by Wayne Davies  
    What does it take for God to call you a fool? Read on to find out.

  10. My Favorite Psalm (Thoughts on Psalm 13) by Wayne Davies  
    Do you have a favorite psalm? Here's mine.

  11. How to Delight in the Flawless Word of God (Thoughts on Psalm 12) by Wayne Davies  
    Let's take a closer look at what David meant when he said, "The words of the LORD are flawless, like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified seven times" (Psalm 12:6).

  12. How to Write a Book about God That Christians Will Not Read (Thoughts on Psalm 11) by Wayne Davies  
    I'm convinced there's one prominent biblical topic that most people, including Christians, prefer not to discuss: the wrath of God. Even though you'll find it presented often in Scripture, most Bible-believing Christ-followers would rather ignore it. Why is that?

  13. Do the dead return to visit the Living? by Robert Hawes  
    A look at whether spirits of the dead are able to return and interact with the living, given the experiences of famous Christians and what the Bible has to say in certain key passages.

  14. How to Pray for the Persecuted Church (Thoughts on Psalm 10) by Wayne Davies  
    What should we do when non-Christians attack us either verbally or physically? Psalm 10 provides a model prayer for us.

  15. How to Find Infinite Joy (Thoughts on Psalm 9) by Wayne Davies  
    How was David able to "rejoice in the Lord" in the most difficult of situations? Read on to find out.

  16. How Big Is Your Ego and How Great Is Your God? (Thoughts on Psalm 8) by Wayne Davies  
    The psalms are filled with wonderful descriptions of the greatness of God. Psalm 8 is no exception. Or is it?

  17. What Do You Thank God For Most? (Thoughts on Psalm 7) by Wayne Davies  
    If you could only thank God for one thing, what would it be?

  18. How to Climb Out of the Pit of Despair (Thoughts on Psalm 6) by Wayne Davies  
    Have you ever felt so discouraged that no matter which way you turned, things looked hopeless? Read on to find out what David did to overcome his despair.

  19. How to Pray Like David (Thoughts on Psalm 5) by Wayne Davies  
    Would you like to pray with the intensity of David when your back is up against the wall? This article will show you how.

  20. How to Have Enough When You've Had Enough (Thoughts on Psalm 4) by Wayne Davies  
    Are you happy only when things are going well? Through the words of David, Psalm 4 provides a great example of how to have peace of mind no matter what.

  21. How to Overcome Anxiety with a Good Night's Sleep (Thoughts on Psalm 3) by Wayne Davies  
    How do we turn off our anxious mind and let the body get the rest it needs? This article will explain how David slept well when surrounded by turmoil.

  22. How to Find Wisdom God's Way (Thoughts on Psalm 2) by Wayne Davies  
    How do we acquire wisdom? This article will answer that question from the lips of God Almighty.

  23. How to Find Happiness God's Way (Thoughts on Psalm 1) by Wayne Davies  
    The purpose of this article is to see how God both defines happiness and provides a clear path to obtaining it, according to Psalm 1:1-2.

  24. WOMAN CLOTHED WITH SUN, MOON AND 12 STARS? by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Who is she? Can you decide? They say this is one of the main keys in understanding the Apocalypse.

  25. Whatever A Man Sows... by Dinora Garza  
    Why is there so much wickedness in the world? We've inherited Adam's sinful nature. But there's yet another reason. Men have deliberately hardened their hearts against God, and what they sowed, they are reaping...

  26. HUMAN SACRIFICE IN THE BIBLE by Dr Surya Kumar Daimari  
    There are ample evidence of the practice of human sacrifices mainly children as burnt offerings to gods and goddesses among the heathen in biblical times such as in the case of Ammonites to Molech and the Phoenicians to Baal. Lev 18:21; 20:2 cf Jer 19:5; 32:35 These practices were mostly found in Phoenicia and the Punic colonies of North Africa at Carthage.

  27. Jonathan: Valiant Role Model of Faith by Cate Russell-Cole  
    There is far more to Saul's son, Jonathan, that his friendship with David. Jonathan is a spiritual giant in his own right. This study looks at the spiritual characteristics he possessed.

    Most people will agree that evil exists but the majority cannot accept that evil comes from the outside and is placed in the human heart by a living devil.

  29. David, The Lonely Shepherd: Myth or Reality? by Cate Russell-Cole  
    Just how much time did David really spend alone with the family's sheep, and how did that shape his character? Sorting myth from reality.

  30. God of Love and So Much More by Marijo Phelps  
    God is much more than a God lof love...


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