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Start Your Day Off Right
3/09/2010  /  Christian Living

Some days it seems like the moment our feet hit the floor and we get out of bed, things go wrong. The day doesn't get off on the right foot and everything dominoes from that point on into chaos, stress, anger, and many other emotions.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I have found that my days start off so much better when I give my day to the Lord. God doesn't want to only be consulted when my day goes wrong He wants to be IN CHARGE of my day! The funny thing is, that when I can give Him my day, I am actually more organized, and feel more in control of what goes on; whether it's last-minute things with my girls or plans that get changed or delayed. I am calmer and in a frame of mind that is more in-line with the kind of person I want to be.

All it takes is an intentional few minutes. You don't have to set aside your whole morning agenda. For God understands that our lives are full. He just wants to be with us in the fullness of them! Give your day to the Lord by praying to Him as you lay in bed waking up, as you get ready in the bathroom, or even as you eat breakfast. Recite a Bible verse that praises the Lord for His goodness and his Sovereignty, or a verse that talks about submitting your pride to Him and allowing Him to guide your steps. Listen to a Christian speaker as you get dressed and ready or put on some Christian music that gets you praising God.

All of these things can be done while you prepare for your day. All of them help take our thoughts and place them where they need to be on the Lord, instead of on other problems or issues. And they help us filter where our priorities and energies need to go instead of scrambling so hard to meet expectations or demands that could be dropped because they simply clog up our lives.

I know when I start my day off right in any or all of these ways, I feel so humbled to have God on my side helping me handle whatever comes my way. If you want to change the atmosphere of your morning, and your whole day simply start your day off right by going to the Lord and giving it to Him first.

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