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  1. test bio by Michael Edwards  
    Can a person be a true Christian and be a drunkard at the same time? Many would say ´no´ and claim they are a false convert.

  2. Righteousness by Law versus Righteousness by Faith by Robert Hawes  
    What does Paul mean in Romans 10 when he speaks of "bringing Christ down from heaven" and "up from the abyss"?

  3. I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven by Greg Robbins  
    A look at heaven from Jesus' viewpoint.

  4. Speak From The Heart by Greg Robbins  
    Learning to speak from the heart and not just the intellect.

  5. The Scripture Cannot Be Broken by Greg Robbins  
    What Jesus had to say about the Scripture not being broken, and how we are to take it seriously.

  6. Life Changes by Greg Robbins  
    A look at the different stages of life and how they affect believers.

  7. GOD: A BRIEF DESCRIPTION by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Who or what is God? Have you ever been asked this by someone seeking answers? This article gives a very brief description of God from an orthodox, historic, biblical, Christian perspective.

  8. THANK HEAVEN FOR HELL by Jeffrey Hagan  
    Why is there a hell? If God is loving why does he send people to hell? What's the purpose of hell?

  9. Speaking In Tongues - A Sign by Mick Alexander  
    "Tongues then are a sign, not for believers but for unbelievers" (1 Cor. 14:22).

  10. The Art Of Prayer #1 by Greg Robbins  
    Prayer is a lost art form. People in every religion pray, but the art of prayer is to get your prayers ANSWERED.

  11. The Serious Approach by Greg Robbins  
    A look at how the persecuted church is serious about the things of God.

  12. Dreams From God by Greg Robbins  
    A look into some of the occasions when God has spoken to people in dreams. How can this affect us today?

  13. The Coming Of The Lord by Greg Robbins  
    A look at the second coming of the Lord Jesus which is drawing near.

  14. God's Promise To Israel by Greg Robbins  
    God made a promise to his covenant people Israel for the last days. We will look at it here.

  15. Pass It On by Greg Robbins  
    What God reveals to us and what he teaches us is meant to be shared with others. Here are some guidelines for doing this.

  16. MATH CODES in Bible, the Signature of God by Eugene Lopatynsky  
    Our enlightened Liberals say that the Genesis of the Bible is pure superstition, a fairy tale.
    Take a look at the very beginning, the first sentence, of this, "very beginning of the fairytale".
    Concealed throughout every biblical passage are hidden mathematical and other phenomena, absolutely unique to the original Hebrew Text and to the Textus Receptus (New Testament) of the Bible. No other book in the world, no Greek or Hebrew classic, no Apocrypha, no deviation from Textus Receptus, and the Hebrew text of the Old Testament, no other religious writing exhibits any of these phenomena.

  17. Immortality and The Kingdom of the Cults by Roy Francois  
    To believe that man is immortal and Eternal is to seat man in the seat of God as God. This is the spirit of Lucifer who says; "I Will be like the Most-High"

  18. Lucifer's Relentless Attack On the Word of God by Roy Francois  
    "Yet a small number that escape the sword shall return out of the land of Egypt into the land of Judah, and all the remnant of Judah, that are gone into the land of Egypt to sojourn there, shall know whose words shall stand, mine, or theirs." [Jeremiah 44:28] KJV

  19. The Lord's Controversy by Greg Robbins  
    The Lord has a controversy with his people and he will plead with them. He invites his people to plead with him as well. A pretty awesome privilege I think.

  20. Lost Sheep by Greg Robbins  

  21. Speaking In Tongues And Face To Face by Mick Alexander  
    What does face to face mean in 1 Cor. 13:12?

    I recently watched a bishop of the Anglican Church state that he was a practicing homosexual and he does not believe it wrong to be one. There are many clergy today who do not accept what God has said in His Word about sexual immorality. Indeed society now accepts those who have chosen an "alternative lifestyle" to that of a normal relationship of marriage between a man and woman. Many of the heads of governments in the western world have allowed the passing of same sex marriage laws.

  23. Insignificant to who? by Jason Lewis  
    A little boy fed the multitude with Jesus.

  24. Speaking In Tongues And The Perfect by Mick Alexander  
    What is "the perfect" in 1 Cor. 13:9-10?

  25. The Sermon On The Mount by Greg Robbins  
    What is the reason for the Sermon On The Mount? How does it affect us today? Are we to obey what it says?

  26. The Good Shepherd by Greg Robbins  
    A look into Jesus being our personal Good Shepherd.

  27. Beware of Taking Genesis 1-3 Too Literally by Max Aplin  
    It is right for Christians to be distressed by godless theories of how the universe and human beings originated. But it is a mistake to think that one way to oppose these theories is to insist on a fully literal interpretation of Genesis 1-3. A close reading of these chapters demonstrates this. Christians should try to be balanced in their dealings with modern science.

  28. When Kings Normally Go To War: Addressing A Potentially Unjustified Criticism of David by Cate Russell-Cole  
    2 Samuel 11:1 says: "In the spring of the year, a when kings normally go out to war..." then David wound up sinning with Bathsheba. Was staying home lazy or is there another historical explanation?

  29. Blessed Is This Person by Greg Robbins  
    Today being blessed is thought to be in the form of money, possessions, fame, social position, or other physical things. Is that all there is to it?

  30. The Gift of Foreknowledge by Greg Robbins  
    Jesus knew what would happen to him before it happened. He has also bestowed this gift to us.


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