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Bible Skit for Kids from Numbers 12
by Jessica Gerald      
9/21/2008  /  Skits and Plays

First Narrator
Second Narrator

MIRIAM: You know, Aaron, I'm getting really tired of God speaking only to Moses. What about us? Aren't we good enough?

AARON: Not only that, but he's got that Cushite wife. I say people should marry their own kind.

FIRST NARRATOR: Uh-Oh. Miriam and Aaron should have kept their mouths closed. The Lord heard their conversation, and HE WAS NOT PLEASED!

GOD: Miriam! Aaron! Come to the tabernacle. Now! Moses, I'd like for you to be here, too.

SECOND NARRATOR: The Lord came down in a cloud and stood at the entrance of the tabernacle. The three came stood before him.

GOD: Aaron and Miriam, step forward! (Fearfully, they obeyed him.) I want to make something very clear to you. Your brother is a special man. I don't treat him like the other prophets. I don't speak to him in dreams. I talk to Moses face-to-face, and he is completely at home in my house. Don't you think you should have been afraid to criticize him?

FIRST NARRATOR: Well, Aaron and Miriam had no answer for God. What could they say? They knew they were wrong. They had talked like that because they were jealous of Moses.

SECOND NARRATOR: Whishshshshs! In an angry rage, God left in a cloud just as suddenly as he had appeared.

MIRIAM: Whew, I'm glad that's over. What are you looking at, Aaron?

AARON: Miriam, your skin. It's white.

MIRIAM: (looking down at her arms) AAAHHH! What's happened?
I have leprosy! Help me! Help me! What am I going to do?

AARON: Moses! You have to do something about this. We know we were wrong in what we said, and we're sorry. Please do something, or our sister will die!

FIRST NARRATOR: Moses was a humble man. He didn't say, "Ha, Ha, Miriam! That's what you get!" Instead, he decided to have an honest talk with God.

MOSES: Oh Lord, Miriam and Aaron realize they were wrong in talking against me. They are sorry, and have learned their lesson. I beg you, please, heal my sister! Please have mercy on her.

GOD: Moses, I will answer your request. I will heal her, but she must
leave the camp for seven days. Then she may return to her people.

SECOND NARRATOR: So Miriam was banished from the camp for seven days. The people waited for her. When she was allowed to return, they traveled again on their journey through the wilderness.

After that, Miriam and Aaron made sure to think before they spoke!

Jessica Gerald has been an elementary school teacher for over thirty years, and is the publisher of the website

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